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  1. This rifle consists of the Rock River Arms Predator Pursuit upper which is a 20 Inch stainless steel, air gauged, cryo-treated barrel chambered in .223 Wylde with a 1:8 twist, rifle-length gas system, and a target crown muzzle. Built on a Rock River Arms forged A4 flattop receiver with a single rail gas block and rifle length free float tube with sling swivel stud. The upper is topped with a Mueller Tac 8.5-25 x 44mm riflescope mounted on Burris Signature Zee rings and a cantilever riser. The lower is a Double Star Arms receiver with a Geissele SDE trigger, Magpul extended bolt release, DPMS Panther Palm Rest Grip and RRA A2 operator stock. The rifle has a fairly low round count as it was for bench use/slow fire target shooting down here at CJ. The upper easily prints sub-HALF MOA (see pic below for TRUE CENTER moa grouping at 200 yards) with my match grade loads. I even have many of the original boxes and manuals for the major parts and will include what i have. *if* if have any match grade ammo left, i will include it free and you have the first right of refusal for it. Complete rifle details: Rock River Predator Pursuit 20 inch upper receiver group (upper, barrel, handguard, gas system, BCG, charging handle) Mueller Tac 8.5-25 x 44mm riflescope Burris Sig Zee Rings Cantilever Rail Riser Scope Covers Extended charging handle latch DoubleStar Lower Receiver and LPK Geissele SDE match grade trigger Magpul extended bolt release DPMS panther grip RR Operator A2 rifle length butt stock Rifle length receiver extension and buffer system 1 10rd magpul included (if i have any additional 10 rd black pmags, i'll include free) $1200 for complete rifle. Willing to meet a reasonable distance in Ocean/Monmouth county at FFL of your choosing for FFL dealer only transfer. All dealer transfer and purchase fees are buyers responsibility. First to post an "I'll take it" wins the sale. Jon
  2. 1 sealed case of Wolf GOLD .223 REM 55gr FMJ ammunition, 1000 rds. This is brass cased ammo, officially .223 Rem but posts velocities more like 5.56. $500 picked up in Jackson, NJ. D/L required. First to post "I'll take it " wins sale.
  3. New in box, as pictured, 6 boxes, 500 bullets total. Selling as 1 lot. $100 for entire lot picked up in Jackson, NJ. First to post "I'll take it " wins sale.
  4. I have 2 new sealed 500 ct cases of Sierra .224 69gr HPBT Match King bullets. Not loaded ammunition. $120 per 500ct box. $230 for both. Price is picked up in Jackson, NJ. First to post "I'll take it " (with quantity) wins sale.
  5. 1 sealed retail case of 500ct .308 168gr Sierra Match King bullets. Not loaded ammunition. $175 picked up in Jackson, NJ.
  6. A new in box 1000 ct case of Nosler 30 cal .308 168 grain HPBT Competition bullets. Not loaded ammunition. $300 picked up in Jackson, NJ. First to post "I'll take it " wins sale.
  7. hello, did you sell k31 from a ways back?

  8. If you're curious, you can follow along my resto thread of my old Ross Force 1. I've owned it since new back in '83 and thought it'd be fun to bring it back to clean, operational status. https://www.mtbnj.com/forum/threads/vintage-mtb-resto-1980s-ross-force-1-mt-hood.48969/
  9. No, it appears to go in effect 120 days from today. 2. This act shall take effect on the first day of the fourth month next following enactment. http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/A3000/2757_I1.HTM
  10. Looks like Blake Domaraki's place. I think he sells ammo as a side gig.
  11. I've had to do that before with a sudden flat on the snow blower. Use a ratchet strap if you have one because the amount of squeeze you need to put on the tire is pretty substantial in order to get it to deform enough to re-seat.
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