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  1. It does take some time, but I felt it was worth both the time and money so in the future I will not have any issues. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good Luck.
  2. I had this issue come up last year when renewing my FL Carry permit. I was denied because of a new law some years back called the Firearms Disability act. I was an in patient at the age of 12 and just last year, my records finally made it to the NICs list. I had to go to court to get the record expunged. I did all the work myself and it cost me around $1200 total. If you hire a lawyer it will cost more. I was the first for the courts to have a mental health record expunged in their history as it is very rare. They do get many Criminal cases expunged.
  3. I did the online renewal and paid online, then just mailed the finger print card in last April, but of course I had some other issues that came up which didn't get me my license until this month. The good news is I did not get charged a late fee and they changed my expiration from Aug. to Feb. 2027.
  4. After calling the phone number on the paperwork sent to me and speaking to someone from the Dept of Agriculture this should be good enough! Of course I sent along a letter of explanation of how NJ 1 hand gun a month law may have triggered the denial to begin with. So this should help resolve the matter as far as me not being able to legally possess a gun which is what came back.
  5. I faxed over to the Dept. of Agriculture a copy of my NJ FID and my pistol permit from my last purchase as well as my current Concealed carry permit ID number. I also, just to cover myself mailed out the same paper work to the FLA firearms purchasing division because they are the ones who ran the check with letter of explanation. This was from the information that was mailed back to me. They give you to appeal to either one of the departments. I figure it safe to clarify my situation to both.
  6. That would make sense then. Running it through the home state of the applicant would seem logical.
  7. Correct, that is why the denial came through making it look like I can not have a firearm. So that is why I faxed my NJ FID and a copy of my current Concealed carry permit along with last months purchase permit to show I can legally own a firearm. This should clear up the matter I hope.
  8. Its all about the NICs background check. Nothing else. Because I bought a hand gun on Apr. 16 here in NJ, FLA runs a NICs check to see if I can can legally buy a hand gun which being done within the 30 day window denied me. They use this information to forward to the Dept. of Agriculture who issues the concealed carry license in FLA.
  9. Hope it all works out for you! I did mine online and did not realize how fast the turn around time was for a response. I submitted it through the online portal around the same time I purchased my hand gun in April. The denial letter says the date was May 9. See how it goes once they get my paper work I faxed to them.
  10. I found out FLA runs the nics check as if I was going to buy a hand gun! This determines that I am able to legally own a hand gun which they forward to DEPT of Agriculture for issuance of a concealed weapon or firearm license. Since I bought a hand gun on Apr. 16, 2019 they ran the check on May 9 and denied me because of the 30 day window. That is how it all came about. Very confusing it is, however after calling the Dept of Agriculture they asked that I forward my NJ FID and copy of recent hand gun purchase permit as well as my current FLA concealed carry permit number and this should clear things up.
  11. I learned the hard way with NJ 1 hand gun a month law, do not do your FLA Carry permit renewal within 30 days of buying a hand gun. The Dpt of Agriculture uses the FLA firearms purchasing Dept. to run your background check and since I purchased a hand gun on Apr. 16 they ran my NICS check to see if I was able to legally buy a hand gun on May 9 and it came back denied. So now I have to send them a copy of my NJ FID and show them I just purchased a hand gun back in Apr. and passed a NICS check then. They then will forward my clearance to the DPT. of Agriculture. What a process, if I had known they do that I would have waited a couple of weeks to do the online renewal. Lesson learned.
  12. Thanks. I will do just that, because it will not hurt to have that extra round!
  13. So I got 6 mag blocks from http://www.magazineblocks.com/magento/ 3 for my Glock 19 and 3 for my Ruger P-95. The Ruger after installing holds only 10 rounds and no issues. When I installed the one for my G-19 it will only hold 9 rounds. Has anyone bought these and if so did they need to cut them down. Honestly these are only intended for range use anyway as I have Factory 10 round magazines for home use. Just wondering if it was me, as I followed the directions for installation with no problems.
  14. Will be heading down again this Wed evening and got a friend who is getting a membership as well. Well worth the hour drive.
  15. Hey at least the Taurus .38 Revolver has ran flawless these past few years... and I am sure with the new extractor it should be fine!
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