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  1. Well, NJ defines "assault rifles" "assault shotguns" and "assault pistols" "A semi-automatic rifle that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least two of the following:..." Well, it's not a rifle, so that doesn't matter anymore right?
  2. I have never had to use the Vortex warranty, but I have heard great things about it. Sorry to hear that the product needs return. If you have any issues with the return, please let me know as I am a Vortex brand ambassador. I want to make sure you guys are getting the service you need.
  3. Well that’s concerning, I sent a check for the point series with limited checked off and it was cashed! Thanks for bringing this to light lol
  4. They are honoring limited this season, but the York series is not
  5. Depends on what you want to accomplish. Around here, you're not going to find a match past 300 yards and most are 100 yards max. Due to this, and my good eyes, I decided to run 3-Gun nation "Factory" division, otherwise known as "limited" or "irons" which allows one non magnified optic. I use a Vortex SpitfireAR with great success. It is actually not a red dot but a prism sight which means you can do red/green dot like a normal red dot, but when it's off it's a black dot. Due to this it's the best "red dot" for those with astigmatisms in their eyes as it won't starburst. I have shot this optic out to 400 yards on 10" unpainted plates and it was "ok", holdovers become more challenging the more extreme they get without a BDC. If you really want to zoom, the 1-6 and now 1-8 variable zooms dominate the game. Vortex #1, atibal is a popular budget option as well. This puts you into "practical" or "tac ops" divisions. Then you're playing against 12 round shotgun tubes and 25 round pistol mags as well.
  6. Are you set on buying a complete upper? To go light you want an actual lightweight upper receiver with lightweight parts as well. Lightweight receivers are typically billet, no forward assist, and a reduced brass deflector. I use the 2A Armament Balios Lite set in my race rifle and love it. I have an 18" build with a medium contour barrel (fluted) and it weighs in at 6.75 pounds with optic and empty mag. I could trim another .5 pound with a lighter barrel and another .5 pound going to a lighter stock easy. This is the set; http://www.primaryarms.com/2A-MCRS-4 In fact, it feels about the same as a build I did on the below linked upper which was previously mentioned in this thread, which is impressive because it's got another 3.5" of barrel which as you know is heavy. https://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-BFH-14-5-Mid-Length-ENHANCED-Light-Weight-p/bcm-urg-mid-14bfh-elw-kmr-a-13.htm
  7. I get the same spots sometimes, I have narrowed it down to discoloration from the water drying with some "stuff" still floating around the water. I say this because I have had them stain bad when I don't rinse them or do so carelessly and nearly perfect results if I take the brass and after I sift out all the pins, I do another (final) rinse under the sink with hot water before throwing them out to dry on a towel. If you're going to leave water on them (which you will unless you hand dry or blow them off which is nuts) the water has to be CLEAN to leave nothing behind as it evaporates. But it's important to note that it's just for looks, it's not damage nor will it reduce the performance of any aspect of your shooting/reloading
  8. If you are looking for training, shoot me a PM, a member of my 3-Gun team runs his own training company so he could provide really productive training. Aside from the 3 guns, caddies, belt, holster, mag carriers, and a pile of ammo ( I believe i burned 10k+ this season) you'll want to train with a shot timer. I would look at the Safariland ELS belt system. It allows total flexibility which when you are new is great. I would estimate half or more of 3-gunners use ELS. If you get to a 40 round shotgun stage and realize you're a quad load short of where you'd be comfortable, you can borrow a caddy from anyone else using ELS and pop it right on your belt super easy. Any other system you're up shits creek. If you're pistol goes down and someone is willing to share, same thing. Holster (QLS) pops right off/on. Same with magazine pouches. I can convert from one pistol and mags to another in 15 seconds blindfolded with someone elses gear no problem. For shotgun caddies, I'd start looking at Invictus for the best value. Plan to learn to quad load and buy accordingly, it's easier than loading a different way and then realizing you need to quad load and then having to learn to quad anyways. Especially since some caddies are specific. Shooting carts are nice to haul to 50 pounds of crap around at matches. Converted wagons or baby strollers are also popular. If you don't go this route you really need something like the Safariland or Voodoo 3-gun soft case with the backpack straps so that you can pack your 50 pounds of crap into that one bag and drag it stage to stage Ontelaunee 3-gun matches are beginner friendly and they have their dates posted for 2018, my team and I will be attending all of them if you want to squad with us just shoot me a PM. http://www.blindsquirrelsquad.com/index.php/ontelaunee-3gun/ If you want to bounce any other questions off me, fire away.
  9. For those of you who don't know, White Oak Armament has been around a long time and is highly regarded in the High Power rifle match community. Well, they are now breaking out into other areas! They just released a sweet barrel geared towards the action sports. It's an 18", with two features that really set it apart from the competition. Custom length gas system. It is 1" shorter than rifle length, and of course this makes it longer than mid-length. 18" barrels running rifle length can sometimes be fickle, with such a short dwell time. But, users of the rifle length system in 18" do so for the smother recoil impulse versus the mid-length and shorter gas systems. This barrel does not give up much in means of added recoil feel, but it will ensure your rifle is healthily gassed for maximum reliability. It's LIGHT! 1.9 pounds on the lightest 18" profile means you'll have your cake and eat it too. What do I mean? You'll have the recoil impulse like that of an 18" rifle gassed barrel, you'll have the velocity as well, but it will handle more like a 16"...or less! I haven't gotten my paws on one to try just yet, but I know John at White Oak would not put out a barrel that doesn't perform. He reports that groups don't shift with rapid firing even on the lightest contour. We shall see! If anyone winds up getting one of these, please let me know how you like it! https://www.whiteoakarmament.com/shop/barrels/varmint-target-informal-competition/3-gun-mk-223-5-56-18-1-8-twist-w-gas-tube.html
  10. Just because something has a serial number doesn't mean you need an FFL...just the frame is the firearm by definition If you dropped your computer keyboard off at the engraver, does he need an FFL because it has a serial number?
  11. I would skip the magnifier and invest that money into training, you should be able to hit a 12x24" target out to about 400-500 yards unmagnified unless your eyes are real bad.
  12. Your time is better spent shooting than worrying about getting every last speck out of that area. If the firing pin rattles in your clean bolt its fine.
  13. Yes, you can have a loaded magazine in your trunk. Law says the firearm can't be loaded. Is the magazine a firearm? Do you get a background check to buy it? Fill out a 4473? "Magazine" and "Firearm" are two separately defined objects in the criminal code and nowhere does it regulate a loaded magazine. Only loaded firearms.
  14. Why can't you have a drum? If said drum does not feed any semi auto then it's not illegal. Also some other food for thought... In NJ you can have a "trunk gun" so long as it's an unloaded long gun. If you have this and a conventional tube fed shotgun side by side, which can you load faster...? For the changing ammunition point, sure you can't slip in a slug mid-magazine easily. But as pointed out you can simply swap magazines. Counterpoint: You can unload this faster should you choose to go from an entire magazine of one load to an entire magazine of another. Going back to the comparison, if you had this and a conventional tube fed shotgun side by side loaded with an equal amount of rounds, which can you unload and reload faster? I'm not looking to start arguments, just playing devils advocate. I feel pretty "meh" about this.
  15. I disagree, conditionally. The dissident arms shotguns (VEPR/SAIGA base) run like raped apes with cooled mags/ammo. As screwball pointed out shotgun shells don't like being stacked in magazines. Case in point, go to a major action shotgun or 3 gun match and look at the guys who don't have issues. All the open shooters store their mags and shells in coolers. This keeps them running. Hot shells get egg shaped and won't feed, and sometimes while feeding hot shells smush in the action.