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  1. I am a life endowment member. They will get ZIP more from me until they straighten their shit out. SAF and CNJFO are also good groups.
  2. Said already. I think it was the mayor.
  3. ‘If Plan A is to take multiple .338 shots to the back, you really need to come up with a Plan B.” Is that you Gecko45? :)
  4. Police had to ask media to stop reporting their positions. "Philadelphia Police Sergeant Eric Gripp is asking media to “stop broadcasting the tactical position of officers,” as the scene in Philadelphia is still active. " What a bunxh of f'ing idiots
  5. Notice how i typed "for this case". NY realized how screwed up the law was that they tried the "we were just kidding" strategy and modified it. Their defense is "case is moot because law doesn't say that any more" which by not dismissing, SCOTUS said nah that doesn't fly. So they now have to defend a law they acknowledged was flawed. I can't even see arguments being heard. If ever there was a case for summary decision, this is it. Other than this case, like you, I question any decision where a group of people get to make shit up and say its law. Just because.
  6. For this case, No. Even the NY "law makers" have acknowledged that their law is no good. Worst that happens is law is over turned, with no other judicial findings.
  7. And it's gone https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/the-hunt-canceled-by-universal-following-significant-backlash For now. Shortly to appear on Netflix
  8. I am wearing my surprised face. Not like it wasn't called a month ago. Can one of the mods merge the 2 threads?
  9. Well it looks like you will have construction noise for a few months, Now which will be worse the current eyesore or the McMansion that will be built from 1 standing wall.
  10. I meant an agent for the son, Real estate agents, bankers ad lawyers are the only people that would be out in a tie to take pictures. NO matter the condition of the house, Land is valuable.
  11. My guess is real estate agent. Either for town in foreclosure (fail to pay taxes), Or son trying to get anything he can before house is taken.
  12. So they want to make a movie where the safe space / can't figure out what bathroom to use crowd wants to hunt the 2nd amendment loving deplorables? So its a fantasy movie?
  13. Yep totally stupid and uneccessary. In other words, boatloads of fun.
  14. PeteF

    Car keys?

    You do it. No special tools required.
  15. PeteF

    Car keys?

    You can get them on amazon. You then do the "reprogram" to link to your car.
  16. They don't need to even walk. Mail in absentee ballots, you know.
  17. Sure they do. Democrats don't discrimate. Criminals, illegals, dead, all the same to Dems when it comes to counting the votes.
  18. Isn't learning NJ's "process" a whole lot of fun? Enjoy your firearm when it comes in. Ps: Guns are like pringles, you can't have just one
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