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  1. I have 7 more Tapco 10 round 7.62x39 AK mags to sell. 2 of the mags were lightly sanded to fit in my WASR (see pictures). The other 5 are untouched. $80 cash, pick up in Somerset/Bridgewater or Upper Freehold/Allentown area.
  2. Thanks! This is definitely a sleek knife, and the action is buttery smooth! But I dont carry it around so it's time to let her go to someone who can appreciate it more.
  3. WTS - Benchmade 940 Osborne. Blade is still factory sharp, barely used. The handle and pocket clip have a few minor scuffs. Box and paperwork and included. $145 shipped (paypal F&F) or $140 cash pick up in Somerset/Bridgewater or Allentown/Upper Freehold.
  4. Sorry, 0Jeep4 picked them up. Mods, these are sold. Please lock/delete. Thanks!
  5. For Sale: 5 Tapco 10 round 7.62x39 AK mags. Great shape. $60 cash, pick up in Somerset/Bridgewater or Upper Freehold/Allentown area.
  6. I have a soft case i can part with. I dont remember who the manufacturer is, but ill check that after work and get you the dimensions too.
  7. As the seller, what would i fill in in the "Dealer’s State License Number" line? Thats not a drivers license number is it?
  8. No problem guys. Ill send you messages well in advanced in the event i decide to sell. I appreciate everyones help guys! Thanks!!
  9. I am thinking of selling a shotgun here on the forum, but i have never sold any types of firearms before. I want to make sure i have all of my questions/concerns answered before i do anything. First off, from what i have read, a private sale of long arms between two NJ residents who both have valid FIDs does NOT need to go through an FFL, correct? Both persons need to fill out the NJ COE, is there any other forms or paperwork needed? Am i missing any other information? If anyone who has sold rifles/shotguns here on the forums has any tips, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!
  10. I was in chaynne mountian outfitters this am... It was nuts too. Long line at the gun counter and register. Plus no ar style rifles on the shelves.
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