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  1. Looking to get our tank pumped out for general maintenance. Located in Randolph minutes from RTSP. Any referrals or forum member owned businesses? Thanks.
  2. It was at a major outdoors chain located near me.
  3. How did you know?!? Haha. I bought mine a few years back for $350. I cut it to accept the double stack mags. I went with a buddy of mine to a local shop today that has a good selection of consignment looking for his first pistol. Saw an average wasr there with a $1200 price tag on it explaining to me that they are no longer being available for sale in NJ but consignment sales are ok.
  4. Did I miss something that the Romanian wasr 10 is no longer jersey legal?
  5. True that. A chicken flew into the back of my head last year while visiting a farm. I don't think they can go any higher than 6'?
  6. We have a composter as well so any waste would end up there. the coop I'm looking at has a screened in area below the nesting area so they can get fresh air and walk around while still being inside. Also the area that the coop is in is fenced so there is another layer of protection there. I'll probably start this in the spring. Before I do I'm going to go down the street and get some farm laid eggs and maybe check out the coop set up. I heard they taste different so I want to be sure it's a good different.
  7. Looking to raise a few chickens. Maybe 4-6 Hens. Are they a nightmare to keep? What are the approximate costs per bird per month? They will be kept for egg production. We would be getting a coop and keeping it in a fenced in area approximately 2000 sq ft so we can let them out and still be safe. I've done a lot of reading on the feed and water requirements, housing, etc. just want opinions from actual chicken keepers. Thanks.
  8. No problems here. They just plow the snow up onto my driveway entrance. My problem with the town is that they leave my garbage can in the road sometimes so I come home to a flattened can or trail of black plastic shards down the street.
  9. Yes, I googled it and found a few online wine stores that carry it.
  10. I've seen midnight moon on the shelf. I may give that a shot. Climax is available online but I'm not willing to pay for shipping that's almost as much for the bottle.
  11. Anybody have any good suggestions for an authentic (or close to it) moonshine? I've been reading a lot of reviews and have been leaning towards Tim Smith's Climax although hard to find here in NJ. I see Ole Smokey everywhere but read that it tastes chemically, harsh and is closer to vodka.
  12. PM me. I use a security company at my place of work that services tri-state and I believe have armed positions. Management is mostly ex LEO and military veterans.
  13. There is a quick fix for those cheaper safes. The way burglars open them in seconds is sliding in a flat piece of metal and hitting the code reset button on the inside. Just open to reveal the wiring and disconnect it and you're good. Now it's a cut and pry job to get it open. Also stay away from the small $50 bunker hill types. I showed a bunch of Cabelas employees on how to open it with a simple slap to the top. The larger cheaper types are safer from this "slap" trick.
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