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  1. Howard We wanted to notify everyone before registration started.
  2. OBRAMS will be hosting the next 2 Gun Rimfire Match on June 18 , 2016 http://obrams.org/
  3. We will have our last match of the season on November 7, 2015. http://obrams.org/
  4. On May 16 and May 17 the outdoor range at OBRPC will be closed due to road and range work .All matches cancelled that weekend
  5. OBRAMS will have its second Match of the year on May 2nd, 2015. http://obrams.org/ Please register Online below: INSTRUCTIONS: 1) If you have already have an account on http://steelscoring.com (e.g. for OBRPC Real Deal Steel events), then skip to Step 3. 2) From the top menu choose “Set Up” to create a new user account. If you are an Old Bridge Member, be sure to add your membership numbers to the “Membership section. 3) Now that you are Logged in, go the “Events” tab. Select the May 2nd OBRAMS match. 4) In the “Registration” section choose the Division your are shooting in for the match. Leave the Class set to “U” (we don’t really use them for OBRAMS). Set the Power Factor to “Minor”. Note as soon as you pick a “Division” you are instantly entered into the event (no update/save buttons are needed). 5) Last choose a Squad by using the Pull-down. You should see your name in the squads below. 6) We will see you on Saturday!
  6. OBRAMS PRECISION TACTICAL RIMFIRE MATCH BULLETIN May 16, 2015 8:30AM to 2:00 PM We are introducing a new type of match to our lineup; a “Precision Tactical “ Rimfire Rifle match. What does “Tactical Precision” mean? Well, you will be faced with “Precision” shooting challenges similar to those encountered by “Tactical” marksman (such as Law Enforcement and Military snipers). The goal is to provide a precision/tactical match experience and training/practice that can be done at low cost, easy for beginners to get into, and are fun and low key. At a time when many shooters are worried about gas prices and ammo costs, the rimfire precision tactical match offers a "high fun factor" experience that won't bust your budget. The match consists of six “stages”, all shot from a specified position (for this match it is prone, on the ground) at 100 yards. Various targets with different layouts will be used. There will be time restrictions on each stage, but not so restrictive that you cannot get good, well aimed shots off. Any functioning safe rifle of a small-bore rimfire chambering is allowed. This includes, but is not limited too, .22 Long Rifle, .22 Magnum, .17 HMR, etc. Any “field-type” supporting device(s) are allowed. An example of an allowed device would be a bipod, sandbag, or rucksack. A disallowed device would be a “Lead-Slead” or shooting vise. Any sight type and combination is allowed. DIVISIONS: .22LR (no magnums) Any Rimfire other than .22LR (includes magnums) CATEGORIES: within each division there will be these categories - Open – Optical sights Iron-Tactical – Iron sights MATCH RULES: All shots are to be fired from the position specified for that specific match, unless the competitor cannot physically shoot from the required position. In such a situation, accommodations will be made. Any “field-type” supporting device(s) are allowed. An example of an allowed device would be a bipod, sandbag, or rucksack. Any shooting style is allowed, provided it conforms with division rules. Any sight type and combination is allowed. RIFLE RULES: Any rifle of a small-bore rimfire chambering (bolt action, semi auto, single shot, lever, and pump actions) is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: .22 Long Rifle, .22 Magnum, .17 HMR, 5mm, etc. The same gun MUST be fired throughout the course unless verified as having a mechanical or optical failure by the Match Director. EQUIPMENT: As targets will be challenging in size, quality optics are recommended (minimum 10X). Bipods or packs are allowed. No mechanical front rests. No rear bag, monopod, or rear rest of any kind. Shooting mats, elbow pads, etc are allowed. The Match Director will have the final decision on the legality of equipment. SAFETY: • Required use of open chamber indicators/flags at all times except after the load command has been given. • ALL bolts and actions must remain open at all times except when “on stage”. • Failure to display open actions and Open Chamber Indicator will result in 1 warning, followed by a match disqualification. • Eye and hearing protection must be worn by competitors, spotters, and bystanders.
  7. Thank you for coming We are planning for the next National Defense Match, sometime in the Fall.
  8. National Defense Carbine Match Bulletin Date: April 12, 2015 OBRPC at the 100 Yard Range 11:30AM to 5:00 PM The Match will require 140 Rounds and 5 magazines. Description: This match was designed to promote practical rifle marksmanship. It is a cross over between tactical (3-Gun style) shooting and NRA High Power. The match is best suited for an AR-15 or similar semi-auto magazine fed rifle. SCAR’s, ACR’s, Mini-14’s, M1A’s, Garand’s, AK’s and SKS’s are all acceptable rifles. You will be required to shoot from standing, kneeling and prone; weak side and strong side. Some stages require shooters to shoot from the kneeling position. If they are unable to kneel because of injury or medical condition, the shooter may opt to shoot from the standing position with no penalty. Prone must be shot from prone. There is no “run and gun” in the match, each stage is shot from a yard line. The course of fire is from 100 to 10 yards. Each participant will shoot all stages of the match moving from 100 down to 10 yards before retrieving their targets for scoring. Safety: •A safe rifle while handled or worn will be unloaded, magazine removed, safety on, have an OBI/ Empty Chamber Indicator inserted. •A safe rifle in position will be unloaded, magazine removed, unslung, safety on, have an OBI/Empty Chamber Indicator inserted, the rifle muzzle pointed down range, and rifle will remain propped on the backpack/rest with the barrel or front portion firmly at rest on the backpack and the butt-stock resting on the mat or ground with ejection port side up. Firearms Allowed: Tactical Rifle Limited – must have a 4.5lb trigger, 20’ or shorter barrel, tactical iron sights. Front sight must not be forward of the gas block. No diopter sights are allowed. Bipods are allowed but must be stowed (folded up) at start of COF. Tactical Rifle Optic - must have a 4.5lb trigger, 20’ or shorter barrel, tactical iron sights and may have one non-magnified optical sight. If applicable the front sight must not be forward of the gas block. No diopter sights are allowed. Bipods are allowed but must be stowed (folded up) at start of COF. Open – trigger may be less than 4.5lbs, barrel may be longer than 20”, any or multiple optics are allowed. Bipods are allowed but must be stowed (folded up) at start of COF. All rifles must remain in the same configuration from start of match to finish. Equipment: Required: A rifle meeting one of the divisions explained above At least 4 magazines (minimum 10 round ea.) PLUS 1 magazine (minimum 15 rounds ea.) An empty chamber indicator (also known as Open Bolt Indicator - OBI) Eye and ear protection A bag to carry your ammo and magazines. (You will be required to load your magazines for the next stage at each yard line.) Optional: Sling Mat or ground cover Spotting scope Food and water Not allowed: No coupled or drum magazines may be used. No bipods, front or rear bags of any kind, front or rear mechanical rests may be used
  9. The Results have been posted . We apologize for the delay. http://obrams.org/match_scores
  10. We would like to thank everyone for coming to the match. The scores will be up shortly. See you in May for more Multi- Gun Rimfire Stages
  11. No. We will be using Pits 1-5 and the Chrono Pit
  12. No. New shooters please arrive no later than 8:15 A.M. If you are a IDPA or a USPSA member a safety check is not required.
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