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  1. that's a ridiculous discount. including the cost of the 3 extra mags its like $750-800 off
  2. the retired LEO RSO at the range that said he was "grandfathered in" to his 20round staccato mags is a different story though. I doubt most cops listen to the 17 round limit other than most guns don't have larger magazines anyways. I know plenty of cops and all the ones into guns may or may not have higher capacity stuff.
  3. he's not making it up. I just thought it was 15 not 17 https://codes.findlaw.com/nj/title-2c-the-new-jersey-code-of-criminal-justice/nj-st-sect-2c-39-3.html g(1)(b) has the wording
  4. ah. I thought it was 15. I forgot they made you guys even more special than previously. go with the c2 then. the staccato are really nice.
  5. wouldn't the Wilson with factory 15 round mags be better than the c2 with 10 round mags for off duty? although I love the c2, how do you get around the 16 round mags?
  6. Not currently looking for trades
  7. located in sparta. $90 shipped/paypal'd/etc. 13.5" keymod NSR rail noveske rail covers arisaka keymod offset light mount noveske qd sling keymod mount the barrel nut has never been installed. I swapped it out for a mlok rail and reused existing barrel nut. rail is lightly used. as seen in photos. first ill take it gets it
  8. this is the worst part. and I don't blame you. but if people get a free tax stamp for something it'll do two things 1. make the people happy, they really wanted the stamp but didn't want to pay the $200 2. make it seem like people are complying and then they can force the next thing down our throats
  9. The mistake wasn’t making them. The mistake was putting the colt name on them.
  10. Are they all BCM grips? I really like my BCM grips but recently picked up a griffin A3 grip. I think I’ll be using that on any colt I get soon because it “almost” looks like a standard A2 grip but Is much better.
  11. Colts and ACOGs. Still an awesome combo even if the market has progressed since then.
  12. in my opinion sometime sales are less important than diluting the brand. Colt's bread and butter is being "mil-spec" the closer they are to that the better. i think the expanse was a mistake.
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