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  1. Full size, way more control. You want a heavy gun to control recoil. I compete with a bull shadow 2 which is a heavy barreled shadow 2 essentially, and being around 50oz means it has very little muzzle flip and recoils straight back. CZ is the bomb, you won't regret any of them. If you want to compete or just shoot for fun, the triggers with the better potential are the non-decockers of any sort. Only do a decocker if you want to use it for carry or something, otherwise you're losing feel in the trigger for a feature you don't really need.
  2. I know some British armour used Whitworth fasteners, all I know is "normal" tools don't work and if you mess one up good luck replacing it...
  3. It doesn't matter if it's a flash hider or not, since it's not a semi automatic rifle with a detachable magazine the 2 feature clause is irrelevant. That being said, it's not a flash hider anyways. It's a spigot type rifle grenade discharger.
  4. For 25-200 you should be fine with a non-magnified optic. What exactly are you trying to do? I use a Vortex Spitfire ARII which is a Prism style "red dot", and I have no issues out to 600 yards with it on man sized targets. Out to 400 is fine with smaller targets like 10-12" plates. It's also wicked fast close in due to the large rings around the center dot.
  5. I think the advertising is hilarious. It's so good it adds accuracy shooting from the hip, when you aren't even using the sight!
  6. I think Screwball hit the nail on the head. Since you legally obtained what NJ views as a firearm out of state, since it's not a gun out of state, and since you are not a prohibited persons, as long as you operate within the rest of NJ laws...you're good to go. The conversion itself doesn't matter, because even before the conversion the revolver was a firearm within NJ. You're just modifying a firearm, one that was procured legally out of state and brought in and is otherwise compliant. This is my opinion and not legal advice.
  7. Shongum has a pit you can use to do holster work, moving, reloads, etc
  8. It's direct blowback so the gas pressure went out the chamber end as the bolt never locks
  9. I am aware of at least one other person doing the same thing and having no issues with the FID
  10. Huh, I have no clue. The tractor trailer? the big one? I haven't owned any other big stuff
  11. Oh, the scout car? That's still kickin around as well
  12. Nice rifle! That NHM-91 is worth around ~$1k They have not been imported for decades, nor will they ever be imported again. I'm glad it's not being turned into rebar!
  13. Strider, You won't find anyone on this board that will advise you turning a firearm in to the police. There are much more beneficial to you methods of disposing of it legally, like selling it for several hundred dollars instead of getting a $25 gift card at a buy back. Furthermore, selling it to another supporter of the 2a is better for our community than having it destroyed and touted by the anti-gun community as another "military grade assault rifle" off the streets. Don't allow it to become a statistic for their benefit.
  14. These were made in the 1970's and aren't dated. Since it's basically a NIB reproduction, I'd imagine it's 100% matching. Judging by your questions you may be under the impression it's an original luger but it is an interarms luger. Interarms, in conjunction with Mauser, made a run of these swiss pattern lugers in the 70's. They made german ones as well, but the swiss pattern is more common and this one is a swiss one.
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