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  1. Might suggest getting on the roof and checking, caulking the skylight. Maybe some moisture seeping in/causing the paint peeling.
  2. Please do report back when you get a chance to play with it. Think I might need one
  3. That is the nicest way I have seen to describe DMV/government workers. Kudos to you sir.
  4. I use Weil-McLain cast iron boilers, don't care for their wall hung mod-cons. Weil-McLain CG series for hot water, EG series for steam. No more standing pilot available (Have to get that .5 of efficiency) Do a heat loss for the house- 140,000 sounds high unless a really, really big house. Slant-Fin has free app, not too hard to use. If hot water system, size the boiler to the heat loss, if steam size to the radiation.
  5. Nice video, have the same meat thermometer, same smoke tube. Been ordering my pellets on amazon, my local box stores never have cherry pellets (My favorite for ribs)
  6. What temp are you smoking at? Did a turkey last weekend to prep for turkey day, 275 for about 3 hours, came out pretty good, used a homemade rub and herb butter under the skin. Thankgiving turkey will be a little bigger, might start it a little lower temperature to get more smoke flavor, than finish higher for the skin.
  7. I still thank Dillow dust for my Trijicon 1X4 and Larue quick detach mount. My wife really liked Dillow dust after another purchase from Larue, I told her I was looking at a scope for a different AR and needed to order a mount to get the dust. She actually encouraged me to spend the money and get them. Larue rocks and wife is still OK too.
  8. Wow, Sounds like the starter from hell. Good luck my friend- hope it starts on the first crank
  9. That was my thought too. I was a huge fan, didn’t get to see them till the 5150 tour. Never saw them with David Lee R Amazing what he could do.
  10. Malsua, flat looks great. Maybe try burnt ends when you do the point?
  11. Great food at Drews, owner/chef is a good guy. Won a bunch of awards over the years. Also buys coffee, meats, veggies from local stores. Favorite for me and the wife. BYOB
  12. No direct experience, but Howell Gun Works was recommended to me from more than one source.
  13. I have one, pistol grip was the first thing I did
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