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  1. Good luck finding a doc who will vouch for you after only 1 visit. I have a feeling you're going to need someone like Dr. Gianni Pirelli in Verona 973-944-0810 The way the PRNJ works, if you kicked your mother in-utero, they'd use it as a way to deny your 2A rights!
  2. I love mine too. And especially because it runs the same mags as my Beretta Storm CX4 in .45acp. Good luck finding one!
  3. Another fine example of New Jersey imbecility. FPM and his entire administration.
  4. Because it's a problem he REALLY wants to sink his teeth into! FPM bigly.
  5. But you'll need an FID to purchase ammo at retail here in the PRNJ And at many many places online.
  6. My most recent NICS (2 weeks ago) came back the next business day. (Sundays excluded)
  7. Jeff Bezos can suck my Conservative c0ck.
  8. With a valid (address matches your D/L) FID card, you are able to carry unloaded rifles and shotguns with you at all times except in specially prohibited places (like courthouses, schools, etc) Without that valid FID, you can only transport unloaded firearms (rifles, shotguns, handguns and "others") directly between home and the range (and place of purchase and FFLs, but only for repair) When you arrive in our G-dforsaken state, put in for a change of address on your old FID. All the info to do that, except for your new municipal code, is available at NJSP.org Unless your new Chief is an a$$hole, you should not need to be re-fingerprinted.
  9. Even if SCOTUS rules against NY state in this case and the Justifiable Need catch-22 goes away, do you think the PRNJ will ever relent on their additional requirements for carrying, such as the Use of Force classroom training (that the police academies give to their students) and the twice yearly range qualification that active and retired LEOs are mandated to pass to retain their carry-ability? I think not.
  10. As with anything else, if the law does not say it is illegal, then IT'S LEGAL !
  11. Now that your DL (in the system) has the correct address, even though your existing document still shows your old address, go to the MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) site and order up a Duplicate DL (lost / mutilated) and your new one will come thru with your current address. Be sure to destroy your old one to preclude any fraud. And purchase to your heart's (and wallet's) desire.
  12. Joe and his cronies should follow the example of Louis XVI and leave their posts about 10" shorter than when they came into power.
  13. Well, well ... Pizza Bob gets around in order to conceal his S&W wheel gun sickness!
  14. I would hazard a guess that it's the NSA and their cronies that are causing the slowdowns and stoppages that NJGF has been experiencing. Would not surprise me AT ALL. After all, don't most of us fit their current definition of DT's?
  15. I want a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, like the one Doc Brown made! Fuck PSE&G !
  16. My assumption (yes, I know!) was that Joe and his BIL are both NJ residents. No FFL necessary to do immediate family transfers, therefore NO TRANSFER FEES. But the expensive part (<$100) is that Joe's wife needs to have a PPP to burn and she can only get that by applying for her FID. Obviously, the BIL needs a PPP too. If BIL is out of state, entire transfer needs to go through an FFL in his home state and the immediate family rules do not apply.
  17. @JohnnyB, that makes no sense in reality. (Yes, I know, very little makes sense in the laws of the Glorious Peoples Republik of New Jerseystan) A simple, and completely legal workaround to this situation would be for @Joe Rambo to transfer to his wife (allowed NICS-free) then wife transfers to her blood brother (also NICS-free) No muss, no fuss (except for burning the extra permit(s) This fucking state sucks balls.
  18. Since the Chipman nomination to head the BATFE appears to be headed down the crapper, a bill (HR 4953) to treat all semi auto rifles as machine guns was introduced in Nancy's House on Friday. So far, there are 8 co-sponsors to the bill introduced by Ted Deutch of FL. All the co-sponsors are also Dems. What a surprise. The text of the bill has not been made public yet, and none of the sponsors of this bill have issued any press releases about it. The title of the bill says everything you need to know: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act any semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine. You can keep an eye on the bill at GovTrack. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/117/hr4953
  19. My .380, .40, and .45 Hi Point carbines all spit out anti-commie pills every time I press the "Dispense Freedom" lever. Made in America, for Americans. "Fook the Hi Point haters, for they shall vanish from the Earth" sayeth the Lord.
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