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  1. I started shooting 44mag a year ago. The cartridge i moved up from was 41 Magnum. 


    I bought the 629 4inch and also shot the 6inch one. I didn't notice much difference in recoil. I was shooting Freedom Ammo FMJ 44mag which is not a full 44 load.


    The 4inch is more maneuverable and i find it pretty good to handle and shoot.  I ve shot full power loads with it and 44 mag with full recoil is hard. 


    I m sure others will chime in with more experience......

  2. I have a G19. A Very good utilitarian gun. Glock. Enough said.


    The VP9 is also in the same price range kind of. Didn't like that one. Shot it a few times. Just didnt click. 


    But if i could buy a plastic 9mm again  i would pick a PPQ. Try that one before you commit to the G19. 


    OK, here's my next question: what brand/type of ammo should I buy for the Ruger 22/45? What's considered a good price? Where are good places to look for sales? That's something I can do right now too! I'm ready to get things moving... woo-hoo!




    The 22/45 is essentially the same gun as the Ruger MK III but with a different handle. 


    I ve found that my Ruger MKIII runs well with ANY type of 22LR.


    From CCI Mini Mags; Federal Auto Match,CCI Stingers,YellowJackets, Rem Thunderbolt,Aguilla to the infamous Remington Golden Bullet.

    With that said that doesn't mean that YOUR Ruger will run great.


    Do try all types of ammo. Do start with CCI Mini Mags as they are the most reliable usually.


    Currently a box of 500 rounds of 22LR will run you about 35$-45$ online if you can find it.

    There may be another run on ammo due to this morning`s tragedy in Florida so my advice is to act fast.


    Cabelas.com has some in stock right now. Look under Rimfire ammo.

    There are other online retailers but Cabelas is pretty convenient as they don`t require a scanned DL and FID to be sent to them for shipping to NJ.

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  4. I put in a request for fingerprint cards today for a Florida non resident carry permit. Will send the app along a copy of my DD-214 for the training part.

    The process should take a few months. Perhaps by then NH will be ready for me.


    Would I be better off just applying for the NH non res CCW?  Should I apply for FL anyway?

    Soem years ago on the advice of Anthony Colandro i got as many CCWs as i could. UT,ME,NH,FL. He told me that laws change all the time which has proved correct. Mostly for the NH-PA non resident relationship. So get as many as you can. 


    As NH reversal is fresh. Call the NH State Police and ask?

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  5. Hello everyone,

    Can anyone recommend an AC service in the Hunterdon County Area. The inside coil on my Trane needs replacement.

    If you do this type of work or know someone near Flemington let me know.

    I d rather give my $$$ to. Gun/pro2A guy than someone else.

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