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  1. Just picked up my second Nitcore P30 I like the compactness of it with still a decent throw. It uses 1-18650 or if you prefer 2- CR123 . They can be had at several locations for around $65. I got mine from Battery Junction when they were having an additional 25% off sale, but usually Amazon has the best bundles. https://www.amazon.com/Nitecore-Flashlight-LumenTac-CR123A-Batteries/dp/B01N8XA1AZ Also like that the tail clicker is on/off or 1/2 press for momentary. No cycling through the different levels of brightness and it returns to the level it was at when you turned if off. It's a 1 inch diameter barrel so it fits a good number of mounts.
  2. What distance do you want it to reach out too? Do you want to have a remote switch capability for it?
  3. Just some thoughts for you, not from personal experience. Is the DP-12 worth $400 to $500 more than the KSG? Are you going to be shooting at a distance where the offset (left and right) will be a nuisance? If you can try them side by side, that would be great! Like to hear what your evaluation is. On the KSG arm strike on ejection, there are shell deflectors as an add on (if it really bothers you) http://primarymachine.com/kel-tec-ksg-shell-deflector/
  4. Figured 'why not" too! Ordered the 332 w free fast fire 3.................. Thanks 18Steel!
  5. Sounds like a good deal, but when I went to Active Junky they had big red letters saying....2% Cash Back will be paid on All Ammunition and 1% Cash Back will be paid on all firearm purchases. Cash Back is not offered on Gift Cards. All in still a good deal!
  6. Are you looking for a snubby?
  7. Or if you want to go to the far side you can buy a kit for it that with configure it like this: :-) http://www.adaptivetactical.com/products/venom-10rndrotary-system.php
  8. http://www.berettausa.com/en-us/store/sale/pistol-accessories/ NOW 30% off sale items with code Honor (vets day sale) Free shipping on orders over $89 Old news I think the 40% off non sale items still good. Just got done ordering a bunch of stuff after talking with a great Customer Service Rep. There is are some special not advertised discounts going on right now The good news and the reason to do this is the discounts are 40% off list price items and 20% off already on sale items. Add free shipping for any total (after discounts) over $49 and it saved me a ton of $$$! The discount codes are : friend40 (for normal price items) and friend20 (for on sale items) I am not sure if they stack. Not sure how long the free shipping discount is on for but the other codes are good until 11/19. Bob
  9. Beretta has some hefty prices on their parts and accessories but they are well made. I used this code to save a ton of $$ and also lucked into free shipping for the order since it was over $49 (a web special, no code) http://www.berettausa.com/en-us/ is the site The codes are: friend50 for any item at list price, and friend20 for any item on sale. CSR said the code is good until 11/19. Not sure about the free shipping. Trick is, if you have an account and have any other discount already automatically applied it might not work. I had to go in as a non registered buyer and it worked fine. Was able to stock up on parts for my CX4 Storm . Good shopping! Bob
  10. So that's why all those revolvers you cleaned for me came out so nice! :-) Thanks Again!
  11. Interesting, Had no problems with my 10/22 What type of failures/ Fire, Feed, Eject? Did you find ammo that worked better?
  12. Yes White with black labeling http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=67248336&auto_locate=true&auto_store=true&flyer_type_name=weeklyad&auto_flyer=true&camp=EML:DSG_PRM:10122016HuntAMAINLink:Body_Circular&mcid=278926452&csm=972895451&csc=847413&csa=970837511&csu=847956
  13. In store only, 325 pack of Federal .22 LR for $18.74 (a little less that 6 Cents a round) Valid 10/12 to 10/22 ( no limit listed) This is even better than on-line prices when you consider shipping versus sales tax. PRODUCT FEATURESFederal® rifle ammo Recommended for use with target shooting, training, and practice Great for 10/22 actions and other auto loading firearms Rimfire ammunition Made in the USA Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty Federal Caliber: .22LR Bullet Weight: 40 GR Bullet Type: SP Rounds in Box: 325 Velocity: 1200 fps
  14. Thanks Chris Good to know......... Seems like .22LR is becoming a little more available now
  15. Good point. Don't know how the guns they used in the video compare to others, but it looks like they worked fine, even on full auto.
  16. If you are tired of one box at a time, this place has a crate of 6,250 rounds of aprox 40 grain Seller & Bellot for 8.7 cents a round shipped to your door. Not Hi Power and Not copper clad. It is wax coated and sub sonic / military surplus. But if you want one order and be done for a while, this may me for you. Check out the video accessed through the description. https://www.czechpoint-usa.com/22-lr-sellier-and-bellot-6250-rnds-cycles-semi-auto?l=1
  17. Just saw the Dicks Sporting Goods Circular 325 rd Brick of lose packed Federal Champion (box says target grade performance) $19.99 Available in store only. ONE box per customer. I would call first. That's a little over 6 cents a round. Anybody know anything about this ammo? http://dickssportinggoods.shoplocal.com/dsg/Entry/LandingContent?storeid=2550362&sneakpeek=N&listingid=0&camp=Email%3A06122015OutdoorTabLink%3ABody_Circular
  18. Here us a picture of it. Sort of ugly, but not as unwieldy as it looks. After I get down to evaluating it, I will probably convert the Wingmaster back to wood and put a 18" 870 I have in the kit. Or sell the kit. Many choices at this point.
  19. Greetings, Yes you can I picked up one from a guy who converted a 28" Barrel Wingmaster. Added a 5 shot tube to it. Over all length is 38" and a 9 shot capacity +1 in barrel. Have not had a chance to try it much. Torn rotator cuff has kept be sidelined. It might diminish some of the benefits of the bull pup design. Will know more when I get a chance to work with it.
  20. I have both the Standard and the Carbine with the Big Loop and like them both. Very smooth action. Go to the Henry Site under Accessories and pick up a Spee-D-Loader. It is well worth the $20!
  21. Happy Thanks Giving All! This looks like a great deal on a Red Dot Sight. http://www.primaryarms.com/Special-Purchase-Microdot-with-Riser-MD-SP-p/md-sp.htm Although is was made for an AR-15, I believe that would be the right height for the Sub2000 too. Anybody with first hand experience please chime in. Take Note: It comes with a fixed riser and a QR. I have dealt with Primary Arms in the past and they are great to deal with on the web and on the phone. Just ordered one for myself. Bob
  22. Great! I am a member of EFGA and have a guess pass also. If we can find someone with a KSG we can do an across the board comparison of the Bull Pups!
  23. Just got the word I have to be on the road Sunday. Sorry blizzarddemon, I cannot make it this time. Thanks much for the offer. Hope to make it next shoot. Or PM me if you would like to try and match up outside of the shotgun shoot. Bob
  24. It is a different entrance about a block down. Can meet up with you and get you there. Its for rifle only. Shotgun, black powder, .22lr
  25. If you could bring it out, that would be great! Thinking of the black powder range at the end of the shoot? Bob
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