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  1. Not USB, but I know a few people that have the Milwaukee M12 heated jacket. They love them. Plus you can charge one battery when using another. They have a few different styles
  2. Vape worked well for me. Smoked for 26 years- Marlboro red. Did a little research online, ordered a vape pen and some juice. Been over five years now. Still enjoy the vape when I'm having a few cocktails. I know it's not good for me, but waaaay better than smoking and I don't smell like an ashtray
  3. Good for you, enjoy Maybe a decent 1X4 scope might be worth thinking about.
  4. Salt Creek Grill, Rumson 11-230 Sundays
  5. Try Bayshore appliance on 36 in Hazlet, they might have used. Community appliance on 35 in Middletown had a new SpeedQueen washer with no electronic controls, but I couldn't talk the wife into it, a couple years back.
  6. LT, I'm a plumber, but I drove by a holiday inn yesterday. Get rid of that cloth covered crap. I live in an old house, changing a light fixture has turned into a two day project rewiring multiple circuits. Run new romex, it's safer and you will sleep better at night.
  7. Nice Job, good work. Like the straps on the expansion tank. Can't tell you how many times I've seen guys put them in sideways, right off the tee.
  8. Sota, You need the expansion tank. The PRV is a check valve. When water heats up it expands and it needs a place to go. Many homes without Pressure Reducing Valves can get away without the tank, because the pressure goes back up the cold side. If the water doesn't have a place to go, you will shorten the life of the water heater and many other fixtures in the home. Some of my installs get an expansion tank even if there is no PRV, tankes more stress away from the tank itself. PM me if you still need the Di-electric nipple, think I have a bunch in my shop
  9. Thanks Pizza Bob, nice article While I feel for these kids after a tragedy, I wish someone would step in and show them they are being taken advantage of.
  10. Just to throw this out there. Have you considered hydronic heat? You could use hydronic coils for the blowers, an indirect tank for your potable hot water, and have the option of adding radiant and or radiant panels, baseboard, towel warmers etc. The units claim 95% efficiency, but that is with low temp returns (radiant mostly). Regardless, the units modulate based on outdoor temperature which save huge on propane/natural gas. As others said, definitely improve insulation as much as possible.
  11. A lot of good suggestions Just to add, an extra zone is not usually a big deal to add, but tough to say from here, As far as a thermal image camera goes, I just picked up a Seek Compact for myself for Xmas. They make ones for Iphone or android. I have been checking it out on a few jobs the last few days. Impressed so far, it was able to see radiant loops in a floor. It is a fraction of the cost of a true thermal image camera. You could use it outside to see where you are losing the most heat. Tighten up everything you can, and I hope you are toasty soon. (Even though you can't name pork products correctly)
  12. Cut in a couple of 1/2" copper tees, pipe it down and use supply stops for the new sink. For the waste, use the 1 1/2" copper line with a new trap, if it is low enough. Drain the washer into the new sink. The 1 1/2' copper is too small for many of the newer washers anyway. Code has been requiring us to use 2" for washer standpipes for years now. Many times I will install a sink to catch the washer waste if increasing the piping is not feasible.
  13. Questions for the Benny's I'm sorry, that includes you Mrs. Peel (so disappointed) If I say "hand me a tissue" you say "gimme a kleenex" If I say "could I have some mustard?" you say "fork over the frenches" I say "I'm going to put on my pants, get in the car, and go to the store" taylor ham people say- "I'm going to slide on my Cavaricci's, jump in my Prius, and go to whole foods" It doesn't make sense Also, there is this: http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/warren-county/index.ssf/2017/10/pork_roll_palooza_answers_jers.html
  14. Looking forward to the article, hope your words are not twisted. Used to be a fan of APP, years ago. As was said, they went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay left. Thank you
  15. Once again, great pics Howard. Looks like he's smiling at you