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  1. I ordered from them on 6/4, received a shipping conformation on 6/5 and my order should be here tomorrow. I am a Prime member so that may get me faster shipping times, and I am in Pennsylvania but that should not matter.
  2. I am not for any type of fear mongering and I absolutely HATE political speculation and conspiracy theory bull crap even more, but this is right here is currently happening right under our noses and is being supported by our own "allies" which are proving worse then our enemies. Watch it, don't watch it I really don't care but you all the people in gun friendly states better stop thinking that it's only "liberals" and their **** Hole" states like NJ/NY that are going to suffer the consequences of what's going on now. Spend your money more wisely in the future and make sure those who you support whether it be a 2A org or a Gun channel get on board and start advocating for their members against this unlawful garbage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMw0g7m8IVE This was a live chat MAC did earlier today with an EX ATF insider who is extremely no compromise gun control and knowledgeable of what's going on right now. There is too much good information to give the cliff notes so take an hour of your time and watch/listen to it then take action. Contact your Senators, Congress Critters, and the White House as well as sign the ATF petition linked below. https://gunowners.org/alert1102018.htm https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ Here's what I just wrote the WH feel free to use it as a template or in it's entirety if you wish. Maybe 1 or 2 will fall on deaf ears but its far from a waste of time when thousands of people are sending their opinions and standing up for their Federal rights and cashing in on the promises made. Sorry for the blocked profanity as you can see I am really amped up over this.
  3. You poor bastards stuck behind enemy lines have a whole lot to start worrying about. From your new fearless and brainless leader. Murphy can piss up a rope if he thinks he is going to start getting PA's laws changed just because who he thinks he is. We have our own Anti gun Gov and AG who haven't been able to do a god damn thing without getting slapped down over it. Good luck on trying to amend the PA state Constitution, and god be with the good people of NJ who didn't ask for this or deserve it.
  4. Office supply documentation via bound books and compliance checks by the state police.
  5. If you own a semi auto rifle then all your pants must be converted to elastic waist bands and belt loops removed by a certified Taylor. You must also have your thumbs removed at the knuckle.
  6. I spoke with Donna via email about a week ago after donating to her lawyer. She took my advise and switched lawyers to Even Napen and she has also spoken with Shaneen Allen regarding the outcome of her case. This is a good woman with no prior trouble as well as a veteran of the armed forces being treated like a common criminal and it's disgusting. While she did unknowingly break the law the punishment does not fit her crime and what the state is doing is criminal. She is trying to raise enough to pay the lawyer fees for the start of the process and is far from that goal. I advised her to contact the NRA because she is a member but it's u likely they will do much for her except to use her story in their publications to solicit more eye for themselves. The GOA.and the NJ2A foundation was her next stop and hopefully they can somehow help. I'm not much for E begging a d crowd funding but this case is special to me as well as all gun owners in and around the states that would imprison law abiding citizens for practicing our supposed federally protected 2nd Amendment rights. Check out the pictures in the link of her supposed tint and rearview mirror obstruction that a traffic office happened to notice at 8:30 PM while she was moving. Donate and share with your online social media community. https://www.gofundme.com/donna-gracey-nj-weapon-defence
  7. Being they they banned possession of something that was already illegal to use what did anyone really gain here besides a gross waste of tax dollars and a photo op for NJ politicians to give to the sheeple? Reading some older articles earlier tonight that came out after the Vegas shooting it seems a few NJ gun shop owners were for banning them on a state and federal level because machine guns are evil and such. I wonder if they will sleep better at night after the new 5 round mag limit is passed? I mean less rounds means less bullets which equals a slower rate of fire. Seems like the firearms buyers in NJ need to choose their vendors more wisely there are enough anti's in the gov no need to keep others in business.
  8. The extra wear to the extractor is minimal compared to brass cased ammunition and again you can replace an extractor for a few bucks in a few minutes time. I reload most of my steel cased ammunition with either rifle berdan primers or they can be converted to boxer primers with a few extra one times steps and then be reloaded as boxer from there out. I have not had any real issues with steel pistol ammunition, TUL is the cheapest one there is with the worst QC. Occasionally I will get a hard primer but the 2nd strike will fire it. I have one pistol that just doesn't seem to like it possible trouble with FP protrusion but that's the only real issue I have had with it. I shoot nearly 500 rounds a week mostly pistol. Shooting brass would cost me at least $30.00-$40.00 more per 500 round case the cost VS wear doesn't compare since there has been next to none.
  9. I like the CCW app because you can place all the permits you have in and it will allow you to see a list of do's and donts for each state, it's excellent if you are traveling from state to state. Even if a state allowes you to carry they may not in resturants that serve booze and other things it can all be found on the go in secounds. I have never looked at the link you posted I will check it out.
  10. Down load the CCW APP for .99 on apple or android, it's updated every day with all changing information and the state laws on CC.
  11. Wannt shoot steel cased ammunition with no troubles then get your AR fixed, Watch the below Video and pay atention around the 2:30 sec mark. Your trouble is either that or it's going to be with my 2nd link. http://www.murraysguns.com/223vs556.htm Ben Murray is one of the best old time gun smiths left in the country, I have known him for awhile from my dealings with the SKS, guarantees if your rifle is out of spec once it's corrected you will be capable of shooing all ammo types in brass or steel. As far as increased wear for the price of 5k rounds of decent brass ammo I can shoot about 10k of steel then replace the extractor and barrel and most likely still be under what one would have paid for the 5k of brass espically in todays current market. I shoot pistol and rifle about 3 times a week so I use nothing but steel cased ammo even in my EDC when I train.
  12. Tom is a great guy, has a ton of knowledge and info on all firearms a real collector which are the kind of guy's I like to deal with. Met up with him over this past weekend and made a deal then had a nice chat about all things firearms. I would not hesitate to try his services out.
  13. I like them, I just wish they had them with a key pad for quicker access in an emergency rather then a standard key.
  14. All I did was clean it when I got it, it was soaked in cosmo like nothing else I have ever seen. The stock has not been refinished is does have a few dings and dents but not as bad as some others out there. Here's what It looked like when I got it.
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