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  1. Still have 500rds of the 147gr. Winchester Ranger SXTs left. $200
  2. Bump, last bit of 9mm left. 1000rd case of the cci aluminum cased 9mm and 500rds of the Winchester t series hollow point
  3. Just the case of the blazer aluminum cased 9mm for $230
  4. Some more added, if it’s listed it’s available
  5. Make offer. I will trade. I have a few permits to be used up
  6. Bump, Winchester hp ammo still available
  7. 500 rds of Winchester 147gr. +p T-series hollow point ammunition. All in original packaging. $200 located in Clifton 1000rds cci blazer aluminum cased 9mm ammo. 115gr. $215 950rds of federal 36gr .22lr $70 SPF Always an eagle 40rds of federal 150gr. .308 $40 SPF Topshot
  8. 250rds. Of 8mm Lebel. Mostly surplus with a few commercial rds mixed in. $125 located in Clifton
  9. Selling 1000rds of speer gold dot 9mm 124gr. +p jhp. $400 located in Clifton
  10. Anyone gonna make the Precision Rifle Challenge? Match cost is high, but considering what it costs to even walk on to this range, and the food, makes the deal seem pretty good for a day shooting out to distance we never get to see in this state. https://griffinhowe.com/rifle-instruction#precision-rifle
  11. https://www.gunboards.com/threads/royal-tiger-no-4-mk1.1185998/ Here is my RTI experience from a few months ago
  12. Bushmaster used to have a reputation for loose keys due to poor staking and or undersized screws. I have a staking tool if you are around Cedar Grove and want to put a more aggressive staking on that.
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