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  1. Pictures sent to email.. Please let me know if you dont receive them as phone can be finicky about sending pictures.
  2. Ammo was sold separately.. lowered price! Dont think I am willing to go much lower than this. Will be posting to other sites soon so if you want it please offer up!
  3. Thanks for the offer. Going to hold off for now but if rifle ends up coming with me then I will part with mags and replace with some standard capacity ones after the move! Yeah everything ive read online say its either an MWS or Sr25 for double the price..
  4. Pictures up.. turns out they were to large to post.
  5. Its a Razor HD II 1-6 second focal plane with the VMR-2 Rreticle.. it sits on the Geissele Super precision mount. Includes mount and throw lever. Asking $1,000 Stay tunes for more pictures. RIFLE IS SOLD!
  6. Hey I sold this handgun.. No that rear sight was offset. Shout out to Ottomanellis for installing.
  7. Wow I’m sorry you turned all those in! If you live in a smaller town and are friendly with the police I would go back in and see if they would give you some back cause let’s be honest, most are probably now the personal property of the officers. Everybody seems so anti gun PDM that I rather no law “pass muster”.
  8. Hope they worded it that any mag cap limit is unconstitutional!
  9. I think your accuracy estimations are about my expectations. Its not quite accuracy that concerns me.. Kinda like high exposure said I don't aspire to mediocrity and you get what you pay for. Ive had Troy accessories in the past that I was not happy with. As far as Dark Storm goes ive never heard of them which worries me, I dont like that hogue grip that comes with it (easy fix I know) and lastly that 12 inch forend looks neat on a 12 inch barrel but I worry about my fingers pairing it with that comp.
  10. Knocking em for their proprietary rail. Also think they're priced a bit high but im chalking that up to a supply and demand thing for this particular rifle .. Posted a link to M4carbine.net where people have described them as being hit or miss as far as accuracy goes. They also go on to describe a lawsuit and some shady business practices from the company. That being said im between picking up a Modern Materiel and an LWRC other firearm given the options right now.
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