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  1. Anyone gonna make the Precision Rifle Challenge? Match cost is high, but considering what it costs to even walk on to this range, and the food, makes the deal seem pretty good for a day shooting out to distance we never get to see in this state. https://griffinhowe.com/rifle-instruction#precision-rifle
  2. https://www.gunboards.com/threads/royal-tiger-no-4-mk1.1185998/ Here is my RTI experience from a few months ago
  3. Bushmaster used to have a reputation for loose keys due to poor staking and or undersized screws. I have a staking tool if you are around Cedar Grove and want to put a more aggressive staking on that.
  4. I’ll take the 7.62x54 if still available
  5. https://casetext.com/case/marchisotto-v-city-of-new-york-3 Marchisotto described feeling depressed, demeaned, and humiliated as a result of his transfer. Id . at 78. In December 2004, Marchisotto started seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Id . at 79-82. The psychiatrist prescribed Marchisotto medications to treat anxiety, depression, and an inability to sleep. Id . at 80. Marchisotto changed doctors, but was continuing to receive medical treatment at the time of his testimony at trial. Id . at 80-81. His treating psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Conciatori ("Dr. Conciatori"), testified that Marchisotto suffers from panic disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and major depressive disorder. Id . at 226. Marchisotto's symptoms include flashbacks, problems sleeping, anxiety, humiliation, difficulty performing sexually, and significant distress. Id . at 228-30. Dr. Conciatori described Marchisotto as too "shattered" to return to his job as a police officer, and still suffering the loss of his career. Id . at 230. If this is the same guy, looks like he retired on a psych. Not sure how the Mental Health background works, but it might of barred him from owning firearms in NJ.
  6. https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/hunted.htm Here is a link to get you started. You must complete the online portion first and then go for the shooting portion which I believe start up in the spring.
  7. wangsly

    50BMG ?

    I went with the 20' over the 29" for the maneuverability. I kind of think I should of went with the 29" due to the velocity loss. So much powder needs more time to burn. I think my MV is somewhere around 2450 as compared to somewhere around 2700 with a 29" barrel. More speed is getting more energy downrange, not to mention Id be getting the muzzle blast 9inches farher away from me.
  8. Met Billy Prempeh last night. Really great guy with some great ideas and some fresh energy in the New Jersey Republican Party. He is going to face an up hill battle going against Bill Pascrell, but I urge everyone to check him out. He may be what the 9th district needs. https://billy2020nj.com/issues/
  9. just grabbed one for $32 after tax, what a great price. Blade HQ is $79.99! Thanks!
  10. I second what High Exposure said about Northern Red. Excellent Honest Instructors. Ive taken a few of their classes and every one of them is structured to break down all disciplines from the ground up. JDs speeches at the end of the classes are some of the most motivational and powerful presentations I have ever witnessed.
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