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  1. The Extar is not factory jersey-legal. Must be 'remanufactured' by an appropriate FFL (per PK90) first.
  2. Can't say about AK, but there are 2 factory Jersey-legal AR pistols out there, but neither of them are in production any longer. Professional Ordnance was purchased by Bushmaster to acquire their Carbon-15 technology, so both Jersey-legal models look alike. Carbon-15 upper and lower, 7.5" unthreaded bare barrel, bare buffer tube and proprietary bolt carrier and recoil spring/buffer assembly. Good luck finding one. I have one of each and if you're truly interested, the less expensive one is north of $1K.
  3. But the selection in Camden is so much better! And he'll be that much closer to the cheese steak places in Philly.
  4. Except for that suppressor in No Country For Old Men!
  5. Very true, John. But of Jeff's characters, I'd rather have Bubba J back in the White House (without Hillary this time) or Peanut than Walter's senile twin brother, the current resident. ETA:
  6. I thought that was Dickface Cheyney who peppered his hunting partner with a face full of birdshot.
  7. ANY wholesaler that will not ship a non-NFA firearm to an 01 FFL in ANY AWB STATE (such as NJ) does NOT deserve my hard earned dollars. So to Guns.com, I say "F.U., anal orifices."
  8. Call them and ask NEED ASSISTANCE? Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM — 9:00 PM CST Saturday/Sunday: 10:00 AM — 2:00 PM CST (866)582-4867 | [email protected]
  9. https://babylonbee.com/news/half-black-man-ordered-to-pay-himself-reparations Half-Black Man Ordered To Pay Himself Reparations June 9th, 2021 - BabylonBee.com 29.4kShares 22.7kSHARE 3kSHARE SHARE SAN JOSE, CA—Local half-white, half-black man Michael Preston has been ordered to pay himself reparations since half his ancestors were oppressed and half were oppressors. "Wait -- what?" he said after he received a letter from Governor Gavin Newsom's office informing him he owed himself over $25,000. "Uh... OK? I guess?" He then went down to the bank and ordered a transfer to himself. He was a little short of the total amount so he made it in installments, sending himself several payments totaling the $25,000 amount he owes himself for his ancestors oppressing his other ancestors. "We'd like to thank Mr. Preston for atoning for the guilt of his ancestors," said Governor Newsom. "Because of them, he has a unique place of privilege in life and has had a leg up on his fellow citizens, who are oppressed because of things that happened hundreds of years ago. Today, he has made that right. Well, until we ask for more reparations later. Frankly, it's never going to stop." "We'd also like to congratulate Mr. Preston for receiving the reparations long overdue to his ancestors today," said Governor Newsom. "Because of what happened to them, he is in a unique place of oppression in life and has never been able to get ahead of his fellow citizens, who are far more privileged than him because of things that happened hundreds of years ago. Today, that wrong has been righted. Well, until we send him more reparations later. Frankly, it's never going to stop." Preston has said he'll pay whatever to himself going forward as long as the state just leaves him alone and lets him live his life.
  10. With those 8 engines, that B-52 is a huge flying fuel tank with a decent sized crew cabin and a large bomb bay.
  11. Was probably conceived in an alley, with no idea who its father is. Explains a lot, huh?
  12. And Chip's 10 round .45acp 1911 mags were enough to make even a white boy feel like Wilt Chamberlain in the locker room shower after a game!
  13. Well, that was a quick trip thru hospice. G-d rest your soul, Gene.
  14. And would cause a reaction unlike any other seen since the days of Concord and Lexington. We'd all become Virginians instantly - all we have to do is click our heels together 3 times and speak the three magic Latin words as we unleash the whirlwind: Sic semper tyrannis
  15. And please ID the FFL who is steering you wrong so we all can avoid him.
  16. IMHO: Take a step back and consider it from a Risk / Reward standpoint. Is it worth the risk of getting caught / tried / convicted of possession of a semi auto shotgun with a mag capacity greater than the 6 allowed here in the PRNJ for the reward of only 1 more round in the tube? (Maybe more if the prosecutor's mechanics can force another round in) If it was me, I'd leave the tube capacity at the factory 5 until you leave this G-dforsaken state. YMMV
  17. Sure is. Published in both Life and Ebony magazines. Details here: http://post-what.com/2019/02/malcolm-x-pulling-back-curtains-to-peer-out-of-a-window-by-don-hogan-charles/
  18. Be patient ... we'll keep an eye out for one for you ...
  19. Nice spread for the Texas gal. But I'll see her and raise her! And from the article: "Former FedEx delivery driver Stephen Wagner, 66, from Pennsylvania, has 70, and still fondly remembers the moment when he was eight and his grandfather put a revolver in his hand, explaining how it worked. 'We Americans are very lucky,' he told Galimberti. 'It's wonderful to have a bond of this sort with our country.' " Must be my brother from another mother!
  20. And we ALL know what happened to that Weimar firearm registry after January 1933. "... the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
  21. Personally, given the choice of using +P .38spl in a modern .38spl revolver like your medium frame SP101 or using a sharp stick, I'd use the +P's. You shouldn't make a regular habit out of it, but you're better off than using the same ammo in a 1930's S&W Model 10. YMMV and I'm not a lawyer, but I did sleep with one at a Holiday Inn Express once.
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