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  1. Maybe the guns were just in a box in a dark corner of your uncles basement the whole time. Just saying.
  2. Been there done that. Still have my guns in the house. My wife knows better than to try and order me to do anything, and I don't order her to do anything. If she wants me to do somerhing, she either will rationally explain why, or I don't do it. The odds of a kid being injurred by a firearm almost negligible compared to other household threats. Electricy, chemicals, tools, corners of furniture etc. Gun locked in safe. Out of sight out of mind until needed.
  3. Do you have smoke detectors? CO detectors? A fire extinquisher? Why? You will never need them. Until you do. Man up.
  4. GOT is just Shrek remade
  5. Theres always appeal after the SCOTUS. Hopefully never needed but, That is exactly what the 2nd was written for.
  6. She sees both sides. Shittum gets shot in home break in. Saving 4 family members from being harmed, but Dr. Superiorthanthou still gets to operate on shittum. Therefore "guns bad". Shittum shoots person while performing a car jacking. Dr operates on true victim. "Guns bad". She never sees the saved family to offset her world view. Should ask what she thinks of the armed guards/police protecting her ass at the hospital.
  7. Ones I bought were > a year ago. Just have to wait for the sale. Sign up for their email. You'll get daily sales notices.
  8. As others have stated, no reason not to get the Mec Gars. They are not pricey (last time I purchased some they were 19.99 from Cdnn), and run flawlessly. What more can you ask for.
  9. Knew that, was just agreeing with you and expanding on my first comment. Definitely agree with what you posted. Especially the part about staying about avoiding Remington .22.
  10. You did them in the wrong order, whiskey first tends to help the repair go easier. (Or you tend not to care as much when you screw up) :)
  11. What I wrote was for center fire FMJ ammo. Like Maks, wrote, .22 rimfire is a completely different game. Many .22 pistols are VERY finicky with the ammo they will cycle and fire reliably.
  12. None. For range use/general plinking it makes absolutely no difference. Any of the big name manufacturers "range" ammo is good to go. If you pull the trigger and it goes bang, that is range ammo. If you are looking home Defense or precision/ long range shooting, thats when ammo quality really comes into play.
  13. Its was written by clowns. They are trying to Bozo their way around the obvious Constitutional violations. "The history of New Jersey’s public carry law stretches back over a century. In 1905, New Jersey enacted its first permitting law, restricting the concealed carrying of firearms to those individuals who had permits to do so." "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." No, no conflict at all. /Sarcasm off
  14. Has Grubner ever read the US Constitution? The below is a link to the .pdf of NJs response http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001cREXsBUIbWCNBM6gDGCuy4Dv1zoCU-oX_yQiJDvFHCNHQ86EKVTeweB-VVy0sCaa5JWbmhWLqnMLuujvHqDqKxF0DbojYG-MNGWUzyI-uwO4BBictOO7CtI-s2kEGzAddH6alG78YQdaa1UYlj9gRyCfmRC3i2q1x_dUNj_BVNxSDGu6nMsQ5kXzdl3dtHaT23dx96Ls7LvLhdBbus94EfUZMLErbJveTd0JW1I9SY5UZxh_jSZLCZLSzVyjvvm6N_WoUqPuh3I=&c=bl0-coUteEPB5B_Pq6DeCXBibJDVtnQnLhL8zzbtEkWSrgUzhuIB6Q==&ch=uVZJ2GKkiUCEfI84j7R0yjiFYYab6QqTKBtF5pQ6wstPm-LkMhbAvQ== His rebuttal is that "Thats the way its always been".
  15. Once it got going there would be no way to stop it. Here are some pics of the framing holding up the cathedral. http://www.notredamedeparis.fr/en/la-cathedrale/architecture/la-charpente/
  16. So you admit you have no right to see his transcripts or tax return, but want to, just to see what he is hiding? Once again post your tax returns and transcripts, we want to know what you are hiding. While you are at it why not let everyone go thru your house and belongings, after all if you have nothing to hide. Mighty hypocritical of you. I guess you work in some delusional job where CEOs have time to read the details on everything that goes on. Believe it or not, that is what the CEOs need. Day to day details need to be handled at a lower level. Or do you really think someone can read 1000's of pages of reports daily? So your ASSumtions about Trumps time in college is based on "a student's" recollections. Nice deductive reasoning Sherlock. But then again you think a couple of years in school, no matter what the result is more important than 60 years of real world experience. Once again, seek professional help. Your TDS is accelerating. Oh and by the way, posting non funny cartoons drawn by fellow TDS suffers is not humorous. You want to create a "I'm butt hurt because the drunken criminal lost" thread feel free.
  17. Yeah, were those glasses covering the rest of his exposed skin? His neck? Thats my point, bullet fragments from a splash have very little mass or energy. A nail retains mass and energy and can pierce skin easily. Get hit in the wrong spot will make for a very bad day.
  18. Did anyone else kring when he started shooting steel at 10ft? A nail will not disintegrate against steel but could bounce right back. Ive driven a 3.5 inch framing nail 3" into pavement. Yeah a 15-16 guage nailer is not in the same league but a pointy nail coming at you at 200 ft/s is not a good thing.
  19. Why don't you post your tax returns? Why don't you post your grades? Oh thats right its nobody's business but your's, but you think you have a right to see someone else's? How's about you post Odumbo's grades? Maybe his birth certificate? (that one being an actual requirement of the office) Oh and as to the report, Do you understand what "classified" means? And that releasing grand jury material is illegal? Really seek professional help for you TDS.
  20. Remember what you are dealing with, and resist the urge.
  21. I didn't realize this was a "summary judgment". There wasn't even a full trial. Basically the judge said to the State of CA "Are you fucking kidding with this shit?" A Bush Appointee none the less.
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