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  1. It was great to see you guys. Gonna be out there again soon I hope. How's the walking coming along?
  2. Are you using a laptop? Do you have comcast? Did you upgrade to their new wireless router recently? If you did then that may be the problem. Turn off your wireless card and try a hard wire to the router and see if it works. There have been issues with windows and startup issues with wireless routers.
  3. I looked at alot of pool companies when we put our pool in and considered vinyl, gunite, fiberglass. Gunite is really unnecessary but looks very classy. A nice vinyl design can too but the edge/coping has to match the surroundings. If you are in Toms River, I would definitely consider Integrity Pools. They show up on time to build and it is done quickly. The guys they subcontract to do a great job. It is a family run company. The after installation service is outstanding and the owner picks up the phone. They put in vinyl lined pools. If you have full overhead sun you probaly won't need the heater except in the spring and late fall. Clorinated vs salt really doesn't matter. At the time the technology for the salt still wasn't up to par. Things may be different now. I would pay extra for the real coping or concrete edge for aesthetics especially if you have a high end house. The aluminum edging makes the pool look cheap. The vinyl is easy to repair or replace. No sharp objects though. I grew up with an old Anthony gunite pool. It is colder with the white plaster. Redoing the coping and the the plaster is a major undertaking and expensive. When you are ready to do it, it will almost cost as much as the pool. The plaster also does a number on the bottom of your feet if you spend alot of time in the pool. In the sandy area down here the fiberglass ones can 'pop' out of the ground unless anchored and filled correctly.
  4. For all you guys joining me in the Philadelphia Tough Mudder tomorrow...It's gonna be hot!!!! Start hydrating now and all night. Good luck, have fun and be safe.
  5. Don't we have a member here running for Sheriff in Ocean county? I remember a thread where he introduced himself but can't find it.
  6. I couldn't find this info if this has been asked or talked about. I need some help with the primaries coming up June 4. November won't count unless we get some pro 2A candidates on the ballot on June 4. Who, is running that is pro 2A and who should we not vote for. Or, where can I/we get this info. I posted this in GD for more traffic. Thanks ETA: While I was posting this 66stingray posted in General firearms discussion, If we can at least have a few forums where we can find this info it would be appreciated.
  7. AAR - after action report Englishtown is fairly easy compared to the ones in PA due to the lack of mountains. Cardio is a must. It is rule number one. The obstacles are not that bad. Vermont is a **** because of the mountains. June shouldn't be too bad. No snow. The one in 2011 had snow on the mountain and the water was 34 degrees from the melting snow.
  8. I use them on my Glocks. I like them better than the factory Glock sights.
  9. Going June 1. I'll try to give you an AAR. This will be my fourth and probably last.
  10. Liberty in Mt. Laurel (my safe dealer and original deliverer) will not move the safe. They referred me to a rigging company. $1100 to move it up some cement stairs and to another location in same town. To be fair another safe 700 lbs will be going also. My next safe may be from another safe company. Fort Knox maybe. When they (Liberty) delivered the safe they said "No problem just call us when you need to move the safe". Now the anwer is "no way, can't do it."
  11. Does anyone know if the door for a Liberty Lincoln 50 can be removed to make moving easier? Thanks
  12. I used to live down the street from that house closer to the bay. My old house had gotten water in the first floor. When I had gotten flood insurance the survey said my bottom floor as eight feet above sea level. That house looks like it was on a slab and this was probaly about 4 feet above sea level. Alot of homes were lost and a few of my friends and neighbors lost everything. It was very sad to see peoples' entire lives in piles by the street. Pictures etc. Alot of things were irreplaceable.
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