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  1. No markings on the barrel, it has almost a dimpled finish
  2. I have a shotgun that I got from a neighbor several years ago following his father's death. The son knew nothing of the gun and found while cleaning out the house. It is a single shot break action, the only markings ar "IB 412" on the bottom of the receiver and the butt plate says "stevens". Its 12 guage, 30 inch barrel. I have no intention of every shooting it, however, would like to get it to a functioning condition and need a few parts. Any ideas?
  3. The ones listed are the ones to choose from for free. If the winner wants a different model they can choose it for a small upgrade fee, i believe it's around$50. I haven't seen this years certificate so I don't know if glock added it to the options.
  4. My police unity tour team is raffling a glock, donated by glock. Tickets are $20 with only 300 being sold. The winner has a choice of a G17,G19,G22,G23,G26,G27,G31,G32,G33,G42 or G43. The gun is shipped directly from glock to your FFL. The winner will have the opportunity to chooseal a different model or add night sights at an additional cost. Tickets are available at https://mlfopstore.unionactive.com/product/2019-glock-pistol-raffle-3-9-2019/ or I can meet with tickets in the Mt Laurel or Turnersville area. The drawing will be held April 1st. All proceeds benefit Team Mount Laurel for the 2019 Police Unity Tour in support of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.
  5. Can you let me know if the Garand falls through. I'll PM you my number.
  6. I have the gear s3 frontier and usually I have to charge it every 2 days it will get closer to 3 of I dont use the GPS.
  7. Anyone selling G21 13rd mags? LEO looking for a few more for duty gun. Located in Washington Twp Gloucester County.
  8. Check out https://www.safetyman.co/schedule-taser-training-and-sale. He does taser training and sales
  9. Deuces den is about 5 minutes away on Woodbury Glassboro rd in mantua. Doesn't stock a lot but cheap transfer fees and good prices on stuff he orders for you. My change of address took about 2 months there but there's a new chief now so I don't know if anything changes. What part of Glassboro, the college is out now, but during the school year it can be a little rough if there's rentals near by.
  10. Thanks, was hoping to find something in South Jersey but as I thought I dont think any do.
  11. Does anyone know of a NJ gun shop with their inventory online? Want to buy something new, no idea what, and don't feel like driving around for hours trying to get an idea.
  12. jruch87

    Kimber Solo

    Anyone see any Kimber Solo mags in stock anywhere? Seems like everywhere is out of stock and people want ridiculous prices on auction sites. Looking for 6 or 8 rounders, if anyone sees any in their local shops let me know. Thanks
  13. illegal, the barrel shroud(handguards) and magazine outside the grip are your two evil features
  14. It is illegal in that configuration. What I did was take a tubing cutter like this http://www.homedepot.com/p/t/100021967?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&storeId=10051&N=5yc1vZbqjj&R=100021967#.UToDaLvLgek replace the cutting wheel with a washer and scored the magazine tube. By scoring the tube it pushes in the metal preventing the follower from passing but still allows the magazine spring to compress normally so it does not effect function. I scored the tube 13-11/16in from the end with the follower and it holds 15 rounds with hollow points and 14 rounds with lrn rounds.
  15. I'll stop by around 11 have a 870 and 11-87 I'll bring
  16. Thanks sjshooter Banshee maybe it's time you go in with her
  17. I'm usually the guy who runs in, goes under, thinks it's really cold but isn't smart enough to think to run out of the water and ends up standing there for a minute or 2
  18. Links been fixed in the original post, Thank you
  19. For the third year running I will be participating in the 2013 Wildwood Polar Bear Plunge for the Special Olympics. For those of you who don't know the Polar Bear Plunge is simply doing the smartest thing you can do in the middle of January, go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. The purpose is to raise funds and awareness for the Special Olympics of New Jersey. This brings me to the NJGunForums Community, I know times are tough and now is the time to buy guns and ammo, but I ask if you can donate, even if it's only $5 every bit counts. Or for the more daring instead of donating PARTICIPATE, start your own funraising page and join the effort. If you're interested in donating or participating follow the link below. Thank you for helping me reach my goal! http://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1032574&supId=348956540&extSiteType=1
  20. There Wax-o-be in South Brunswick. I'm from the area so I've driven past but never been there so not sure if a membership is required. http://www.waxobe.com/index.html
  21. jruch87

    1187 trouble

    Was removing the trigger group from my 1187 today and the feed latch fell out. I'm all my experience with Remington shotguns I've never had this part come out and don't believe it's supposed to. Anyone know how to get it back in right?
  22. had some issues with my strion, comes with a one year warranty. Called to ask about having it repaired after I had it for almost 2 years they said send it in. Came back with a new tail cap switch, battery and led module replaced pretty much everything but the body for free. Great customer service and pretty fast too.
  23. I used the method from the link above. I scored the tube 13-11/16in from the end with the follower and it holds 15 rounds with hollow points and 14 rounds with lrn rounds.
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