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  1. Welcome! Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  2. With ammo can? I'll take 2! It does seem that the pins are showing the stances. It's good to see familiar faces in room 6. I'm sitting by the door.
  3. Inside now and seems to be more of "us" then "them". Overflow room is getting full now.
  4. I can't come back as late as 5pm so I will be driving down. I wouldn't mind carpooling. I'm leaving from the Cheesequake area.
  5. I agree they are pretty damn cool. Thanks!
  6. They look great. Can't wait for the invoice.
  7. I also had a great time and thanks to all that helped running it. I have to get to practicing.
  8. Shit I apologize I didn't realize its the 1st. Sent from my T-Mobile G2 using Tapatalk 2
  9. Looked up the pack on their site and they have it for 20% off now using the code pack20. http://www.511tactical.com/All-Products/Bags-Backpacks/Backpacks/RUSH-72-Backpack.html Pretty cool looking bag.
  10. Do many of you shoot with optics? I'm using stock sights tonight. Can't wait! Sent from my T-Mobile G2 using Tapatalk 2
  11. I watched it for a while and gave up. Everyone is soo clean.
  12. I scheduled myself for sessions 1 and 3. I will drop out of one of them if someone needs room.
  13. Dave I will probably take you up on this offer. A couple years ago the kids held a Crikett at Cabelas. I took them to the range for the first time yesturday. They are old enough for the .22 round and I would like to get a rifle that fits them.
  14. I agree with your process. I dig the 34. I have been meaning to get one. I am surprised there is no 15 round mag for the pistol. What are you using now? Anyone we can petition/pester to make 15 rounders? Also don't give up. They haven't won yet.
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