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  1. Got pulled over easter sunday a few years ago while on the way to my weekend home to go shooting. I was carrying and had about 4 long guns and 1000 rdns in my trunk. At the time my Utah was still good. I was not sure if I needed to declare but my street sence said and always says say nothing but I was scared. Then when I got home I looked it up and sure enough no need to declare. I no longer bring my carry gun to PA as I dont like leaving it in my car or off my person. My hope is that they get rid of the state AG in the next election and return to recognizing non res permits again.
  2. Most crooked state in the nation. Did wannabe Pres Christie even coment on this. Seems his yap is never shut.
  3. Sure are a bunch of open questions to this one. Also he is not a novice to owning guns or travel. So I suspect he knew NY ,NJ and CA are no go for CCW or pulling a rifle.
  4. Brooklyn is changing. More conservative type people are moving back to Brooklyn and displacing those that feed off the public dime, Kind of cool to see.
  5. To me its nothing more then another attempt to erase part of our national identity. Our heritage and culture is under attack. Ive seen huge shifts away from what we were once were as a people to what we are becoming in just my life. From a group of independant people who believed in keeping Govt small and out of our lives to a people dependant on handouts. Part of doing that is to make people ashamed of the're history so they will forget it. Most of this flag nonsence is about state battle flags. The second part is replacing it with fake history. Like saying Muslum were at the very heart of our founding of this nation. Complete BS is replacing the hard forged past of how we came to be and what we had to do to get to this being the greatest nation in history.
  6. It's just so sad. I mean from what happened to this poor women to the fact that everyone on the left will ignore. it the press Christie all the legislators. It just makes you want to scream. The state supream court was supposed to review NJ's laws when it comes to this type crap but threw it off the docket once they relized they did not have to open this can of worms. To me that is really where the fault lies. They should have took this on. It's the job of the court to right the wrongs done to citizens by poorly written laws. But it seems more and more that Judges are shy when it comes to bucking the system. I lack any faith in the court system in NJ. To qoute a movie line "nobody cares" We need to petition the state SP court to put the review back on the docket. Now that the judge in DC is forcing them to honor the rights of the people only us and CA remain with the boot of a leftist Govt standing on our necks. So sad that this lady died because our courts dont want to stir the pot a little.
  7. Boonton is a great town. I'd take him to the VFW and buy him a beer.
  8. You have to understand lower court judges are appointed. They are not upholders of the law they are hacks who donated large sums of money or time to the party which appointed them. They are trained from day one not to buck the system on there own. However they are also told not to buck published rulings. I few years back christie was yanking judges from family court for following the party line over what the law said. It's not a system built on finding the best person to defend the law but as a reward for being loyal to some power broker. Higher courts are a bit more law minded though. But to get in front of one takes time and money plus a little luck.
  9. I had the weber cover and my grill started to rust on the lip of the lid. So I tossed the cover. The grill sits outside in full sun. Not one problem since tossing the cover four years ago. The grill is around 10 years old now and still running like a champ.
  10. Im thinking it's gun shop value is around $400 bucks . I'd pass on it I think you can find a better gun elsewhere but if your heart is set on it offer $500 if he declines walk away. And find one for $200 more that is probably way better.
  11. $50 is a little over the top. Nice as he is he wont see my face anytime soon.
  12. Its not just MD several states are being restricted via the court.
  13. Very true. Im not really into the sport at the moment but I still come by to read and stay informed. Before this site people like myself would not be pushing for rights . This forum has indeed changed the landscape on gun rights in NJ.
  14. Always thought that was a bad move by Amazon. NJ is the most densley populated state in the country. Sales tax makes them less attractive to buy from. Plus when what ever tax deal they struck to build the place runs out the NJ liberals are going to womp the heck out of them in taxes.
  15. 71ragtopgoat

    My first 1911

    I love shooting my 1911. It was my first gun and still my favorite. Get yourself a milt sparks VMII holster and you wont even know you are carrying it at times. That setup is more comfey then the one I have for my MP shield.
  16. Ive been in a situation like this. Trust me you are not in stealth mode. Your a bit shocked and you (or at least I) called that person every name in the book loudly. In my case he looked at me did not say a word and walked away. This was an outside intruder some years ago in a rural setting. No biggie just a vagrent not expecting anyone to be in a country shed that day of the week.LOL But I always thought I would be calm and truth be told I just got angry and aggressive. Not stealth at all.
  17. I have one version of this safe for my HD gun. It sits in a room on the main floor. I cant see carrying the gun around the house under normal situations. If you live such a life or in such a place Change/move. When I get the urge or settle in for the night it comes out for quicker responce should it come to that need. But buy a safe you never know when your kids and friends will drop by and it gets a little silly having to go and secure it at that point. And sometimes you just plain forget you left it in the nightstand. It happens were human. http://vlineind.com/Default.php
  18. Not to worry it only happens when the feds are checking your posts here on the forum. It will come back once the investigation is over.
  19. Reminds me of jury trials in the south bronx back in the eighties. They set everyone free. One can only scratch your head and wonder about the stupidity of the jury.
  20. How do they get your informantion to steal it. Ive been using CC for years with no issues. My mother had hers stolen and my exwife had hers stolen by those Nigerian bus ticket sales people in the city a few years back. I might have had it done come to think of it. Cabelas called me one time and said they were issuing me a new card and the old one was no longer good. Never had a bad charge though.
  21. I do damm guy parked his sled on my lawn and his deer shit all over the place this past December. He did say he knew who was naughty and nice and that you were on the nice list. So maybe he is telling the truth.
  22. We live in one of the highest tax states in the nation. Our pension costs are exploding and welfare costs are passing light speed. People are fleeing NJ as soon as they can out of here. He just subsidized illegals college tuition while kids in the next state over pay full price. His AG fought and beat us in court on a couple of occasions on gun related issues. The supream court kicked 2a off the docket and he did not say a word. He brought exatly zero jobs to NJ and may have even lost a large number. So in short hillary stands a better chance of getting the nomination from the GOP then CC does.
  23. The way I see it. Some form of government will exist after a while. They will have water and food to provide to a dagree. They wont be handing out ammo. So buy ammo.
  24. Yeah. Have to be careful one guy used a man that lived next to him. The guy replied that the permit seeker was a nasty nut.LOL Not sure how it got worked out after that.
  25. Ive benn banned so many times ive lost count. Never post anything off the wall. Just standard welfare state sucks type stuff. Log back in through google.
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