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  1. There is a place in West Long Branch. Near the McDonalds, On either Monmouth Road or Locust. Never used them, but pass by often
  2. Sounds to me like your circulation pump is going or gone. PM me with a phone number, if you would like some tips. I do this for a living
  3. Don't know for sure, but enter your vin, picture of odometer, picture of DL is all it took to get an offer
  4. Check out Carvana too. They paid me good for a car yesterday. Super easy process. They came with a check.
  5. So after over a year of looking out for it, from @Displaced Texan 's, suggestion I finally came across a bottle of Eagle Rare Bourbon. The store had only one bottle and the owner didn't know when they might get another. It was awesome. I found it on my way to a friends house for a party. I got to taste it, but the other people at the party were like a bunch of seagulls at the boardwalk on some french fries. It was gone in no time. https://eaglerare.com/
  6. #2 , Iron cross No other way makes sense, that pac man thing would give you a funky cheese only bite. Pork roll 101 Those New Yorkers/ Taylor H, people might do that, but they don't know stuff
  7. Check out Duluth Trading Company I've had many of their ballroom jeans last many years. Been a few years since I bought new jeans, hopefully still just as good. Their cargo shorts and pants are pretty good. https://www.duluthtrading.com/mens-duluthflex-ballroom-relaxed-fit-jeans-20207.html?dwvar_20207_color=WDN&cgid=mens-pants-jeans#feature=pantm2&start=1&cgid=mens-pants-jeans
  8. Not that it matters to the press, but the Kel-tec was found in the car. A S&W M&P 15 was used in the shooting. If you listen to the videos, it sounds like a rifle to me. Think the rifle was dropped after the shooting
  9. Unfortunately, you are going to have to hire a licensed contractor to pull the permits. Whether its the guy who did the work or someone else. You are allowed to pull your own permits in your own home, if you live there. You are not allowed to pull your own on property you own but don't live in,
  10. Might also suggest multiple blocks in the wall when you do this, for future grab bars. also a hand held for the shower head. Maybe a seat as well
  11. If you are replacing tub with shower (regular base with curb) Mustee or Kohler from a plumbing supplier- avoid the home centers. You can get 30X60 to fill the tub space and left or right drain on those, to make the drain connection easier. Or if doing a curb-less base let me know, I'll make some suggestions. Sorry don't know any plumbers down there. If the work is anything like Monmouth C. -- be prepared to wait a while
  12. Just got in, Ariens snowblower started first pull. Picked up some gas. Have scotch, might have to grab some bourbon.
  13. No need, it was decided in 1906. Pork roll Unfortunately, some of our North Jersey friends are a little slow when it comes to reading
  14. For a range bag, I am very happy with this one: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/939221689?pid=259680 I would start shopping for a second gun safe now, apply for more pistol permits. Maybe a second job to cover your new hobby:)
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