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  1. Talk to any plumbers you know, they might have some old Rigid hand dies which could be had for cheap
  2. OK so the wife and I are finally going to visit some of her family in Germany in the fall. I thought it would be good to learn a little German. Anybody have experience with Rosetta Stone, Babble, Duolingo? or any others? Don't expect to get fluent in 3 months, but maybe passable
  3. Most Elks clubs have a flag drop for proper disposal. https://www.elks.org/lodges/default.cfm?StateCode=NJ
  4. If you go Weber, get Summit or Genesis series, nothing below. I replaced a Vermont Castings natural gas grill with a Weber Summit S-470, Spent a little more than I ever thought I would on a grill, but could not be happier with it. I have installed Lynx, Napoleon, and Viking for customers and don't think they are 2-4 times better in quality compared to the price jump.
  5. Just filled out the ballot, Happy Birthday by the way
  6. Have everything you need on my truck(free) if you want to make a road trip Or maybe for a T-shirt
  7. Hey Maks, Hope you're doing good That looks like 1/2" IPS(Thread) in the picture. I would suggest removing the 1/2" galvanized coupling (make sure to hold back on the brass piece) Install a 1/2" gas valve, then you need a tank adapter hose (usually comes with a regulator) Make sure to use a thread sealant Shane
  8. Go to us carbs site: http://www.uscarb.com/ Find your model generator and the kit for it. If you can't find it on their site, contact them. Very easy to install. They also run sales all the time
  9. Have a CZ 85 combat, which is pretty much the same gun. My favorite pistol to shoot Congrats and enjoy
  10. WOW!! And Why? What possible good could have come from that "training"?
  11. I own a bunch of Milwaukee M-18 and M-12 tools. I would strongly recommend that 1/2 impact. I believe that is the same one that I own and used Friday to remove rear tires on my 2012 F350. Once you have a charger and a couple of batteries, buy tool only (much cheaper). In your trade, I think the M-18 Hackzawl, 4 1/2" grinder, flashlights would be great for you. I even have a m-18 self feeding drain snake on order which will be in next week.
  12. So I ordered a new desktop, should be here Tuesday. Old computer is running windows 10, new computer will be running same. What is the most painless way to transfer all of my files, settings, programs etc?? Clone the hard drives? Backup software?
  13. Not USB, but I know a few people that have the Milwaukee M12 heated jacket. They love them. Plus you can charge one battery when using another. They have a few different styles
  14. Vape worked well for me. Smoked for 26 years- Marlboro red. Did a little research online, ordered a vape pen and some juice. Been over five years now. Still enjoy the vape when I'm having a few cocktails. I know it's not good for me, but waaaay better than smoking and I don't smell like an ashtray
  15. Good for you, enjoy Maybe a decent 1X4 scope might be worth thinking about.
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