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  1. Oh, I was there the last time for the petition drive. I'll be there again.
  2. Take a look at this article at Politicker NJ: http://politickernj.com/2015/07/which-powerful-new-jersey-democrat-had-the-worst-week/ Where he calls NJ2AS "gun nuts", "Gun fetishists" and "outside the mainstream." I wrote the guy, but let's see if we can get a couple more people to correct him.
  3. Happy 5775 to all of my fellow members of the tribe! May this be the year that we see a wrongly accused woman go free and Perutta is decided in our favor. L'Shanna Tova!
  4. Now that is interesting. I kind of like that idea. Maybe I'll get a permit just for a black powder pistol.
  5. Actually, this is perfectly legal: http://www.mossberg.com/rifle-calibers/30-30-win
  6. Honestly, It's the athleticism. I think I finally noticed that I was middle aged and I want to try and push myself before my body starts shutting down.
  7. So here's what's going on. I still read TTAG every day and I check up on the NJ forums every once in a while. I still listen to Gun For Hire. But I feel... done It's hard to explain. I just don't have the passion for shooting that I had just a few years ago. Maybe I'm getting older? Maybe I just feel like I have all of my bases covered when it comes to self defense and sport shooting. Honestly, I just got into bike riding and rock climbing. It seems like sport shooting has taken a back seat to everything else. Ammo is too expensive... when you can find it. I'm not about to sell anything, but nothing really excites me about the sport anymore. When I bought my first gun I went to the range maybe once every six months. When I changed jobs I sat in a cube next to a former Marine who was a Glockaholic and he got me into shooting again. Six years later it just feels like I'd rather do something else with my time. Was the gun thing just a phase? Has this happened to anyone else here?
  8. Don't be surprised how quickly one gun turns into two.
  9. Oh no. It's ok. I talked with my doctor. That little blue pill worked wonders.
  10. Hornandy Critical Defense. G-d forbid I ever get into a shooting, at least the box says "Critical Defense" and not "Zombymax Fleshripper" or whatever.
  11. If you see Giants Shirts, you are in North Jersey. If you see Eagles Shirts, you are in South Jersey. If you see Jets shirts you have obviously slipped into a parallel dimension.
  12. How is the actual gun? Does its weight make it any easier to shoot? My Kel Tec PF9 is about the same size and I hate the recoil.
  13. Honestly it depends. Let me get call up Roberta Mancino and get her opinion.
  14. Honestly I was under stress and didn't feel it.
  15. Funny, I get that all the time. Perhaps Beretta owners are just adored by women, even if we do flick the safety on once in a while.
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