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  1. More pics. Have some Federal Gold Medal Match and PPU Match I can throw in.
  2. Can throw in some boxes of ammo. Make an offer.
  3. Selling my Savage Arms 10FCP with HS Precision stock in 308 Win. It's never been used. Pictured with it is a Harris BRS w/ pod-loc and Warne Maxima Tactical 1-piece steel base. I also have Burris Xtreme Tactical 30mm low rings that have never been mounted. Asking $850 for rifle with no accessories. $950 for everything listed. Located in Morris County. Can meet at RTSP or ship to FFL. Must have matching FID and DL. First-come, first-served.
  4. This is what I like most about him. You can tell he's really having fun.
  5. I think the basic principle of a safe is pretty universal; to keep what is inside safe from external elements (e.g. fire, water, people). I'm guessing the distinction between safes is just marketing related based on size, price, quality, and perceived use. Most people realize any safe can be broken into with enough time and tools. Therefore, you're paying for time and resilience. Higher quality safes give more of both.
  6. Yep, or setup a NFA Trust and forget the photos, fingerprints, and CLEO signature.
  7. Yeah, you definitely get what you pay for and as mentioned you're simply buying time.
  8. I did a search but didn't see this posted. It's a little long but very informative if you know little/nothing about safes. Hopefully this can help anyone that is looking into one.
  9. I thought the PRO has a 2 MOA dot? Do you guys prefer absolute or 1/3 co-witness? http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_3_18/542595__ARCHIVED_THREAD____1_3_cowitness_or_absolute_cowitness_.html&page=1#i5157191
  10. http://newyork.cbslo...ing-technology/ Wow, some of the quoted comments are pretty disturbing. Scary how openly some people are willing to give up their rights for the illusion of security.
  11. Yes, the frame on the 22/45 is polymer and the regular MKIII's is alloy steel. Different grip angles too. The 22/45 is made to mimic the grip angle of the 1911. Some models of the 22/45 accept standard 1911 grips. The ones that don't can be modified to accept them too but it requires some work.
  12. I don't understand why people think the ratings are anonymous? If you click the numbered box next to the arrows it shows everyone who gave a rating and which rating they gave.
  13. If you go with the MKIII know that you can remove the loaded chamber indicator and magazine disconnect easily and cheaply. Other than that, the primary difference between the two will be heel vs thumb mag release as mentioned already in here. Edit - I meant between the MK II vs MK III not 22/45 MK III vs normal MK III.
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