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  1. Im working from home, but there is nothing happening at work. So it's either sit at my desk and stare at my laptop, or do stuff around the house. I built the frame and table top for model railroad. Learned how to fully disassemble and reassemble, and cleaned my 870. Bought a generator and am currently learning how to safely use it. Cleaned out the garage and organized my workbench. Also put together a pile of stuff to sell on ebay. Next would be to get the lawn mower ready for the season and put away the snowblower. I would love to get outside and do some yard clean up. Thursday is supposed to be sunny. And my dog is fed up with taking walks. She walks away when i grab the leash.
  2. Hey all! I have a few questions for you guys. While going through this thread, I noticed a lot of you upgraded the followers. What are the reasons one would want to swap it out? I ask because i just took my 870 tactical apart for a good oiling/cleaning, and noticed the follower was plastic (the orange plastic one). Should it be upgraded to a metal one? Is there any advantages/disadvantages? Thanks in advanced!
  3. anyone else laugh when the bear lost his footing and almost fell in? Nice save, Yogi.
  4. Sold, please lock/ delete. Thanks.
  5. For sale, AR Hand guard removal tool. Not sure of the manufacturer. Has some scuffs and scratches from use and storage. $10 shipped PayPal.
  6. Bump, still available, offers welcomed.
  7. Sold to Jersey Joe. please lock/delete.
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