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  1. Welcome I'm from ashland where in ch
  2. ok on the awb i went to ohio for my aunt funeral....my little cousins i wanted to get their minds off of stuff so i took them to walmart and bought this(with my uncles permision of course)it is an mp5 clone bb gun sbr with folding stock holds like 40 bbs runs on c02 semi auto. do you guys thing this will fly here? i left it there for them to play with. They have a beautiful property probably 25 acres with a pond and a giant farm behind them with corn. but i set up a shooting course and we were running strings like 3 gun matches. ill tell you we had a blast all afternoon i could believe how much fun it was with just a bb gun. i would love to get one for myself next time im out there. http://www.airgundepot.com/hk-mp5-k-pdw-bb-gun.html
  3. ive held one at gun show but bought the msar instead
  4. man i havent been checking in on the board that often but damn i wish i would have known about this is would have been there thanks guys that did go
  5. post pics of your harvest or i didnt happen lol
  6. im from ashland where is your repair shop
  7. how much property do they have? i would be willing to come up and legally take the coyote if they have enough property for me to legally hunt it
  8. with all this craziness happening here i was one of the millions looking to relocate but what happens if jersey passes all 28 bills and were F-ed you decide to relocate to another state but in the mean time the same bs is going on,,,the federal level thats what has me up in the air ya know?
  9. fwiw cherry hill last time i got permits is 2 but they also HAVE to be notorized
  10. i drove around for 15 mins and found a garage good turn out for the shitty weather but dammmmmn cold and wet brrrrrr
  11. i found a website that makes an insert to put in your mags which block them to 10 or 15 round then you weld or epoxy them shut to be perment as far as law is concerned. i purchase the mags at a pa gun show modify and epoxy them shut in the parking lot. i have been pulled over with my guns in the car had an officer question my mags polite offered him a box of bullets to test my mags he said no need i was on my way no issues....... its always a honey vs vinegar type of thing
  12. now if they make semi auto nfa....and let us sign up for our currently semi auto rifles as nfa would that open us up to f/a nfa guns?' fat chance i know but j/s
  13. man i wish i was in the gun business 2 weeks ago but i completely understand the request for stuff when its just not available
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