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  1. Thanks Tried that, and did not find any thing that went into actual step by step (with pictures) detail. If you know of any would appreciate the link info.
  2. Looking to see if this can be a DYI project or needs to go to a professional (and recommendation of one) They are light scratches from storage I guess. But deep enough to be easily noticeable. (see picture) Thanks!
  3. Caught that and yes still want it. thanks!
  4. I'll take them................ Now to fill them with ammo! :-)
  5. I'll take both if you are not willing to separate
  6. I'll PM you I'll take all 4 of the 50 cal storage cans Thanks
  7. PM Sent Thanks for the heads up. I will take 5 Bricks of the Aquila . Just picked up a conversion kit for my 92FS to 22 so this should keep me busy!
  8. This seems to be an occasional problem with both the .357 and the 44 rifles when feeding the smaller cases of .38 and .44 special Here is a link to a discussion on it. https://www.marlinowners.com/threads/new-1984c-357-mags-feed-fine-38-specials-jam.17497/#post-181299
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