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  1. Hello interested in selling my Husky 610. Will entertain trades. Will do a 1:1 trade for a Nightforce ATACR and quality Mount. Will trade for Vortex Razor 1-6 with quality Mount and some cash. Here is link to bike on CL https://newjersey.craigslist.org/mcy/d/husqvarna-610-sm/6687817498.html Thanks for looking!
  2. Really hope that’s not the case. This is frustrating.. Hope to get it before the warm weather expires.
  3. Update: Tomorrow makes 4 months I have been waiting for the FID. Called detective last week and left a polite message just asking where were at but no call returned yet.
  4. Youre right.. Ill try to be patient.
  5. So not long after posting this the detective returned my call and I met with him to hand in my paperwork.He informed me that after I consent to mental health search and my references return the questionnaire the process will then begin. He said he will call me when he receives everything and said it takes about 3 months in total. I know its only supposed to take a month but I wasn't going to call him out on it in fear that he would take even longer. My references received and sent their paperwork relatively quickly and I went home the same day I met with the detective and paid for my background check.. I still have not heard back from the detective and its been over a month. Think I should call him to see where I stand?
  6. Thanks for the input and well wishes! I’ll keep trying and if he doesn’t get back to me I guess I’ll call the town and see if their is a certain time the detective likes to schedule these things.
  7. Hello Recently moved back to NJ.. Clifton to be Exact. I received a FID card a long time ago from Oakland but have misplaced in my moves. Is every towns protocol for FID cards different? Clifton has me calling a detective to schedule an appointment to hand in my application for FID. Seems odd that I can’t just drop it off at the station. Problem is the detective has yet to answer my calls or return the messages I leave him. Needless to say but it’s frustrating not being able to get my application submitted because I’ve heard it can take months for them to complete Has anybody here had a similar experience? Any tips to getting in getting the ball rolling? Thanks! Hope this is in the right place.
  8. Where is Shongum, can i show up and observe but not participate?
  9. im in the same boat.. were u going to school?
  10. Yep, you can do anything you want to a pump or other non-semi automatic shotgun as long as the barrel is at least 18" and the overall length is at least 26" :twisted:
  11. you can get a folding stock on a shotgun in nj?
  12. Kwin

    Pimp my ar

    haha thanks, im still in school so mommy takes care of that, feet included :oops:
  13. Kwin

    Pimp my ar

    stock is pinned and so is the mag before anyone says anything. To each his own but i built this this one as I shot it and picked out the things that bothered me then changed them
  14. why do you say that? is bbl the barrel length http://www.mossberg.com/products/defaul ... n=products if so does this look like the shortest nj legal?
  15. very cool, id like the smallest shotgun like that i could get
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