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  1. Thanks for the corction fat fingers on a keyboard strikes again!
  2. Only handguns need to go air (and I believe it is next day), rifles can go ground. Ammo has to have an OMD sticker on it. You can get it off the net and print it. (also max weight per box is 66lbs.) NOTE: Shipped some ammo from the UPS Center in Bound Brook (+1 for the guy behind the counter for customer service). The guy there said they will be changing the OMD label soon sut does not have a copy of it or a time line. I have also in the past shipped my shotgun as parts 1/2 in one box and 1/2 in another at local UPS operations, but it looks like it might be changing. Inconvient yes, (Bound Brook is 20 miles from me) something to get all bent out of shape from? No.
  3. NIck is a real gentleman! Went out of his way to meet me at Mastodon Ammo & Camo and bring is guages. Very helpful in looking at some Enfields and a wealth of information on them. Thanks to Nick we were able to pull one out of service before somebody got hurt (headspance issue, not apparent to the average Joe) and have an old favorite being looked at for restoration. Thanks Much Nick!
  4. Good idea! I will order a bunch of orange and maybe yellow. Divide the number by the cost of shipping, and I think $1.50 should work out if I get 40 of them. How many would you like, and do you have a preference for color? Bob
  5. Just gave away what I thought was my 2nd to last UCS and found out it was my last one! Time to order some more and shipping now a days from Country Com is up to $9.95 for one or a couple doxen! http://www.countycomm.com/ucs.html Anybody know of an alternate place to buy them from or use a different type of cleaning tool that has that great fine edge? i searched the net and came up empty. Thanks Bob
  6. Real hard to get. They stopped making them, so whatever is left is getting scarce and even more exspensive.
  7. Thanks ragtopgoat! Now I just spent another $130 on "oh I got to have that stuff on that site" !
  8. I have a TNT Cimarron I got used from a fellow whose wife did not like it as it was too heavy for her. It is really nice, but has not been used enough to break in the action. If you would like to try it, be happy to match up with you.
  9. I live and work in the Hunterdon area and have a few dropped calls using ATT, but so do my friends who use Verizon. Have had ATT for 10 years and very happy with their customer service. Other than dollars saved, the only other consideration would be speed of data if you are going to surf a lot with it. I have heard Verizon has better speed on data transfer. I justed picked up a new 4S from Best Buy for $49 with 16 gig of memory about a month ago. I am guessing the 1 dollar ones are 8 gig and maybe refurbished? Either way I reccomend squaretrade as an aftermarket break insurance,. I have used them for 5 years. Had two claims so far with them and it went very well with out a hassle. http://www.squaretrade.com/
  10. Right back at ya DamjanBlues! And thanks OGfarmer!
  11. If you have any left, I'd like two bricks please!
  12. Seems like we are :thsmiley_deadhorse: . Get out your shotgun for HD! Sorry! I always wanted tp use that emoticon
  13. Federal Guard Dog (use to be EFMJ) was supposed be a workaround for the HP law. http://www.federalpremium.com/products/details/handgun.aspx?id=936 But like it was said before, with no test cases, the jury is still out. Various reports on how well , or not well it performs/penetrates versus HP.
  14. Like intercooler said, any of the red dots should work well. The only problem you might have is with the mounting of it. Most red dots are being made for picatinny rails. You will need to get an adapter. I found that these work great! Dovetail-To-Picatinny Low Profile Rail Adaptor http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007BNHFLQ/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00 Also I use the following bag when I want to leave my red dot on. Put a rubber scope cap over the reciever end that takes the barrel to keep it clean. Put everything else in stock and it works well for a range trip. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BR2Z8G/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00 Have fun! Bob
  15. Chucks Spring Street Cafe, Princeton Mainly a take out place. On Football Sundays the line is out the door. Don't order less than 50, or you will have to get back in line again!
  16. LOL a barrel and then SOME with a .500 going through it! Only pistol that made me wear ear plugs "under" by muffs!
  17. .44mag is actually a dual cartridge revolver too. .44 mag/.44 special So you can go bold or go mild! I have a S&W .44 Mountain Gun with 4" barrel. The Mountan Gun was a special offering by S&W with a slighty trimmed down style for lighter weight. It still has some heft too it and is a great little shooter. Have both the wooden grips and a set of Crimson Trace Hog Grips. This is the M29 blued version but it also came in SS Model 629. If you one of your semis is a .45, you might want to consider that caliber for the wheel gun. You can modify some wheel guns to handle regular .45 LC and .45 ACP using a moon clip. I am considering doing this to my .44. There are some folks on the forum who can speak in great detail on this. http://www.tkcustom.com/ Choices, choices choices ! So to answer your question: S&W, very accurate, and nice to shoot. Very Reliable with minimal care. But Ruger makes some nice revolvers too. And even though it is looked down on by some folks, I have found Taurus (recent models) to handle very well too. You should go to some gun stores and handle a bunch! The grips are different enough to give a very unique feel in shooting. No wrong or right, just preference. I don't think you would go wrong with any of these three. Have Fun!
  18. Opps, Sorry, I was't clear. I meant easier than doing it by hand. Which, is how I am doing it with the 9mm.
  19. That looks (a first glance) like the same one offered here: http://www.mooncliptool.com/ Thinking more about getting the S&W .44 Mountain Gun converted by Toms. THe extra arbor would be good. I imagine the large caliber will be harder to load/unload into the moon clips. Thanks ALL for the great info!
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