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  1. UPS driver apparently didn't want to drive down my driveway Friday night to drop of my Cabelas order. He must have stopped on the road, then walked down my driveway about 40 feet and left the 2 boxes in a garbage bag off the driveway, in the yard. My driveway is a little steep for those 40 feet leading up to the road and then is a gradual slope downhill for about 160 more feet to the house. Guess he was afraid to get stuck. Luckily I got home late from work (around 7:30ish) and saw the boxes. Wife says they weren't there when she got home around 5:30ish. Now, I was kinda pissed about this. I understand that he was probably afraid to get stuck (3in. of snow), but what if we weren't home or I had gotten home earlier? The boxes would have been sitting out in the yard by the road where people could see them. Granted they would have been fine overnight, cause nobody would see them in the dark, but come daylight anybody could have quickly stopped and grabbed them and I never would have known! I can understand the dropping of packages off and leaving them at my garage door, on top of garbage cans, in the bushes... on a table I sometimes keep by the garage, on the driveway by the house, in the yard by the house, on my truck, on my tractor, by the back door, by the front door, by the front door when people are home and I'm literally standing right there, but really? out by the road? I know they do it and see packages resting on peoples mailboxes and at the end of their driveways, but I wish they didn't. I live on a busy road and my house is set back. I'm curious as to how often packages that get delivered get stolen. Rant over. Yay Cabelas stuff! Had $290 worth of Gift cards and spent $308.73 then $20 off = $288.73
  2. Got about 5-6 inches total from the 2 days. Gonna have to plow the driveway in a while so the wife can get out okay tomorrow. Drove into PA last night and they definitely got less.
  3. Do you not know what that is? Jaywalking Jaywalking is an informal term commonly used in North America to refer to illegal or reckless pedestrian crossing of a roadway. Examples include a pedestrian crossing between intersections (outside a crosswalk, marked or unmarked) without yielding to drivers and starting to cross a crosswalk at a signalized intersection without waiting for a permissive indication to be displayed. In the United States, state statutes generally reflect the Uniform Vehicle Code in requiring drivers to yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks; at other locations, crossing pedestrians are either required to yield to drivers or, under some conditions, are prohibited from crossing. Or just surprised? Yeah you get tickets/summons/warnings for jaywalking. Apparently my wife got one back in high school. Lambertville uses undercover cops to catch jaywalkers, drivers who don't stop for pedestrians
  4. Definitely not defending here. He's was stupid for the knives in the open, not to mention very stupid for the open container. Plus he lives across the river in New hope and should know the cops are especially tough in Lambertville! Trust me you don't drive drunk or do anything stupid like that in this town. They just recently had and undercover operation to bust both jay-walkers and people that don't yield to pedestrians in the cross-walks. Small town with a number of cops that keep busy. This guy was an idiot all around!
  5. Can you make out the drivers in these photos? What if you can't tell? Do they still send a ticket to the registered owner of the car?
  6. Don't forget that if you want to hunt the permit season you need both a Coyote/Fox permit and a 2011 Shotgun Hunting license. Coyote/Fox permits: $2, available at any license agent or via Fish and Wildlife’s Internet license sales site (WildlifeLicense.com/NJ) beginning December 15. A hunting license must be purchased prior to or in conjunction with the purchase of a Special Coyote and Fox Permit. Good luck trying for coyotes. I've personally never seen one in the wild. I know they are in this state, but have yet to see one. I've seen bears and plenty of foxes (saw a big one this afternoon while hunting permit deer), but have yet to see a coyote.
  7. MD has always been really bad. Have seen cops on I-95 walk out onto the highway from the median and point at people to get them to pull over. Happened to my mom too. Female officer pulled her and 2 other cars over at the same time. She had walked out into the middle lane. A little crazy if you ask me. Have heard many other stories too.
  8. Happened locally. The article doesn't state that he was under the influence, but the open container and the fact that he didn't stay in his lane also leads one to believe he was probably drinking. The fact that he must have had the "weapons" out in the open along with the alcohol was not smart. Even without the alcohol container if he had the "weapons" out in the open it probably would have led to potential trouble. The fact that Lambertville cops are pretty tough didn't help either.
  9. Apparently they were running into issues with people stealing parts off of the guns too.
  10. Just saw a trailer for this last night. Looks like it could be pretty good! Sons of Guns - New Series to Premiere Wednesday, January 26 at 9PM "If you can dream it, we can build it" is the motto at Red Jacket, the nation's most unique weapons business. Owner Will Hayden and his eclectic crew of Baton Rouge, Louisiana gunsmiths and historians rise to the challenge daily on Discovery Channel's world premiere series SONS OF GUNS, creating one-of-a-kind custom weapons. The show fires off on Wednesdays at 9PM ET/PT, starting January 26.
  11. Good tip. Never really thought of this. I tend to go back and forth between calibers. May want to change that...
  12. Blcklightning

    Kel-Tec KSG

    Any guesses on the MSRP? $500ish... $750ish... $1000... $1000+? $750ish or under and it has the potential to do very very well.
  13. I have a SOG Flash II with the Camo handle and Black Blade. I love it and carry it a lot. Got it at a gun show for a great price because it came without a box. SOG Flash II
  14. We got about a foot just up the road. I always say that the Delaware River creates some really strange weather patterns around here. I used to joke about it, but as of last year I am convinced. Woke up around 4AM to plow our driveway and the neighbors. Mine is about 200' long and goes uphill to the road. My wife didn't end up going to work today, but I did. I'm still pissed that I did. She drives a Jetta and I drive a F150. I plow the driveway for her... Pic is from last year, but this is what I use the clear our driveway. I wish I had a heated cab! I have an old Craftsman tracked snow-blower that I inherited, but never got to run right. It would come in handy clearing/ making trails for the girls in the yard.
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