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  1. Try Dixie Gunworks
  2. Has anyone stopped in at Joe's Army & Navy in Howell? Not a bad place.... right on Route 9, where the old Freehold Lumber used to be. He just opened and is planning on adding on already. He is something like the "OLD" Harrys' used to be.
  3. Try Buffalo Arms. They carry an assortment of obsolete cartridges.
  4. Harry's has them on sale. And with instructions on how to make things....
  5. Sorry... the barrel is too short.
  6. I'd rather wait until it's finished. Anything could go under in this days' economy.
  7. Who's watching the fire?
  8. And how many arm waving "we are the world" crowd is out there. Millions of dollars in record sales, and the money wound up in the hands of the corrupt leaders or on the black market.
  9. From the Aliens...of course.
  10. You know how the Anti-gun "nuts" say that the only reason you have a gun is because you don't have nuts......Well... now you could have both....the guns and the nuts.
  11. It's not just the performers...what about the audience, who start applauding about half-way through the song.
  12. If you have some property..just throw it in the back...Buzzards will have it cleaned in a week.
  13. Casings are for Kielbasi.... Cases are for guns.....
  14. Mechanical engineers build rockets and bombs... Civil engineers build targets.... all else build soda bottles.
  15. A brand new rifle??? And it started rusting right away????? Corrosive ammo is not that bad as people make it out to be, otherwise you won't be seeing any surplus rifles. An easy hot water cleaning is all you need, then follow up with regular cleaning and oiling. Forget the Windex. That's for windows and that crazy Greek guy in the movies.