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  1. Thirty Pack Kayak

    Ghost Bear

    My cameras show distortion in other areas of the screen sometimes after moment in another area. I think my computer processor that I use for recording is not fast enough. I have 9 Foscams running.
  2. Thirty Pack Kayak

    +1 for XDm9-3.8

    Thanks for the deal.
  3. Thirty Pack Kayak

    Response from Senator Menendez

    Got the same response. Sounds like the old Brush Off.
  4. Thirty Pack Kayak

    No more gun control we the people

    Signed and forwarded to my email contacts.
  5. Thirty Pack Kayak

    Should i be worried about my coe?

    I think you misunderstand Crime and Disorderly persons offense. I don't know what you were charged with but: A crime is defined in NJ as an offense which carriers in excess of six months of potential incarceration. Offenses involving less than six months of incarceration are not considered crimes in New Jersey and are referred to as disorderly persons offenses. THe COE says at the bottom just below where you sign the form. Questions 1 - 10 must be answered "no" for the transfer of the firearm to proceed. A person who answers "yes" to any question is not eligible to receive a firearm. You may have to clear up your answers on the form. Remember I'm not a lawyer and my info may be totally wrong but you can google the "New Jersey Definition of a crime" and decide what it means.
  6. Thirty Pack Kayak

    +1 jermz1987

    Great guy to deal with. Thanks for a more than fair trade deal, even with the panick everyone else is letting go to their heads. Thanks
  7. Thirty Pack Kayak

    + 1 for Lunker

    Pleasure to do business with and a very nice guy.
  8. Thirty Pack Kayak

    Cheapest prices on bulk ammo purchase?

    Try searching here http://www.ammoengine.com/ they don't cover every site but it can be a good place to start
  9. Thirty Pack Kayak

    What to buy Saiga or AK Variant (which one)?

    Ok I bought a Saiga from PK 90 good guy to deal with as everyone said. I'm planning on shooting it a couple of times then probably move the trigger forward and adding the pistol grip. Probably wait until spring when the workshop is a little warmer. Thanks to everyone for their advice.
  10. Thirty Pack Kayak

    What to buy Saiga or AK Variant (which one)?

    Thanks for your input. Yes I understand the "evil" features and the compliance parts aspect. The only banned feature I'm looking for is a pistol grip in the right place, not way back on a skeleton stock. So maybe the Saiga is the way I will go, then do the conversion. Thanks again.
  11. I'm fairly new to the Forum, this is my fist post and I need some advice as to what to buy. Should I buy a Saiga and do a conversion, or buy an AK Variant. Which one would be legal in NJ and keep cost close to the cost of a saiga with the conversion and compliance parts? I'm looking for 7.62 X 39 right now. Any help would be great. Thanks

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