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  1. I think he's compromised but I have a weird feeling that if trump wins, and say RBG retires and we get the trump appointed majority we need to win 2A cases, he will side with the 2A to not be on the losing side and it'll be a 6-3 decision not a 5-4. But since he is currently the 5 on the winning side of the 5-4 decision we would lose big time.
  2. the one I took out was the Chief Judge. he is a Clinton appointee that would definitely get picked. so its 11 get picked. 1 chief judge (Clinton appointee) and 10 out of the remaining 28. 13R+15D. in other words, statistically if it goes en banc we lose.
  3. I believe that if a Judge or the state asks for en banc review, the entire circuit would vote for or against it, excluding judges that recuse themselves. This would include the Chief Judge, the Circuit Judges, and the Senior Circuit Judges. If you look at the makeup of those 47 judges and who appointed them you can see it's as follows: Democrat Appointed: 23 Clinton - 13 Carter - 3 Obama - 7 Republican Appointed: 24 GWB - 7 GHWB - 2 Nixon - 2 Trump - 10 Reagan - 3 If they vote for en banc, then the court picks at random 10 judges, plus the chief judge. Senior Court Judges are only able to be picked if they were part of the 3 person review. No senior judges were on the 3 person review but the dissenting Judge Lynn is actually from the District court in Texas and not a circuit judge at the 3rd circuit court of appeals. Assuming she is ineligible for en banc hearing, than the chief judge would be picked and then 10 others out of the following group. so the changes of getting a majority of republican appointed judges at this point is slim. The best we can hope for is a party line vote on the en banc and it doesn't get taken up for review. Chief Judge picked by Clinton 29 Circuit Judges 10 Trump 7 Obama 3 GWB 8 Clinton
  4. I really like the surefire and warden setup personally. I don't believe it matters if you can or cannot fit a real suppressor. it only matters if its threaded or not.
  5. thanks. ill check it out. from what I can tell 458 Socom doesn't really need a compensator, or a longer barrel by design. so I figure I would like that the sound gets directed forward. I can also run a 15" rail on this pinned to a 14" barrel making it 16.2" overall length. I'll look into the KAW one to see what you are talking about as well. .
  6. anyone install a linear compensator? I know there was talk about the noveske flaming pig which is similar in style but doesn't have an end-cap like this. https://www.vsevenweaponsystems.com/helios/ im considering one for a 458 Socom build on a 14" barrel.
  7. n4p226r

    Glock 34

    Ouch. That was such a weird event that happened. Not sure what I even think about it.
  8. If i sell my bow and this is still for sale, I will buy.  

  9. The real question is, if they hear the case and overturn it does it go back to 15 or just get tossed out entirely?
  10. 10/30 pmags aren’t the way to go. 10/30 usgi metal mags are. Especially when you get 10rd 458 socom mags with the 458 socom follower. Just make sure you have equal numbers of each.
  11. you think trump wouldn't sign this? i dont think it'll pass the senate, but i have my doubts of a presidential veto. especially if pushed after the "next parkland"
  12. what's the date the "grace period" ends and we can get arrested for possessing these dangerous devices?
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