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  1. Brisco

    WTB Pellet Smoker

    I use a Thermpro TP-20 in conjunction with the phone app in case the WiFi goes down for some reason and I don't have to look at the phone the whole cook. The high and low temp alarms really give extra piece of mind
  2. Brisco

    WTB Pellet Smoker

    I started with a Trager Pro 575 back in May. Did 3 cooks with it. WiFi wouldn't connect and didn't get any smoke rings or much smoke flavor. Returned the Trager, Ordered a Rec Tec 590 on a Friday, had it at my door the next Thursday. I love this thing, can turn it on and off with my phone, monitor grill temp and two food probes. Have done brisket, pork belly, prime rib, whole chicken, chicken parts, lots of ribs, reverse sear steaks. There are a ton of videos and recipes out there. If you do a brisket, recommend you start the night before. Full packer(14 lb) for me was a 15 hour cook, 2 hour rest. Wrapped (butcher paper) at 165. Started 11 pm the night before.
  3. Thank You all for the replies and information. I went with my neighbor to 3 different stores on Saturday. The lack of inventory was amazing to me. He ended up buying a EAA Witness LTD Custom in 9mm. A little more of a race gun, but he wanted an all metal 9mm. The staff at Legend Firearms was very patient and helpful with an older first time handgun owner. NICS was 3-4 days, he is hoping to pick up today(Friday) if he gets the call.
  4. Thanks for the replies so far. Will probably take a ride with him to all three of the shops local to us. Pretty sure he got two permits, so maybe a .22 and a 9mm might be in his future. Reached out to Steve, will do the same for Legend and Howell Gun Works
  5. As the title says, I’m looking for some help finding a handgun for my neighbor (in northern Monmouth County). This is going to be his first handgun, he is 75 years old. He has had his FID for years, but just got his pistol permit today. I took him to the range a couple weeks ago. He liked my CZ-85 in 9mm a lot.. Didn’t care for the M&P in 9mm. Liked shooting the Colt trooper in both 38sp and .357. He shot my Sig 226 pretty good in .40 and with the .22 conversion barrel. Looking for gun suggestions as well as FFLs. Especially FFLs not too far from us. It’s been a few years since I bought a new one. Who has some inventory? And do we have to make appointments now? I would submit a price request here, but he does not know what he wants. Thank you all for your help, my neighbor is good people and I like helping people by more guns.
  6. Wish I could get carded to buy booze, miss them days
  7. Thanks Zeke!! Will enjoy my morning coffee just a little more tomorrow
  8. Just saw this thread for the first time. Congrats and good luck.
  9. If anyone is interested, I would also take single malt scotch or a decent bourbon. Only looking to get $75 or so in cash or trade.
  10. Have a New in box UPS Cyberpower Model: OR1500LCDRT2U Need to get out of my way. Pick up only in 07735. Best offer. will take cash, 9mm, 5.56, .357mag, 38sp, 308, .40 s&w, or Yuengling Link to manufacturer: https://www.cyberpowersystems.com/product/ups/smart-app-lcd/or1500lcdrt2u/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/CyberPower-OR1500LCDRT2U-System-1500VA-Outlets/dp/B00HDODQYS Send PM with contact info (Your welcome to test before you take it, but is still in original shipping box)
  11. We are members of their coffee club. I think we get 2 bags every two weeks. The shipping got a little screwy at the beginning of this mess. Good company, does a lot of good beside the good coffee. Been doing Just Black the last couple of months, also like CAF, Coffee or Die, and AK-47.
  12. Here's what I see: "You've chosen to ignore content by Greendy. Options " Until someone quotes him!!!! Don't waste your time on a troll. Many here have been nice and tried to use reason and common sense with certain individuals. He just keeps coming back with the same CNN crap.
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