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  1. n4p226r

    Glock 34

    Ouch. That was such a weird event that happened. Not sure what I even think about it.
  2. If i sell my bow and this is still for sale, I will buy.  

  3. $400. Final price drop. Let me know. Add the charging handle of your choice. Also, no difference between this lower and any other AR lower. Easily swap a 5.56 upper on it if you desire.
  4. Price drop. $475 for the whole thing. Optic and all
  5. just something i built but never used. seems i have too many projects like that. aero precision upper and lower noveske 13.5" chainsaw NSR keymod with tan covers magpul tan fixed carbine stock bcm grip colt lower parts kit geissele g2s cmmg 22lr bolt taccom 3g 16" 22lr barrel with collar and pinned muzzle brake (pinned by tier 1 defense) primary arms md-rbg II red dot in a daniel defense micro t1 fixed mount 1 - 10rd cmmg magazine tan bad-ass ambi safety i also have the parts to use the M&P 15-22 magazines. its called the better-mag but im not 100% sure how well it works since i never used it https://www.redi-mag.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=52 0 rounds through the gun. only thing im missing is a charging handle as i kept meaning to order the cmmg 22lr handle but never got around to it. $475
  6. Most of the money i have tied up into it is in the lower but for the right price I’d consider it. What were you thinking?
  7. I’ve had it mounted on a project gun I’ve never used. Pictures show it all. $450 shipped.
  8. $105 shipped. Never used. Not really much to say about this one. Slick side AR15 upper with port hole sized for 458 socom. https://www.cmttac.com/slick side upper-ar15slicksideupper-upur3
  9. Price drop $1000 This is an almost completed project that I'm letting go for the right price. if you bought all the parts separately it would cost a lot more. just needs a complete barrel, muzzle device, and bcg/charging handle to complete Noveske Gen 3 lower Noveske Gen 3 upper Noveske 13.5" NQR quad rail Cerakote by blowndeadline in "disrutive grey" Troy Noveske Marked Front and Rear flip up sites Colt Lower Parts Kit Geissele SSA trigger BAD CASS ambi selector Vltor A5 buffer tube setup B5 sopmod stock pinned in position 2. bcm grip noveske QD endplate As you can see I have close to $2000 into this. I'll let it go for $1200
  10. Lowered the price to $500. Let’s make a fast deal I have something else lined up so make me an offer. I’ve turned down an offer of $500 before but I won’t this time!!!
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