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  1. Looking to do a shotgun comparison of bullpup designs. I will provide the shells. If anyone has one and is interested, give me a holler Thanks! Bob
  2. Just picked up a Remington 870 BullPup shotgun made with the kit from Bullpup Unlimited. http://www.bullpupunlimited.com/ Anyone out there that has a Kel-Tec KSG or UTS-15 and would like to do a side by side comparison? I will provide the shells (slug and buckshot). Thinking that this sunday (8/11) at the shoot in Clinton would be a great opportunity. Thanks Bob
  3. 1. Thanks for your service 2. Glad you made it back 3. Hope you find someone as worthy to pass them on too.
  4. Enflield .303 No.4 MK 1 for the same reason as the other "firsts" in this thread Picked it up for $15 when I was 16. Also "luv that crisp bolt action"
  5. Not as bad as predicted. If you there are none in your area you might have to hunt then down in another. Folks who have them can start a game preserve! http://magicicada.org/databases/magicicada/map.html
  6. A big +1 for bdomar for going ABOVE AND BEYOND in helping me find a SU2000 when he is not selling his. THANKS! Bob
  7. Very Very Nice to use and more accurate than Coilbri. Will cycle in some semi auto rifles, but not consistent.
  8. Clinton Area Have just sold a rifle to a guy in CA and he told me If I ship to his FFL it will cost him an extra $40 and about a 30 day wait period as opposed to shipping FFL to FFl
  9. Does anyone know of an FFL in this area that has enrolled in the CFLC program and ships to California?
  10. What distance? Iron sights or Scope?
  11. Legal FTF, proof of legal age.. Drivers License and a Firearm Purchaser ID card Compare to make sure they match.
  12. NJ Legal? If it is a: MP5A3 Probably not even close. Possible 1. Colapsable Stock 2. Selective fire (single, burst, or full auto) 3. Possible less than legal barrell length. You can get a legal version, or a .22LR clone. All it takes is money.
  13. A real gentleman and a pleasure to deal with. Best of luck if you leave NJ
  14. +1 for bdomar, just completed a transaction, very good communication and easy to deal with.
  15. It seems like no worries unless you have young trees. http://insects.about.com/od/insectpests/f/cicadadamage.htm But you could collect them and eat them! http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/cicada-cooking-pizza-tacos-jello-article-1.1314334 :notme:
  16. Count me in. But it is hard to find an good mfg. of these pins in the US. Most of the US shops order from Overseas.
  17. If you could, what choices would you add?
  18. http://www.armslist....local-sale-only Rossi .357 for sale FTF in NJ Did you miss my previous post?
  19. FYIOne just came up for sale http://www.armslist.com/posts/1132644/nj-rifles-for-sale--rossi-92----357-magnum-lever-action-rifle---stainless-steel-16----local-sale-only
  20. +1 in gving it to a reloader.Or you can turn it oveer to the police. What caliber is it? If 30-06 I know a reloader.
  21. Another +1 +1 and +1 for Chimney Rock Inn in Bridgewater if you're in the area. If you are farther out in the sticks Cafe Marias in Baptistown west of Flemington along route 12 makes a great pie.
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