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  1. I use these and I like them a lot. I can't tolerate over the ear headphones with long guns but I wanted electronics so this is were I landed and they are nice! https://www.ebay.com/p/3M-Peltor-Tep-100-Tactical-Digital-Earplug/9011945909?iid=372364584536&chn=ps
  2. Not if you practice
  3. Ray, I don't understand why you make a semi auto malfunction sound impossible. I've seen then cleared hundreds of times with other peoples guns in matches. Most of them are cleared in 2-3 seconds or less. If you train so hard that you will never fail a pump gun, why don't you also train how to clear a malfunction? This is all not taking into consideration that while a firearms mechanical reliability won't drop under stress, that doesn't mean your ability won't drop. And you need more ability to run a pump gun under stress.
  4. I used to have the same belief, but I've come to learn that in practice a pump is less reliable. Not due to the shotgun itself, but under pressure they are prone to operator failure via short strokes. So, maybe a pump is 99.9% mechanically reliable and a good auto is 99% mechanically reliable. However, unless you wrap your hand around the bolt while you're shooting, you're not going to have stress induced failure with an auto. In practice, it winds up making the pumps more prone to failure. It's not the guns fault, but it's a failure nonetheless and both equipment and operator failure will kill you just as dead. Zeke, as far as 930 love, none here. I've seen it fail Jerry a bunch of times and while I wasn't at world shoot, I did see the video of Lena's breaking in half mid-stage over there. If I recall correctly, it's because she wound up having to mortar it after a malfunction. She cleared the malfunction and then the stage after the gun broke completely in half.
  5. 3-gun shotguns are great all-around shotguns due to the demands of the sport. They aren't pistol-gripped for quicker loading (great for NJ since they are all legal then) They are reliable if you pick one that isn't a mossberg 930 They all are set up with removable chokes and a rib-bead sight arrangement Barrel length is "moderate", 24" is standard, making them handy enough for home defense, long enough for the clay sports. They have big oversized controls for easy manipulation So, it just comes down to which one you want. The major players are the Benelli M2 field, the stoeger m3k/m3000, the beretta 1301 comp, and the Breda B12i. All of those except the Beretta are inertia driven. Inertia guns knock you around a little more than gas operated (Beretta) guns, but they tend to have more simple maintenance. Pick your poison. I shoot the 1301, I regularly shoot over 1k shells in-between cleanings and to this day have not had a malfunction. I've put a few dozen flats of shells through it. It shoots like a dream. I'll take it out for sporting clays as well, and it certainly will not handicap you. Keep in mind the 1301 is the same thing as the A400 mechanically speaking. Here's my wife with it at Nationals last year
  6. Maybe it sounded loud because other shooters had longer barrels, but apples to apples with barrel length, the nude muzzle is the quietest usually. Compared against a braked 16" barrel, I bet it would sound a lot quieter
  7. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Mid length for sure! The gun will function smoother and you will have the ability to make quicker follow up shots.
  9. I think there has been a sudden uptick in boating accidents, given the fact that many members here are boat enthusiasts as well. It really begs the question, why are gun owners such sh!tty boat operators?
  10. I took mine out for the first time in 10k rounds or so and it was pretty "alright". I only opened that up to change the spring purely as precaution. Ran fine before & after. If yours is loading up with brass so much that every outing you need to disassemble the extractor, I think you should invest in a new extractor.
  11. Yes, the date is accurate, the slightly expanded story does address that nuance. When I discovered the frame cracks, I figured it was a long shot to begin with but it cost ya nothing to try! So I called them and they dated the gun to 1983. The gent on the phone promptly explained about the lifetime warranty starting in 1989. He said they would like to see the gun anyways and to send it in. I knew at that point they had an "out" for fixing/replacing the gun so I wrote them a compelling letter to include with the gun about how much I love S&W, and about how i've had two (at that point) glowing experiences that I tell everyone about in regards to their customer service. Then I got the phone call after they checked it out offering the replacement gun. I think I just got lucky. As you stated, they do not have any obligation to warranty pre 1989
  12. S&W has hands down the best customer service i've ever experienced, and I've experienced it about 3 times. First I screwed up my 1911 by trying to drive the extractor pin out, which is pressed in (apparently...). Certainly not manufacturer defect, more like a brain defect on my part. They replaced the extractor, the pin, cleaned the slide, returned it in 2 weeks no charge. Then the gun fell off a shelf and broke the front sight fiber. I decided to test their service. Sure enough, new front fiber, 2 weeks, no charge. Then I broke the frame on a 1983 S&W 469. 2 weeks later they informed me that regretfully they don't have 469 frames on hand, but wondered if I would be satisfied with a brand new M&P 9. Long story short, they rock
  13. While im sure it's not allowed at pretty much any indoor range, a dirt berm doesn't care if it's having green tips shot at it. Should be good to go at most outdoor ranges.
  14. I'm just bustin' your chops for mentioning mitchells mausers and milsurp in the same sentence, them being bastardized and all... all in good fun
  15. You just called mitchell's mausers milsurps? I'm revoking your milsurp club card