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  1. Hagues Indoor Range in West Deptford.
  2. Who has ARs in stock and at what price ?
  3. Who has ARs in stock and at what price ?
  4. Backfired ? Sounds like they just got a lot to sell .
  5. Nascar , according to some of your posts it does not seem like you are very happy with Hague 's Indoor Range .
  6. The full membership is a pretty good package if you look a all you are getting with it . It has worked out very well for me so far . Using the rental guns and preloaded mags sure makes it nice .
  7. I could see the concern if someone was a terrorist , illegal alien or something along those lines , but other than that what could be the problem ? Just dont see it . I'm more likely to be glad different law enforcement agencies are there .
  8. Who seems to have the best over all gun / ammo deals ?
  9. Thanks for all the info . So it seems like Phil is just trying to overstep its bounds . I can understand there point about CCW permits they turned down but this is not the way to handle it .
  10. I am a little confused over the out of state CCW and hearing quite a few different stories abou it. If I live in NJ and get a Flordia CCW can I carry in PA . Heard they might still want my home state licence . Any help with this , thanks .
  11. I have been going to Hague's Indoor Range , works very well for my needs .
  12. Yes , I do have a ID card and premits should not be that far off .
  13. Hello all , I'm finally getting back into the shooting sport after a long time away due to many reasons . Wow , so much has changed and advanced in the firearms market . Its like starting all over again . Really looking forward to picking up a couple of guns in the near future , just got to do some homework first . This forum looks to be filled with firsthand experience .
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