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  1. Yes, I believe it is. I have already packed up he mag to mail back for a refund...no more on line purchases for me. Can anyone suggest a dealer south of, say, New Brunswick where I might try before I buy? Thank you everyone.
  2. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I will give them a go.
  3. I have tried to insert it both empty and with as many as 9 rounds in it--the spring is still too tight to allow the 10th round. Nothing seems to permit me to seat the magazine so that it locks in place. Have tried to do so both gently and with significant force. Color me puzzled.
  4. Purchased new 10 round mag for G21 (3d gen, I believe, since it has rails) from on line retailer. Glock brand mag. received today. Slides right in, but won't lock in place. So apparently it's not the right mag, but why? And anyone have any ideas how I could identify the right mag so I don't make the same mistake again? Thanks in advance.
  5. As bad as this new gas tax idea might be, there may be something MUCH worse coming down the pike--I believe the Dems in Trenton led by state Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-Gloucester) have proposed a ballot referendum to constitutionally mandate large annual contributions into the pension system. That is, the voters would be asked to pass an AMENDMENT TO THE STATE CONSTITUTION MANDATING THAT THE STATE WORKER PENSIONS BE FULLY FUNDED. You know, those pension funds that the politicians have been playing games with for years and years--increasing benefits and decreasing funding. Anyone care to guess where and from whom all that $$$$ is going to get squeezed out of, once it's become part of the state constitution? You know, that state constitution that has mandated that gusher of extra education funding for decades now, that has been so tremendously successful at bringing all the inner city schools up to equal performance with their suburban counter parts?
  6. The result here (way to go, Texas!) reminds me of the famous saying from Admiral Yamamoto at the start of WW2: "You can not invade the American homeland. There would be a gun behind every blade of grass." At least in Texas, anyway....
  7. One more question: Is it just me or is there, since about Day 3 after the shooting, an almost complete absence of any news or information about the shooter coming from the media? (I know, if it doesn't fit the narrative...which is guns, guns, guns...they don't have any interest in it.)
  8. Just one question: Precisely how would any of the things BHO proposed today have prevented the evil piece of dung who did the shooting in Ct. from doing it?
  9. A big reason they target the innocent is that in addition to being sick and evil, they are cowards--and they know it. In the same way, those terrorists who blow themselves up in a train, or who shoot up a night club, whatever other horrible and shameful things they are, are first last and always cowards.
  10. A+++ to Mcbethr! A terrific reply filled with real, practical, genuine, useable advice! As the father of two daughters, 28 and 26, I speak from experience. If you can raise and guide your children while they are yours to raise and guide, and send them out into the world undamaged and enriched by their years with you...that's all you can do. We don't own them...God just lends them to us for a few precious years.
  11. Had to laugh at this one: In the first episode of that new series "Alcatraz", the cops are trying to track a bad guy (who is a time traveling felon escaped from Alcatraz who has been officially dead for 30 years...don't ask) who is known for using a specific type of "high-powered sniper rifle". They go into a gun store, and ask the clerk if he has sold any of those weapons recently. He says, yes, some guy just bought one a couple days ago. But he has no record at all of the guy's name or address, and it's a dead-end for the cops because the purchaser used "a pre-paid credit card." And all this happened in California!! The thing is, most people who just hate guns and don't know anything about them assume that's true--you can just walk into a store in The Peoples Republic of California and walk out with a "high-powered sniper rifle," using a fake name, non-existent address and nothing else. Love it.
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