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  1. hello, did you sell k31 from a ways back?

  2. If you're curious, you can follow along my resto thread of my old Ross Force 1. I've owned it since new back in '83 and thought it'd be fun to bring it back to clean, operational status. https://www.mtbnj.com/forum/threads/vintage-mtb-resto-1980s-ross-force-1-mt-hood.48969/
  3. 2 Sealed span cans of Romanian x25 tokarev ammo. $325 each.
  4. This CZ 75 SP-01 was originally bought direct from the CZ custom shop in Arizona. It predates the official Shadow name designation but is the same gun. The important part is that its the USPSA production legal race gun built by Angus Hobdell. The action is fully tuned by them with a single action pull weight of about 3# and DA of 7#. Sights are the CZ Custom fixed rear and front fiber optic blade. This gun runs perfect and is in excellent overall condition. Other items upgraded are new geometry disconnector, CZ 85 trigger shoe, Hogue wraparound grips, extended firing pin, full length guide rod and new extractor. Also included are a bunch of spare small parts, consumables and oem replacement parts to keep you running at a match just in case. Stiffer main spring (for Kadet 22lr use), trigger shoes (stock and flat SA only), trigger return springs, spare firing pins, spare slide lock, original parts (disconnector, extractor, FP, etc), oem grips and extra full length guide rod. There are more little spare parts such as various springs and for the action's internals as well. A Blade Tech DOH right side Kydex holster, 2 OEM 10 round mags and original case are included. If you live outside of NJ, I also have additional OEM mags that are available. $1100 OBO.
  5. No, it appears to go in effect 120 days from today. 2. This act shall take effect on the first day of the fourth month next following enactment. http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/A3000/2757_I1.HTM
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