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  1. It's not legal in NJ yet, they STILL haven't voted on legalization
  2. The reality is we're sunk on the magazine thing, like everything else in NJ. The supreme courts hasn't taken a 2A case in years and probably won't start unless Ginsberg dies and Trump puts 1 more solid 2A guy on the courts. And with the news outlets reporting every crime involving a gun like it's something that's never happened before public option is against us and getting worse. (not that it's been good in this state since the 60's)
  3. You did notice the confidentiality notice at the bottom right?
  4. I liked Directv but I switched back to comcast because it saved me like $40 a month and didn't have to do a contract. Then I got fed up with comcast and cut the cord and use things like FireTV and Roku. If you absolutely must have cable tv, Directv is the way to go. Just an FYI, after the first year if you call directv and tell them the bill is too much and to cancel they'll lower your price. Doesn't matter if you're still in contract or not. You'll need have some balls and go through with it if they don't. They WILL call you a day or two later with a better offer. I did that a few times before switching back to comcast and ultimately cutting the cord. I've been cable tv/directv bill free for 6 or 7 months, I don't miss it at all. Every single show I like is either on Hulu the next day or available on their website (this is where the Roku or Amazon Firetv comes in). I couldn't care less about sports, I mean seriously you spend 1.5 hours to watch 11 minutes of football. Then another hour in commercials! (that's a real number btw, they did a study and found that after commercials, replays, and players milling around the field you watch 11 minutes of actual play lol ) http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748704281204575002852055561406
  5. Looks like they MIGHT be able to help out with some of the missing firearms according to their website. They make no promises though. Garden State Shooting Center – Lakewood, NJ Indoor Range / Training / Guns and Accessories The Garden State Shooting Center is renovating the former Brick Armory at 1955 Swarthmore Ave. We will be opening soon with a new, well stocked showroom and a clean, bright and well ventilated range. The range will be open to the public offering memberships as well as hourly rentals of range time and guns. You provided your email address as someone interested in the shooting sports. We hope you will join us. Please click the link below to visit our website and join our mailing list so we can keep you informed of our progress and special offers. You must click the link and opt-in to receive future announcements from us. www.GardenStateShootingCenter.com/basignup If you do not wish to receive any more communications from us, you may simply delete this email and we will not contact you again. Note: Do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored. Please address all correspondence to info@GardenStateShootingCenter.com.
  6. As much as I dislike Shore shot, the ranger officers have always been a pretty good bunch with helping newbies and watching people. And they have a policy already about not renting to individuals who come in alone who currently don't have a gun with them. Sounds like someone at the counter screwed up and didn't follow the policy.
  7. Blah, this sucks. I can't stand the goobers at shore shot and I dislike having to buy their over priced frangible ammo if I want to shoot my 556.
  8. I have the sig 556 swat patrol, great rifle. I'll take it any day of the week over an AR or AK.VERY reliable and accurate. I've seen some AR's that are more accurate, but frankly I'm not looking to shoot anything 1000 yards out. Where would we even do that in NJ anyway? The first gen 556 had some issues, and unfortunately some people still freak out about them like it still does. They were all solved a long time ago. It does have a bad habit of beating up brass though, can't argue that one. I don't reload so not an issue for me. You'll probably need to clean an AR 2 times before the 556 stops running though. If you get the patrol version the front weight isn't nearly as big an issue as the other models with all that plastic up front.
  9. I use Ira and Legends. If you know what you want he can get it for you and usually at an excellent price. He's also great for transfers.
  10. Most of the place around here will let you use the range for ~ $20.
  11. The problem is I wouldn't say harmless. They'll push for it on out of state and internet sales in an attempt at a defacto sales ban for out of state purchases.
  12. Shore Shot has ALWAYS been a ripoff for ammo. I can buy 9mm right now for $16-17 shipped, of course I buy like 500 rounds at a time so it only comes out to like $2 a box for shipping.
  13. Just send it to Ruger, you'll be happier in the long run... but might want to put in for another permit just in case
  14. Not to mention the auction site is going to want a percentage.
  15. My problems with this bill are as noted in previous threads... No more individual sells. Everything has to go through an FFL. It effectively BLOCKS all internet ammunition sells. Don't know if you guys noticed, but the locals REALLY like to overcharge. I pay about half what I'd get charged at the local gun stores.
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