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  1. I'm just bustin' your chops for mentioning mitchells mausers and milsurp in the same sentence, them being bastardized and all... all in good fun
  2. You just called mitchell's mausers milsurps? I'm revoking your milsurp club card
  3. First time handgun owner, are you also new to handgun shooting? Guns do funny things if they are limp wristed, usually FTE but anything is possible. If you're trying it again anyways ensure you have a firm and proper grip.
  4. Sh!t happens when you party naked
  5. Hey guys! So, long story short, my wife and I are contestants on the upcoming shooting reality TV show, "Shot To The Heart". Apparently there is a "special prize" for the couple (there's only two other couples) that get the most likes, shares, and comments on social media. I ask for your support in this venture by going to https://www.facebook.com/shottothehearttv/ and also their instagram @shottothehearttv and liking/sharing/commenting on the post that features Liz and I (I to the extent that you have time to spare) If you're interested in watching, the details can all be found on the shows website here http://www.shottotheheart.com/ THANK YOU EVERYONE for your help and support. I can't wait to post my experience afterwards! We're flying down to Texas in July for filming and I believe it will air around February 2019.
  6. Tier 1 Defense in Union or Modern Materiels in Keyport, both are just under an hour from Princeton. Not sure of any shops closer but both those guys do top notch work.
  7. She's an FID carryin' Canadian, now! Now I'm REALLY screwed
  8. Welcome to the club! Soon you'll have no idea where your ammo goes. My wife burned up probably 10k rounds last year. For light weight parts, the biggest weight savings for the least amount of $$$ will be in your barrel. What I mean is, given the same brand and quality, a lighter barrel generally won't cost more but you can save entire pound(s) with your selection. Meanwhile, saving fractions of ounces with little parts like titanium pistol grip screws etc adds up cost-wise FAST. Receiver selection I would say is second most important. With those two components as light as possible, you have a SOLID foundation for a light weight rifle. White oak is a premium barrel manufacturer and they do now offer 18" barrels that come in at only 1.7 pounds. My teammate runs one and it is a rock solid performing barrel that doesn't do funny stuff when it gets hot. My barrel is their 2.3 pound SPR fluted, and even with the heavier barrel my build only weighs in at 6.75 pounds with optic and empty magazine. Keep the operating system at mid-length or longer for a smoother recoil impulse. A rifle length buffer tube and corresponding buffer will further smooth things out. https://www.whiteoakarmament.com/shop/barrels/varmint-target-informal-competition/3-gun-mk-223-5-56-18-1-8-twist-w-gas-tube.html
  9. It's not about being a man or being a sissy, it's about winning. With a good brake coupled up with light weight reciprocating parts (bcg/buffer) I can double tap a 17" circle out to 50 yards with splits running around 0.15-0.18 seconds I can't do that with a naked muzzle. If you watch this video you'll see what i mean. Look at the muzzle, if it wasn't for the smoke or the sound you'd have no idea the rifle is firing. Here's another video where you can see the brake being of benefit. Again, without the audio you can barely tell the rifles firing. I could not shoot those 5 targets that quickly without a muzzle device. So, that's why I use one, and also why every single 3-gun champion does as well.
  10. Failed field if that's indeed from the septic, as mentioned before. Specifically, it would fail the percolation test. The field no longer has the absorption rate necessary to sustain the system. They will need to move the field to an alternate location. This isn't something to sweep under the carpet, it's hazardous to you and your family and that's not acceptable.
  11. I was in a high-vis jacket pretty much front and center from the podium. I didn't even spot Ray Ray?! what?! how's that possible
  12. Yes, the marlin model 60 is a tube fed .22 semi auto. That is the exemption, the "boy scout gun". if its not a semi auto, doesn't matter what it holds (fixed, or otherwise not usable in ANY semi auto)
  13. As I read it, and I am not a lawyer, an expert, or anything... but only large capacity magazines are banned and large capacity magazines are defined as a mag that feeds a semi auto. Therfore, if it's fixed to a non semi auto, pump/lever/whatever then it can be whatever the hell you want. That's how it is now and thats how it will remain, only the number changes for semi's from 15 to 10. My opinion only.
  14. Lane motor museum is very cool. Take a walk in centennial park and check out the nc&stl 576 steam locomotive on static display. Also, bowling green kentucky (national corvette museum) is within striking distance for a afternoon as is the rockcastle shooting center which is about 20 minutes from Bowling Green. I think public is allowed there and they have everything from pits to 1,600 yards in Thunder Valley. Even have their own hotel and restaurant.
  15. In regards to the gas length on the 3-gun barrels, that was chosen based off our experience with rifle length gas systems not always providing the gas or dwell time neccesary to run reliably specifically with an 18” barrel length. Moving the port back that smidge gives you more room to adjust your gas depending on your needs, keeping the felt impulse nearly the same without having to dial all the way back to mid length. All the WOA offerings with this setup come with the tube included, negating the need to buy any proprietary/non standard parts. As you know gas tubes don’t go bad so we deemed it more appropriate to go this route for maximum reliability without sacrificing the qualities of a rifle length gas system in an 18” tube. The qualities of its soft impulse, light weight, reliability, accuracy, and 18” length make it ideal for 3-gun where you may be raging in a bay at 10 yards and then turn and shoot 500 yards. That said, I know the 3 gun barrel specifically is not what you’re looking for (a real accuracy rig) but I wanted to explain the gas length for the other readers.