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  1. I was going to ask "How do you know if any private sale gun is stolen?" however for a dealer, you explained that they could do a NCIC check so that answers it for dealers but as far as private sale buyers, I do not believe there is any way to know. I would imagine that if someone is bringing a gun to a buyback they really have no interest in guns and it was probably passed down to them (especially in NJ where you need to run a gauntlet just to purchase a firearm) and I would doubt they have the bill of sale. I do not know of any way to check if a private sale firearm was stolen or used in a crime and your best bet, after going down this road, would be to just use your best judgement of character.
  2. The idea would be that the FFL would be buying the firearm. A buyback consists of people turning in unwanted firearms in exchange for cash (usually $100). I do not believe that an FFL needs to do a background check on the person they buy used firearms from but I am not well versed. I'm not sure what lengths an FFL would have to go through to ensure that the firearms are not stolen or used in a crime and the risk of this may be enough to keep an FFL from hosting a buyback. I am not fluent in NJ gun laws (then again who is) so I am not sure of the process.
  3. The loophole I am thinking of is that if an FFL was willing to host a buyback, then it would be breaking no laws provided the guns were not stolen or used in a crime.
  4. Yeah I caught that. The problem I see with stalking a buyback is that you would be violating the same laws that the PD is breaking and the the only difference is that the police are the ones with the handcuffs.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply TJ. That's good to know. It's so hard to figure out what you can and cannot do in this state.
  6. Title is pretty self explanitory. I havent been able to find an answer for this yet and I am curious. It would be pertinant to know if one wanted to stalk one of our state's illegal buybacks. I am also unsure if it would be an advisable thing to do. Can a person with an FFL in NJ host a buyback legally? What if it's only a buyback for long guns to circumevnt the handgun limits?
  7. First place that pops up for people looking for information about guns in New Jersey. Your site helped me out immensely with getting all of my papers in order and having an idea on the whole process. Applied last spring and received my FID this summer. Lurked around for about a year and finally, on this November the Fifth, got off of my ass and registered. You guys are amazing and I am most great-full. Thank you.
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