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  1. She is dropping all non-resident reciprocity. Both my FL and VA are useless in PA and I have a feeling the "statutory" reciprocity with UT will be going out the window as well
  2. Hey Gerry, I am in. Going to bring the 597 and the Bushmaster DCM. Do you know if Sam is in or not? I know those expecting mothers want Daddy around all the time
  3. Shane, Gerry and Sam aren't going to rub you out, they speak too highly of you at Square Circle. I have never met you but have shot with Ger and Sam. All I can say is that I have never met you but have gun envy for all three of you
  4. I got both of your messages. How do you respond to the private message? I tried to find a way but didn't see it, so I am just posting here hoping you see it. I would really like to get a tour and check out the facility. My cell is 609-330-9755 if you want to give me a ring. Dan
  5. Jermz, I couldn't have said it better myself. Actually I would have put more expletives in my reply with a SEG or something . (SEG - $hit eating grin)
  6. That might just be the best song/video that I have ever heard/seen that didn't include scantilly clad women in seductive poses. Can we vote for him as governor of NJ???? We would have CCW before New Year's
  7. Besides Axeman, is anyone a member at Square Circle in Gibbsboro? I went over the other day and spoke to a Kevin. He told me that they are not accepting any memberships at this time and that to join you need to be sponsored by two current members. The place is really close to my house and the prices seem reasonable. If any current members could add some detail regarding their experiences, whether they like the club, if they would be willing to sponsor me if I liked it, take me as a guest so I could give the place a test drive, etc., I would greatly appreciate any feedback. I would like to get on a waiting list if possible or join if the person I spoke to was misinformed Thanks in advance, Dan
  8. That is the way it should be and remember, make sure you pray when on the phone so the judge and jury don't think you are a gun toting maniac. If this occurred in NJ this poor woman would probably be in the county slammer by now.
  9. Hey axeman, I would love to try that range. Didn't even know it existed. I looked for your email address under the members page but I didn't see one listed. Shoot me an email next time you plan on heading out. I am at [email protected] Thanks man, Dan
  10. Hey Bill, I live in Cherry Hill and have been thinking of joining that club as well. I called to see if I could "try it out". The guy I talked to was like "come in for orientation and then pay your dues". I asked if I could shoot and pay a fee for the day to see if I liked it and he told me no, that I either joined or not. If you are heading out one day I would love to tag along as a guest if you don't mind. If interested in a tag a long, email me at [email protected] Thanks in advance, Dan
  11. This topic got hot fast. bbk, don't leave the forum. I enjoy reading your posts and I think you bring a lot of knowledge and information. Why is it on these kinds of forums if someone isn't so far to the right and doesn't love America unconditionally (the only thing I love unconditionally is my wife and kids) they are labeled a Dem or a liberal? I served 4 yrs in the USMC and 1 year in Desert Storm, I love guns and think everyone should be able to carry but I also thing GWB ruined our country. Am I a liberal? I loved the Clinton years (made lotsa money and was working. Ask everyone how that is going now). Does that me a Dem. No, but I am not a Republican or a Democrat. On another post I mentioned that I have a home in Vermont where I can just walk down the street like Wyatt Earp. Vermont is also a very liberal state for gay marriage and other issues. I think we all need to be more like Vermont, not right, not left, just to do the right thing. Again, bbk, stay with the forum. You have fans.
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