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  1. just grabbed one for $32 after tax, what a great price. Blade HQ is $79.99! Thanks!
  2. Got this grandfather clock cabinet, used to have an 8trac tape and record player in the cabinet. I gut it out. My plan was to reinforce the inside, add a magnet lock, put a cheap battery clock mechanism in the clock and use as a “hidden in plain sight” gun cabinet. Lost interest. located in cedar Grove
  3. Love this rifle but I have a LaRue on the way so I need space and cash. Remington 700 DM .308 I always thought it was a PSS but doesn’t say so. I bought it used but have personally put around 500rds through it. Rifle is Sub MOA HS precision stock Farrell One Piece Base Timney Trigger 19in Barrel Parkerized Finish Vortex Rings Scope and Bipod not included. $800 located in cedar grove
  4. Both have low round counts. Both are from Bushmaster of Maine. Both are 20in chrome lined barrels. One is an A3 detachable carry handle. The other is A2 with fixed carry handle. $650 each located in Cedar Grove
  5. SOLD Harrington and Richardson 20ga break open shotgun. Project I had for a while. Shotgun functions, new ejector, springs, etc. $100 located in cedar grove.
  6. WTS Winchester Model 67 Single Shot .22 S,L,LR. Probably made in the 50s. Shoots great. Has a chip out of the stock at the toe. $175 located in cedar grove (top rifle in pictures) interested in trades.
  7. Thanks ray Missed you the other night at Long Shot, the greeter girl told me I missed my “friend”
  8. I second what High Exposure said about Northern Red. Excellent Honest Instructors. Ive taken a few of their classes and every one of them is structured to break down all disciplines from the ground up. JDs speeches at the end of the classes are some of the most motivational and powerful presentations I have ever witnessed.
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