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  1. I went on Saturday Morning there were only a few people there. They put me on Range 8 it was just me and one another person sharing Range 8. Spent little over an hour sighting in my hunting rifle. Went back to the range office and asked if I can shoot some pistol. "No problem how far you want to shoot 50yards? I said no more like 15-20yards. They checked there books and came back and said "We don't have anymore ranges undercover unless you want to share. I can put you out back at range 20. Get in your car and drive all the way back it's the last 2 ranges on the right. So I drove all the way to the back and there where no one else on any of these ranges. I then shot 200 rounds it was very nice back there you pretty much had the place to yourself. Came back check into the range office asked some questions about there clays. $15.00 for a case of 135 clays and they had Atlas clay throwers. I then asked how much I own him for range time.. $15.00 plus tax $16.05 I questioned him again and said are you sure it's $16.05 he then tells me why is there a problem? I said no I thought it was $25 or $26 he then said oh no its only $15.00. He then gives me a coupon to come back for half off so the next time I visit it's only $7.50 plus tax. Gotta say it was pretty inexpensive to shoot here. Not crowded at all and the few people that you do see or run into seem very friendly. I know this range has gone through some hardships with the new owners taking over in 2006, plus fighting the locals. They do not have there FFL yet so you can not purchase any ammo at this range, but they are working on getting it.
  2. Thanks again Krdshrk for the quick reply..
  3. Thanks Krdshrk is that $26 per person?
  4. Does anyone know how much is it to shoot at USANA Harborsite I do not have a memebership? My father and I would like to go to site up our hunting rifles on the high power 100yrd range. I been trying to call them the past week, I also sent emails but no response. I guess just show up and they will accommodate us?
  5. 57 Days for FID and 2 pistol permits here in Washington Township NJ, Gloucester County. Submitted Application on April 20th received phone call June 16 to pick up FID and Pistol Permits.
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