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  1. Still got these and dont need them. Any offers?
  2. Hi all! Just a quick question for you guys. I finally bought a Champion generator, and I wanted to get it ready before the next round of thunderstorms blow through and knock the power out again. The oil capacity is 1.2 quartz. Being the standard bottle of oil is 1 quart, can i get away with just using one bottle (1 qt) of oil? Or do I really need to crack opened another new bottle for the .2 quarts? Has anyone else run into this situation?
  3. Awesome. And I finally got the confirmation that my handgun permits are approved on Tuesday. Yesterday i got the letter that I can pick them up but need to make an appointment due to the 'current emergency situation and for the safety of the staff.' So now I have to wait until Tuesday. Might as well go ahead and apply for some more permits, since these'll probably be expired by the time I can use them.
  4. Oh absolutely! The action is nice and smooth. When i first got it, it wouldnt cycle right, and the hammer never locked back after each shot. After much research, I found that the stock was after market and that H&R's needed to have an actual H&R stock. Luckily I found on at a gun show many years ago. And now she functions flawlessly.
  5. Id love to get a Winchester M1 for my collection too. I just have a post war H&R (1955 i think).
  6. Just wanted to see if there was any interest on the forum before listing this on ebay. Its an HO scale Athearn DCC READY AC4400CW GE Demonstrator 2011. Like new in the box. I bought this a few years ago, took it out of the box and ran it twice around my layout. Then it went back in the box and sat till now. Asking. $95 shipped paypal.
  7. For sale - Leather sling for AK or SKS. I had this for my WASR so I'm assuming its a Romanian sling (I could be wrong). Leather needs a cleaning and reconditioning as the it's is a little dry from storage and has a few cracks. $15 Shipped paypal OR BEST OFFER. I also have a Magpul MOE AK Grip. Box has shelf ware from storage. Grip is in great shape, but of the plastic things that holds to the rifle is a little messed up (see pic). $20 Shipped paypal OR BEST OFFER.
  8. Gone to Ray Ray. thanks!
  9. For sale- Leatherman Kick. I bought this on ebay a few months ago, but i never use it and decided to go with something else. Please see pictures for condition. No sheath. $25shipped paypal.
  10. For sale: Green web sling for M1 Garand/M1A style/M14 style/Retro AR style/old school shotgun/trechgun etc etc. Im pretty sure its a modern production sling and not vintage. The metal attachments have a few scratches (see pics). Asking $20 shipped paypal.
  11. Very cool!! Sweet collection!
  12. WTS - Blackhawk two point sling. 1.25" width. Fits rifles and shotguns (I had this on my 870). $20 shipped, payment through Paypal.
  13. Im working from home, but there is nothing happening at work. So it's either sit at my desk and stare at my laptop, or do stuff around the house. I built the frame and table top for model railroad. Learned how to fully disassemble and reassemble, and cleaned my 870. Bought a generator and am currently learning how to safely use it. Cleaned out the garage and organized my workbench. Also put together a pile of stuff to sell on ebay. Next would be to get the lawn mower ready for the season and put away the snowblower. I would love to get outside and do some yard clean up. Thursday is supposed to be sunny. And my dog is fed up with taking walks. She walks away when i grab the leash.
  14. Hey all! I have a few questions for you guys. While going through this thread, I noticed a lot of you upgraded the followers. What are the reasons one would want to swap it out? I ask because i just took my 870 tactical apart for a good oiling/cleaning, and noticed the follower was plastic (the orange plastic one). Should it be upgraded to a metal one? Is there any advantages/disadvantages? Thanks in advanced!
  15. anyone else laugh when the bear lost his footing and almost fell in? Nice save, Yogi.
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