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  1. Best way to coordinate and super easy to use. http://www.doodle.com
  2. I agree... had a lot of fun shooting my first match. Learned a heap and met a lot of good people. Thanks for running it. I don't know what your benchmarks are but it seemed to all go pretty smooth overall. Look forward to future matches. -Ed
  3. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/09/off-duty_newark_police_officer.html
  4. I bought one of these Linky But i also had one of those vent ribs to clip onto. Not sure if your slug barrel has that. It came in a pack of 2 or 4 for various models. Only one fit mine so i gave the others away to whoever's they fit. They are alright. I'm not a pro by any means I just wanted something cheap that fit the bill. I'm sure there are much better out there. Seems they also have ones if it doesn't have the rib. You'd have to measure for fitment i guess. Linky But i cant give much of a review. Hope this helps. I'd def give Mossy a call and see what they say. Let me know cause i'll probably do the same. I'm lazy so i'll probably email them though.
  5. Mine came off as well. Lost to the grass while trap shooting. I just threw on a clip on fiber optic to be done with it. But as Ray Ray said it wouldn't hurt to give them a call. Heck i might do the same. I'm sure they've shelled out more than a bead sight in the name of good customer service.
  6. Turned in an old bolt action shotty and saw a 1911 with aftermarket target sights sitting on the table. Looked cherry. Oh well...
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