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  1. And if you die you vote Democrat.
  2. Teufelhunden

    Standard Hexmags Do Not Comply

    I have never heard of this. Do you mean adjustable stocks need to be staked? Thousands of guns can be modified in less than a minute. Guns can have barrels swapped with barrels with silencers or flash hiders. Trigger packs on some guns can be swapped in seconds for full auto versions. How long does it take to swap out uppers? What if you own a single shot shotgun and a hacksaw? The NJ legislature is making laws on guns and they have no idea how guns even work. What if it takes more than a minute to modify a mag? What about more that an hour? A day? Where does it end? As far as the NJ legislature's intent, its to ban all guns. They are just boiling the water slowly so we comply. Its not our job to figure out what they "really" meant by a ban, only to follow the law as written. I think the issue is there is no law that says that a factory magazine has to be permanent. If you modify a mag it has to be permanent, but you are not modifying anything, you are buying a factory 10rd mag.
  3. I mostly have WWII rifles but I also have a few modern mag fed guns. I haven't been to the range in over a year but I still keep my range membership up and I receive email alerts, otherwise I would have had NO IDEA about this ban. I have an out of state friend that I sent my 15rd mags to, but that left me with two guns without mags. So, as a result, I bought some mags for the first time in years. I just want to repeat that for clarity: THE ONLY THING THE MAG BAG DID WAS CAUSE ME TO SPEND MONEY ON GUN COMPANIES. It also may have renewed an interest in shooting in me. When going through my safe looking for mags, I started thinking of going to the range again. Probably going to see when my Brother-in Law is available very soon. THANKS MURPHY! For all the guys saying do not comply, I did consider that, but my friend gave me some great deals back when he lived in NJ. I know he will use the mags way more than I did, and I can always get them back if the unconstitutional laws change.
  4. Teufelhunden

    Help keep my brother out of jail!

    Keep in mind there is no law that it has to be a muzzle break. The law is that it cannot be a flash hider. There are attachments out there that have are not effective at being a break, but are ok because they do not hide the muzzle flash (and not marketed as a flash hider).
  5. Teufelhunden

    Kineti-Tech Muzzle Brake with shroud - NJ Legal?

    I suppose you could also solder the shroud on.
  6. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) introduced the Armor Piercing Bullets Act, which he said would ban the sale of “.223-dervied, 5.56x45mm NATO ‘green tip’ rounds”. Other Democrats supporting Engel’s bill are Reps. Yvette Clarke (N.Y.), Carolyn Maloney (N.Y.), and Bonnie Watson Coleman (N.J.). http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/03/16/the-atfs-ammo-ban-is-backin-the-form-of-a-new-bill-from-democrats/ Can't say I'm surprised by this bill or by the states the reps are from. I also wouldn't be surprised to see state legislation if this scheme doesn't work.
  7. Teufelhunden

    Will the M855 ban make us felons in NJ

    Its not primarily for use in a handgun, so common sense would say it is ok in NJ. Of course there is no such thing as common sense in NJ...
  8. Teufelhunden

    So taktikul

    Someones gonna lose an eye.
  9. Teufelhunden

    Red Light Runner

    How long between the incident and the ticket? I'm just wondering if I'm in the clear yet.
  10. The bottom line is he was only charged with the flintlock, nothing else. That means they couldn't charge him with anything else, otherwise they definitely would have. So, what that means is, if he was in 49 other states he wouldn't have been charged with anything. As far as the pawn shop, I'll start off by saying I have never been to one so I don't know how they work in NJ, so I am going to speculate on what happened. Since federal law and the laws of 49 states don't consider a flintlock a firearm, it doesn't seem far fetched to me that this guy, and the pawn shop employee, never even considered that this was a firearm, and they didn't think anything of it. I know that ignorance is no excuse, but when the law is so mind numbingly stupid, how can you expect the average person to not be ignorant of it.
  11. Teufelhunden

    OMG Custom Guns to Close 11/30

    I talked to him last week: http://www.omgcustoms.com/contact-us/
  12. Free Republic picked up this story: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/3257819/posts
  13. C'mon guys, do you seriously think the NRA or Nappen would throw their weight behind a crackhead? Are you saying he duped them?
  14. I think a story like this would only help the 2A crowd, which is why I don't expect to see it. Although I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find some nj.com readers that think he should get the max for his heinous crime.
  15. Any links to news sites on this yet? I want to post this on reddit news (reddit.com/r/news) so it gets some attention and hopefully more people will contribute to his legal fund. However, it can't be posted there if there isn't a link to an actual news story. I can't say I'm surprised this isn't being reported on for obvious reasons. I sent the story to Drudge Report.