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  1. I just signed up for the Courses of Action pistol class with Johnny Primo (https://www.courses-of-action.com/products/coa-p?variant=19730202165346) in May. It's 30% off until Sunday with the code "thanks." I might do 1 shepherd and am waiting for Joe's schedule from S&T.
  2. If any members are willing to sponsor me I'd greatly appreciate it! Please feel free to PM me
  3. I definitely agree. Though I will say I made the mistake of thinking Joe's Carbine I was Carbine 101 when I took it the first time. I think I actually took that class with HE and checko. It was still a great experience but definitely higher level than I was expecting
  4. I will probably take Carbine I again with Joe. It was a great class!
  5. Any recommendations for Austin? I'll be there in February and was really hoping to do all the CHL pre-requisites then. When I ran a search it seems like everyone's experiences were in the Houston area.
  6. I use this at EFGA http://www.amazon.com/Celestron-52229-Refractor-Spotting-Scope/dp/B001UQ6E3K It's decent on the 100 yard for a pretty cheap price.
  7. Another option if you ever need more in the future. I've used the Kytex holders for my Glock and AR15 in classes and like them a lot. Very low profile, quick on and off, and relatively inexpensive in comparison to some of the other options. Found them via a Kyle Defoor recommendation on his blog. They're not always the fastest with shipping but well worth the wait. http://www.kytexgear.com/products-page/rifle-mag-carriers/ar15/ar15-mag-carrier/
  8. I use a Pistolwear PT2 for my G19 with an empty chamber (due to there being no no trigger guard) when I'm wearing gym shorts. http://www.pistolwear.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=ia1321496070781 It works pretty well for me
  9. Great video. I just saw this article posted in defense of standard capacity magazines http://www.lawofficer.com/article/training/officer-down-peter-soulis-inci Guy takes 17 .40 cal shots center mass and keeps moving
  10. If you're looking at Tactical Tailor, they're actually running a 35% off deal on all their branded equipment in memory of their late founder right now.
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