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  1. Up for sale is a brand new in box LUTH-AR MBA-3 stock for use on Carbine length buffer tubes. It is fully adjustable for both LOP & comb height but doesn't slide/collapse/fold. Color is black. It has never been removed from it's packaging, it is in mint condition. This is the item in question; https://www.luth-ar.com/product/mba-3/ I'd post a photo but for some reason I keep getting a "-200" error. If you want a photo please pm me. These go for $150 + shipping. I will let this go for $110. It can be picked up in the Port Murray area, or the Plainfield area during business hours. For an additional $10 I can ship it. Here is a stock photo:
  2. Up for sale is 603 projectiles. This is projectiles only, not loaded ammunition. Hornady V-MAX, 60 grain, SKU #22281 $120 Pick up either in Plainfield during the week during business hours OR pick up in the Port Murray area. I can ship for an additional $10.
  3. Well, you get what you pay for. I wouldn't call the shot timer apps good but to each their own. I use a CED pocket pro II and it's great but that is a little over your budget. A CED pocket pro II is cheaper than buying a cheap timer and then an expensive one afterwards when you realize your mistake, however.
  4. Like PK90 pointed out, reloaders use them mostly. I prefer a re-usable, cheap, plastic box over just dumping them into bigger boxes, ziplock bags, etc. Re-using factory ammo boxes is an option but that's difficult when you don't shoot factory ammo. The plastic is better long term anyways.
  5. Rosey, I hate to nitpick but I do want to point out an inaccuracy of the data you present. During the 1980s refits, each turret received a DR-810 radar that measured the muzzle velocity of each gun which made it easier to predict the velocity of succeeding shots, making the accuracy at this point in time the greatest ever in their service history. Since, during test shoots off of Crete in 1987, 15 shells were fired from 34,000 yards which is a hair under 20 miles. For greater accuracy, they were not simultaneous full salvos. They fired only the right-hand barrel from each turret, 5 times, one at a time. The accuracy observed was as follows. 220 yard pattern size, 0.64% of total range. 14 out of 15 shells landed within 250 yards of the center of the pattern and 8 were within 150 yards. Shell to shell dispersion was 123 yards or 0.36% total range. Long story short, they fired under more accurate conditions than full salvos, at less than 20 miles, and got lesser accuracy than you quote. But, that's not to say it's unimpressive...it is still mind numbing reading the range tables. You can read the range tables here for those who want to dive deeper on naval gunnery. It is exceptionally fascinating. https://www.eugeneleeslover.com/USN-GUNS-AND-RANGE-TABLES/OP-770-1.html
  6. I would diversify, you already have a pair of utilitarian plastic fantastic that work for carry/defense. Don't buy another gun that fits the same "mold", that's boring and adds no purpose (my opinion, you can all disagree!) Why not explore a revolver, or an all steel framed, or a classic/milsurp? The latter can be had even more inexpensively than the guns you mention and are more available right now.
  7. I would not be so quick to state that as fact, since the ATF has stated it is not a destructive device; "ATF Publication 5300.11 Revised December 2007 SECTION III: Weapons Removed From The NFA As Collector's Items And Classified As Curios Or Relics Under The GCA The Bureau has determined that by reason of the date of their manufacture, value, design and other characteristics, the following firearms are primarily collector's items and are not likely to be used as weapons and, therefore, are excluded from the provisions of the National Firearms Act. Further, the Bureau has determined that such firearms are also Curios or Relics as defined in 27 CFR 478.11. Thus, licensed collectors may acquire, hold, or dispose to them as Curios or Relics subject to the provisions of 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44 and 27 CFR Part 478. They are still "firearms" as defined in 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44 ... German, model 1918, (WWI) anti-tank rifle (PzAgew 1918), cal. 13.25mm." This is on page 35 and page 36 of this document: https://www.atf.gov/resource-center/docs/p-5300-11-firearms-curios-or-relics-listpdf/download?destination=file/2026/download @Dave Archibald the ammunition isn't readily available but if you have a lathe you can make the bullets from stock and the cases from .50BMG. See here: http://www.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=3371
  8. Not sure if your title is facetious or not, but there's two up for auction right now on Morphy's. Just keep in mind you can't buy this ammunition off the shelf... https://www.proxibid.com/Firearms-Military-Artifacts/Firearms/C-SCARCE-AND-DESIRABLE-WORLD-WAR-1-GERMAN-MAUSER-1918-T-GEWEHR-13MM-BOLT-ACTION-ANTI-TANK-RIFLE/lotInformation/56986221#topoflot https://www.proxibid.com/Firearms-Military-Artifacts/Military-Artifacts/C-INCREDIBLY-SCARCE-AND-DESIRABLE-WORLD-WAR-I-GERMAN-MAUSER-SHORT-KURZ-MODEL-1918-T-GEWEHR-13MM/lotInformation/56986209#topoflot
  9. I think you may want to alter your title and description. These are not WW2 vintage ammo cans and WW2 ammo cans demand a significantly greater price. These are M19A1 ammo cans. The M19A1 did not start production until 1954, making these impossible to be of WW2 vintage.
  10. Hello, I am not an enfield expert, however, I can say with certainty the stock is unique to the Jungle Carbine. The buttplate is different and the wood has a cut for the sling attachment on the side which is integral to the buttplate. Have you identified if it is a real one or not? The easiest "tale" is to look if there are the proper lightening cuts on the trigger guard forward of the magazine where the screw passes through it. There are also cuts under the upper handguard as well, among other "tales". https://www.libertytreecollectors.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=11932
  11. I have firearms over 100 years old that haven't ever been detail stripped it would appear. They work just fine. Unless something is wrong, field strip it, clean it the best you can, and enjoy.
  12. 147 @ ~880 FPS. You could slow it down even more as there's no minimum power factor for 3-gun but at major matches you could be faced with ~100 yard pistol targets and I didn't want to be sending rounds like a mortar it's not like you're going to gain much more by going as low as reliably possible. It's super flat shooting as you can see in the photo
  13. Let me clarify this; I make a subjective observation that the M3k isn't the greatest based off my personal experiences and state an opinion that it's not the best choice. My opinion is wrong. You make a subjective observation about the 1301 based off of similar experiences, and assert as fact that I am wrong and imply you are right. That doesn't really make sense. I don't really think my experiences are biased. I have over 20k rounds through my 1301 (is that a short period of use?) and I had one single fail to feed that when i touched the charging handle it chambered. These rounds were mostly over a 2.5 year period where I only cleaned it about 10 times. I also have the gun you recommended, a roth custom benelli. Do you own both guns to practice with side by side? The Benelli sits in the safe because it sucks compared to my 1301. Maybe I'm just lucky (and every other 1301 around me is also lucky), maybe I just have strange preference but I shoot the 1301 way better and it never fails. You're gas gun experience was with the worst semi auto race shotgun in history, it's no wonder you have a bias against them. I will agree the Stoeger is a good value, but I still uphold you're rolling the dice on having one that runs like a top. There's also the Breda b12i option if you want to bridge the gap inbetween the M3K and the M2 and stay in the inertia gun family.
  14. Don't forget to consider the Beretta 1301 comp. Price point is inbetween the benelli & the stoeger at a little over $1k and it's more ready out of the box than the benelli. The Stoeger isn't junk but it isn't exactly a like substitute for the benelli. You have a pretty good chance of needing to play with it to get it to work 100%. The Beretta, unlike both the Benelli & Stoeger, is gas operated. It cycles faster with a cleaner feeling recoil cycle which makes it run really well. Reliability is incredible and I shoot mine way better than my Dad's RCA custom Benelli also set up for 3-gun. Don't even consider the 930/940 if you actually want to shoot 3gun. Mossberg had the great idea of trying to fix the reputation by sending one to the blue line 3-gun match to be a stage gun and it jammed for every other competitor until Dillen Easely broke it in half. Whoops...
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