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  1. shell could have been made in China ?????????? like the other crap they sell us......
  2. the dealers on Gunbroker are getting rich on primers and powder. must have got the word and stocked up plenty and now selling for triple the previous street price. BOO to dealers...
  3. my luck held up finally. about 4 months ago listened to the WORD about primer shortage and bought large and small pistol primers. I'm set for awhile.................
  4. I've owned a Dillon 550B for the past 20 years. couple small breaks but parts replaced in couple days. Great re-loader.......
  5. I have 2 cans of red dot powder, but I don't re-load for shotguns........... do you have any 4895 for trade ??????????? John
  6. please note your 1884 does NOT have the round bayonet, it is just the cleaning rod.................Cheers
  7. Suggest S&W model 15. light revolver, easy to load, easy to empty. adjustable rear sight. It's a 38 special and ammo not real expensive. re-loads somewhat cheaper. Good for target shooting or any bad ass..............
  8. Mrs. Peel As usual, the Lady is always right..............Thank you
  9. tried logging onto Chat with my log on and password. I'm told I'm not registered ??? does one have to re-register for CHAT ???
  10. Lyman spar T press........... NONE AROUND...... so, I made one out of a Chinese restaurant plastic soup bowl. Had to do a little cutting and gluing but it works just fine. No tape, wire or nails and stays in place. No real cost (glue) and time............. can't post my 5 pictures to show start and finish--- including painting. Be glad to send pictures to anyone in need of a Lyman spar T primer catcher. john414r@hotmail.com Cheers
  11. I have a 38 S&W box of ammo with 41 live rounds. probably from the 30's. Made by Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Co. box and ammo in nice condition. email me for pictures. pictures too large to upload here. anyone interested ??? I'm located in Union, N.J. john414r@hotmail.com
  12. I had been looking for a plating company that nickeled gun parts. Tried N.J. and some out of state companies. No one Nickeled plated parts. By luck I came across a company that Nickel plates in South Jersey (near me) I do not work for nor am I related to this plating company. No profit for me: Tomkin Plating Riverton, N.J. 1-856-829-0607 If this notice is not acceptable please advise and I will remove it. These people re-nickeled a Colt SAA barrel for me. And I am very satisfied with their work.
  13. nickel finish, 7.5 inch barrel. john414r@hotmail.com Located in Burlington area...... I have the replacement barrel.
  14. 1644


    thanks for info, but where in southampton ???
  15. I have a S&W 32 cal D/A, 4th model revolver in nice condition (about 1890) I need to have the cylinder stop replaced. I found a cylinder stop but need a competent person to install same. Anyone around the Burlington/Trenton area. Of course I'll pay. Thanks john414r@hotmail.com
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