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  1. Selling a Nexus 6P 64GB in Silver. The phone is in excellent condition and unlocked, so it can be used on any carrier. It was previously used on the Google Fi network. Asking $100 and located in Bridgewater, NJ. Included with the phone is the original box, USB-C charger, USB-C cable, and hardshell case. Pictures below:
  2. njluger

    SOLD: 2004 Acura TSX

    Thanks to 4theboys, car is now sold! Mods, please lock this thread.
  3. njluger

    SOLD: 2004 Acura TSX

    For sale: 2004 Acura TSX. Currently has 130,000 mi on the odo and mechanically runs excellent. Everything electrical is fully operational: A/C blows cold, power windows/door locks, radio. Installed a new set of Michelin tires on the car last month (< 100 mi on this set) and new brakes / rotors done last summer (about 4K mi ago). All scheduled maintenance, including regular oil changes done with Mobile 1 syn. Have all maintenance records and an inspection report from Acura dealer available. Body is in GOOD condition - but it is a 14 year old car so it does have it's share of scratches and dings. This is a great first car for a student going off to college or if you're looking for a commuter to take to the city or airport safely and reliably. Selling because my wife finally convinced me to get a new ride. Asking $3300 (below KBB range), Located in Hillsborough VIN: JH4CL96874C016429 Mileage: 130,000 Body Style: Sedan 4dr Exterior Color: Gray Interior Color: Gray Fuel Economy: City 20/Hwy 29/Comb 23 MPG Engine: 4-Cylinder, 2.4L VTEC Transmission: 5-speed Automatic Drive Type: front wheel drive
  4. njluger

    Sig P228 Frame Rail Galling - is this normal?

    Yep, I dropped the original photo hosting provider. Adding the pics in the original post showing the rail wear that I was concerned with. The wear has not gotten any worse over the past 7 yrs and I've experienced no issues. The P228 is still going strong after all this time
  5. njluger

    Any fans of the Sig 2022 9mm

    Yes, should the the same as the factory mags, just without the the Sig stamp on them. Mecgar makes the mags for Sig and other brands (CZ, S&W, etc).
  6. njluger

    Any fans of the Sig 2022 9mm

    Prices have come down on these recently. If you look, you'll find the same prices as Glock/Beretta/CZ/other Sig mags: 10 round mags - $20 http://gregcotellc.com/cart/sig-sauer-magazines-c-123/sig-sauer-sig-pro-sp2009-sp2022-10-rd-9mm-mecgar-mgsp910b-p-1689.html https://gunmagwarehouse.com/sig-sauer-sp2022-9mm-10-round-magazine.html 15 round mags - $29 https://gunmagwarehouse.com/sig-sauer-sp2022-2340-2009-9mm-15-round-magazine.html
  7. Bump with price reduced to $375 for the whole package.
  8. SOLD Listinga like new Grand Power P1 MK12 in 9x19. This pistol was purchased back in June 2017 from Cheyenne Firearms (Bob is awesome btw) and I put 210 rounds (all factory) through it. Gun is super clean and ready for shooting. I'm only selling to fund another purchase as my DA/SA service pistol quota is full. Now a bit about the pistol. First, it is made in Slovakia and imported by Eagle Imports in Ocean, NJ. It's very well made with an amazingly machined steel slide that rides on a steel frame insert that's inside of a polymer grip, and a 3.7" rotating barrel. Recoil action is handled by a smoothly rotating barrel that rides on a machined lug through the frame. It has a DA/SA trigger with a manual safety (no decocker). Pistol can be carried cocked and locked for SA first shot or the hammer can be lowered manually down to the half-cocked state giving you a DA first shot. The trigger is super smooth in DA and has an amazingly short SA reset. This is the best out of box trigger I have ever felt on a service style pistol. Great pistol for those looking for a soft shooting, nice trigger, and easy to rack slide. Included in this sale is everything you see in the pictures. It includes 2, 15-round magazines. I'm also throwing in an OWB pancake style leather holster I special ordered from Falco Holsters. Asking $400 and I can meet at the range at SCFGPA in Bridgewater or somewhere local in Somerset Co. All laws apply and buyer must have a valid NJ FID, NJ Pistol Permit, and NJ COE at time of purchase. VID_20171228_134455.mp4
  9. Lightly used Badger Custom Boot Grips made in Rosewood. There are the boot style (2 Finger) Custom Pistol Grip and will fit Ruger GP100 [2015 and greater] and Super Redhawk Pistols. Grips come with matched grip screw but you need to supply your own locator pin if you're coming from Hogue grips. These look and balance great on a 3" or shorter barrel GP100s. There is a small chip o the left grip panel (see picture) but once the grips are installed, you can't even see the chip. Asking $45.00 Located in Hillsborough, NJ and can meet at SCFGPA or in Somerset Co or willing to ship if buyer pays. Note from Captain Obvious: Grips installed on gun for illustration only, gun is *not* included.
  10. njluger

    EAA Witness opinions

    The EAA Witness has a hammer and is DA/SA, so if you're looking for a striker fired gun, look elsewhere.
  11. Thanks to OP! Nice to knock $10/mo off my bill.
  12. njluger

    Great price Beretta AL391 12 gauge

    I called about this shotgun today and was informed it was sold Hope at least someone on this forum took advantage of the price. Guy on the phone said it was in really nice shape and came with a bunch of chokes. Would've been a nice gun for anyone looking for a semi-auto shotgun.
  13. njluger

    mag capacity

    Check out the sticky post in the Handguns section of this forum: http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/27176-where-can-i-get-nj-compliant-15-round-mags-for-my/ There are several options for 15 rnd magazines for a CZ 75. As far as the Sig 320 Full Size, you're better off getting the compact since it has 15 rnd mags stock from Sig.
  14. Thanks everyone for sharing their ideas. I ended up going in, but left the kids at home with the grandparents - definitely a good move as the area for spectators really isn't setup for anything other than standing on the side of the street - no bathrooms or areas to warm up. For those interested, I ended up driving to Jersey City and somehow found on-street parking right across from the Grove St PATH station. Took the PATH up to 33rd St. Really wasn't that crowded on the way in the morning. The race was pretty cool to see with lots of International racers from all over the world and the energy of the crowd cheering them on is something you don't get from watching the event on TV. Also, seeing the NYPD in full force was pretty neat. I always like see the guys who carry the S&W 5946 (usually it's the older guys carrying them around). Wonder how they keep these fielded? I assume S&W still has a production line for the size of business it gets from agency purchases of it's 3rd gen autoloaders. The way back wasn't too bad either. Took the 1 train down from Columbus Circle to Christopher St and hopped on the PATH. Back at the car in JC in about 20 min. Toasted my buddies 4:20 finish (1st full marathon) at the Biergarten in JC before driving home. All in all a good day!
  15. I like this stuff: http://lubrikit.com/ The grease is a really nice weight all year around (I've shot outdoors last winter) and no odor. The fact that it's food safe is a nice plus as well.

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