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  1. And to get some actual numbers so the "Sky is falling crowd" would get over the "death rate". More and more its looking like this thing has been around since November. People got sick Doc:" No its not the flu, drink lots of fluid and rest". And got better. And some how the world went on without "social distancing" and quarantines. Go figure.
  2. Take it apart for a field cleaning and lube. While its apart look at the parts. That way you have a "this is what its suppised to look like" reference.
  3. Ill take a shot. Various reloading powders look great at first and then fade with time. Black powder is as good as day 1. IIRC @Smokin .50 is a BP enthusiist. Thats all I got.
  4. Which is the same as closing them. The owners can not pay to keep a staff on for the few numbers of call in orders. Additionally how many people are eating as there primary purpose at 8 pm. Almost none people are out to eat and drink which is where the money is. So tell me all about the legality of takeout bar service. The fact is the ordinance shuts them down. Thinking anything else is the same as thinking NJ is a may issue carry state, It is legally but in actuality it isn't.
  5. Lol. You posted a link that first line says restaurants must close at 8 tonight, as proof that restaurants dont have to close. Yeah rocket scientist there. You obviously have no idea how a restaurant or bar make money. Hint it aint takeout. You think takeout is enough to keep the lights on? Maybe in a McDonalds.
  6. Once again try and twist it. You got a holier than thou attitude with someone that posted what he read. Then you state falsehood, and tried to defend it when your source even disagreed with you. See my first post on the subject, see the quote from YOUR source that says they must cease operations? I guess you should stop posting links that spread "rumors" And ps Im the guy going out to these restarants and bars supporting my local and not so local businesses so you can take that and shove it up your ass.
  7. 200k known cases. How many 100s of thousand or millions of "i got better without any help". So they have absolutely no idea, but are confident enough to predict 500000 deaths in the us when worldwide there are 7k after 5 months?
  8. Yes not being allowed to have patrons at your business is being closed. You think a call in order or 6 equals a dining room filled with patrons are the same thing? You think people go to a restaurant to just eat? People go to socialize and not have to worry about prep or cleanup. Would you like a appetizer? Any desserts tonight? Can I get you another drink? Guess what all those do? Cha ching. Money in the register, that pays the bis So yeah, forcing the doors closed is shutting them down. You can get off your high horse now.
  9. So in the 5 months, that this virus has been known. There are less than 200k cases in 7 BILLION people with ~7k dead. But yet the stays you quote say there will be >25x the hospital admissions than total known cases in 330 million of the us alone? Do you not see anything wrong with their guess?
  10. Did they or did they not pass the ordinance? Maybe you should read what you post before you post?
  11. So i have to do all the same things plus showering shaving, commuting, being 100% on company business while at work (No "sorry I'm taking a break to walk the dog", "oh that new episode is on ill get to work afterwards") Yeah work at home is a vacation.
  12. Medical intervention runs from going to your regular doc and having him give you a good cough syrup, or tell you "yeah you have the flu, heres a letter for work, rest and drink lots of fluids". To hospitalizations, which will likely run in the ~100-200k. And yes the medical system can handle that. They do every year.
  13. If I have the urge to go out, I will. Fuck that buck toothed jackass.
  14. I'd love to see them charged for creating a public panic. Like the "fire in a theater" isn't protected speech.
  15. Not closed. "Work from home", "tele teaching" or as the rest of the world calls it, paid vacation. Can't upset the union donors.
  16. I think its all a matter of when the stores scheduled deliveries are. Say a store has canned veggy deliveries on monday and thursday. Panic buying clears out shelves monday at noon. The store wont be getting a delivery until thursday.
  17. From your link "Red Bank officials declared a “local state of emergency” Sunday night in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, ordering bars, restaurants and other large facilities to cease operations at the end of the day Monday." Sounds like an order to close to me.
  18. We will never know. If I were to get a cough and fever, I think ah nuts I got a cold or the flu. I rest, drink a lot of water and get better. Did I have the Corona virus? No one will ever know. So unless the come up with a test that identifies those that recovered, AND test everyone, these numbers are just flat out guesses. And I tend to distrust sources whose funding is dictated by inflated numbers.
  19. Try "at all". 5 days later and not a peep after first day.
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