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  1. probably has a carbine tube and buffer. if the magpul stock is the same length as the ace entry, then what you have will fit as is
  2. do you have a fake adjustable stock.....as in one that looks like it can collapse but doesnt; or do you have a regular, plain looking, full size A2 stock, as in one you see in movies on full size M16s, mostly before 2000. posting a pic would be helpful. either way, you can easily convert from full size tube to carbine tube easily.
  3. cornwell is 100% US made kobalt is mostly import, but has some US made things. they do have a good lifetime warranty though.
  4. do you have a full length tube and buffer, or a carbine length and buffer.
  5. is that a rail on the bottom of the stock....for a monopod or sling adapter i guess?
  6. ive noticed the news has been reporting douchebergs illegal mayors against guns as an 'anti gun' lobby instead of 'gun control' lobby. even the liberal MSM is openly and blatantly saying what we've known for years. they are entirely anti-gun, not just pro gun control.
  7. thats exactly how asinine the laws are, and exactly why i specifically have cheaper guns i keep for HD, and not my favorites.
  8. should also include that there is no such thing as an 'assault weapon'. the term was made up in 1989 by the media, and its entirely open to interpretation. 'assault rifle' exists and has been regulated since 1934.
  9. too bad the hazmat fee is almost as expensive as the primers
  10. obviously thats what i meant. if its a FTF private sale, it doesnt have to be at a gunshow. the antis think gunshows are free for alls.
  11. fast shipping, no problems, buy safely
  12. just general information, the 90% came from a jan 2013 new york times poll of 1110 people asking 'do you think people should go through a background check to buy a gun at a gunshow.' needless to say, EVERY person who buys ANY gun at ANY gunshow in the country already goes through a background check. so not only are the polls skewed, it shows how blatantly ignorant people are.
  13. and thats why. AIM, for years, has had $90 mosins. nothing mythical about it. before the panic, gun show mosins were typically $100. i bought my hex through a group buy at TJs for $120, and that was for a hex, and picking it out myself.
  14. they used to go for $90, so 120 isnt that great of a price
  15. listen kid, in no way am i ever 'dragging everyone down with me'. showing up as we did, did NOT move us 'backward' at all. NOT showing at all would have moved backwards. doing NOTHING would have moved backwards. the fact that we vastly outnumbered the antis, both days, sent a message. the fact that we had more hard facts on our side sent a message. since YOURE the one with the problem towards what we're doing and how we are responding, then YOU should stop attending and complaining, because YOU are a negative energy that is dragging people down.
  16. nice guy, smooth transaction, and gave me a free holster. pleasure meeting and doing business with.
  17. im behind you 100%, and for once, justice prevailed. you did all the right things, and i hope you can get some restitution, one way or another.
  18. actually, there were 2 people who were escorted out. and they both wore suits......... one was a guy of cuban and i think a former communist european decent. hes also running for some kind of office in central jersey. close to the end of the hearing, he started saying how we were not being listened to, the court is out of order, they will be voted out, and theyve awakened a sleeping giant in NJ gun owners. he was walked out. the other was cut off during his testimony. he raised his voice and said 'i will be heard.' head guy said 'dont yell at me.' other guy said 'i will yell at you and i will be heard.' gavel was hit, was proclaimed out of order, and eventually he was walked out of the room.
  19. it doesnt make a good god damn bit of difference what you wear or what you say. whether you were in a suit or a t shirt, they didnt listen. whether you spoke with passion from the heart or calmly read facts from a script, they didnt listen. they WERE handed speeches, talking points, papers on our views. IF they got into the hands of the assembly at all, they were promptly shredded or simply thrown out. anyone condemning how we looked, acted, or talked, wasnt there. weinberg LEFT THE ROOM for at least half of our testimonies, and same goes for sweeney. not only did they not listen when they were there, they didnt bother to be in the room for the entire discussion. read a book about body language, then watch them while we talked. that will speak volumes about what how they really feel. all of the heavy hitters; scott bach, frank fiamingo, NRA rep, etc. wore suits or were similarly dressed. the other side gave them the same amount of indifference as they did the guy with the black 'i heard it on dolby surround sound' tshirt. it boils down to the fact that NOTHING said yesterday had the slightest bit of difference. as was said, jesus himself couldnt have changed their minds. THEY spent weeks making these bills. THEY wrote them. THEY are putting the bills through. do you really think anyone, regardless of wearing a damn suit or not, would ever have changed their minds. THEY think they are in the right, 100%. would it matter if an anti wore a suit, a newtown ribbon, or a Gadsden flag shirt while he spoke to you about why we need 10rnd mags? if weinberg sat calmly, wearing her old crone suit and read her bill, would you actually listen to her any more then if she was wrapped in american and POW flags, screaming about the NRA being baby killers? i am FAR from giving up, but it doesnt fing matter WHAT you say, how you say it, what you wear or how you sit on the chair. everyone on the other side is so far removed from actually listening to the people they are supposed to represent, the ONLY thing that will ever get through to them is to vote them out. period. to a person, every single one of them are elitists, arrogant, holier then thou, and believe they are sitting in an ivory castle on a hill, doling out rules and laws THEY think WE need. ive dealt with assholes in positions of power my entire life. once they get past the point of no return, there simply is no getting through to them while they are in position. the one and only thing that will ever get through to them is to remove them from their position of power.
  20. if anyone is interested, the nj.com article is here, with pics and videos. ray is pictured clearly, and you can see half my face to his right. it also shows the excellent testimony given by nora craig. http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2013/04/nj_senate_committee_passes_sla.html
  21. and thats exactly why the buses were canceled. the NJ2AS KNOWS what the deal is. its THEIR bills that we are trying to talk them OUT of. with the elitist arrogant attitude each one of them possess, if they believed the sky was green, yet we took them outside to see the blue sky, they still wouldnt agree or even entertain anothers opinion.
  22. its basically farting in the wind. we vastly outnumbered the antis, gave real facts and not hearsay, and were far more passionate, yet they will never suddenly change their minds after hearing us talk. it does, however, show them how strong we are, the numbers we can put together, our devotion and passion on the issues. at the least, youll be listened to. heard, probably not. its never a bad idea to show at any pro 2A event.
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