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  1. Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of today's Leftist politicians? WE ALL KNOW !!!
  2. How about a law that requires legislators to sleep with a 15 mil plastic bag covering their head and secured around the neck with duct tape? Sounds reasonable to me. Just as reasonable as the proposed gun storage bill, which I believe is unconstitutional on its face as it runs counter to the SCOTUS ruling in Heller.
  3. If you are in NJ and still alive, your non-FPID holding friend in NJ CANNOT legally receive your long gun, either as a gift or a purchase. If you're dead, he can receive ANY firearm from you as a bequeath as long as he is not a Prohibited Possessor.
  4. The ultimate takeaway from his case was that if you are moving from one residence to another and taking hollowpoints with you, you need to swing by a range between residences. Only then do the exemptions and exceptions apply to hollowpoints.
  5. Reading Griz's question bring to mind an 80 year old "final solution" to the "enviromentists" war on global climate change. Relocate the 'deplorables' to the Obama FEMA camps and park them on bicycle-type generators or put groups into rat-wheels to move the turbines necessary to keep the charging stations going and help the war effort, for as long as they are able. Then off they go to the former coal-burning generator stations for their last hurrah. Remember Edward G. Robinson's final film role, with Charlton Heston? Sound like a familiar plan? Gee, I wonder where our current crop of leftists got the idea? Think the current crop of pols aren't that evil? THINK AGAIN.
  6. Or on the electric grid? We'd be on our knees.
  7. Welcome to "wartime shortages", guys. And have no doubt that THEY are at war against our guns and our ability to use them, especially against THEM. Look no further than the head honcho at ATF and the redefinitions they're pushing. Buckle up and hang on. We're in for the ride of our lives.
  8. You know, Tex, I saw that lineup in the snack aisle at Shop Rite earlier today!
  9. If you carry anything in your vehicle that is firearms-related, you should have at least a copy of your FPID card with you at all times. It's wallet-sized proof that you're a good guy and have been issued one and could change a side-of-the-road stop from degenerating into a trip to the station instead of just a short delay in your travels. IMHO
  10. And don't forget boresnakes to pull thru it at the range while it's still warm. Bore size (9mm / .38 cal for example) for the barrel and in the case of a revolver, one size up (.40 cal in this example) for the cylinder bores. You'll get 95% of the crud out before you even pack up to go home.
  11. Here's a gas coupon for you all, good for one gallon of regular:
  12. Drive by Braille, and shit's sure to happen!
  13. As quick as quick can be!!!!!!!!!
  14. For under $1000, you can get 2 HiPoint carbines and a bunch of extra jersey-compliant mags. Best PCC for my money, as I have them in .380, .40 and .45 (No, I don't have one in the caliber that lost two world wars!) Lifetime transferable warranty and made in Ohio.
  15. All you have to do is affirm your criminality here in the PRNJ. Criminals here do both every day!
  16. The ATF lost all my respect when they put a bullet in the head of a naked Kenyon Ballew on 6/7/71.
  17. Yes, expect the twice-yearly qualification requirement, JUST LIKE active and retired leos. And most of us have not had 'use of force' book-learnin' as that is also a statutory requirement here in the PRNJ and would probably NOT go away if the NY case goes our way.
  18. For FPID cards and Pistol Purchase Permits nowadays under the FARS system, reference checks are now done by automated emails, so no longer an (illegal) need for notarized responses.
  19. I'll do you one better. Wait until you yourself is a senior parent and is now living in a senior building in order to make financial ends meet. I have 100+ neighbors here who would absolutely shit themselves if they knew the extent of my totally legal collection. And hearing the discussions in the lobby about the 'situation of the day' and how great 46 is after 45 ruined the country raises by blood pressure by unhealthy amounts. So I remember the adage about not arguing with a fool because people might not be able to tell the difference. And I go on living MY life. RSO shifts, teaching the kids in Junior Rifle basic safety and marksmanship, and running matches at the range, and sometimes just old fashioned plinking at the range. Now if ammo were plentiful and cheap again ... Ahhhhhhhh.... for the old days
  20. We are so far past the Gates of Hell already, they're long gone in the rear view mirror. Given the lessons from Weimar & Nazi Germany from the 20s and 30s, there is but one path remaining ahead for us. IS THE LINE READY ON THE RIGHT ?
  21. That might be a little more information than @Mrs. Peel might want to ever know!
  22. Is she available for dating??
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