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  1. isn't the nr nh permit is still recognized in pa? a friend has one he got prior to nh requiring home state first....is his nh now void even if its not expired? and now not recognized in pa?


    That is true, NH is still good, just can't get them anymore.

    I have an NH permit i got before NH requered that y have one form your home state. I called both NH and PA state police and they saud it was ok. But i cant renew it when it expires.


    On to getting a TX one next time i m in Texas.

  2. I was surprised by the uniforms so I commented! Some local PDs are getting more and more militarized and I feel that is a dangerous trend. The uniforms themselves are fine The mindset is the problem!  If you knew my background in the military as well as LE, perhaps you would allow me my right to have an opinion and even respect it if you knew what I know! There are many who feel as I do! You don't and I respect your opinion! Nor did I attack you! several in this thread commented on the uniform yet you chose to single me out to start a video games/Latin America thread. Мудак!

    I chose Mipa and not you. Dont get so testy. Mudak....hahaha...i like that you chose that particular Cyrillic word.  

    As for the militarization of police i agree with you. Eventualy it will be used as a control instrument. 

    I just don't think this is the thread to discuss it. But as you said that is my opinion. So don't loose your cool over my opinion.  


    You do have my respect for doing something instead of just talking about how it all sucks in NJ (Majority of people on FB and here) by Challenging Christie`s Lies in front of the  NH electorate !!!


    Anyway, i ve been also reading the comments on nj.com

    Many ignorant and repeating the Assault Weapon Mantra.


    This will cause issues for gun rights and the antis and moms demanding will be definataly using this in NJ as an example of bad gun owners.

    Also a gun shop opened last year in that town. I m sure it was hard to get the license to operate a gun shop in a super liberal soccer mom town. Lets hope they are ok after this tragedy.



    I have the same measure of "monopoly" of judging cops as you have of judging military service. Whale shit. Very low, bottom of the Ocean. The only difference being I believe there are cops here :)

    You re drawing many conclusions again without any basis. I see you do this all the time. Not a very nice thought process unless you get a kick out of it and i see you do in your many threads where you draw your own Conclusions and then mention how smarter you really are then other people.


    I think Johnny and you should start a separate thread if you want to discuss how the police and SWAT were dressed and what they should be doing. I m also guilty for strafing off topic. So start a thread and we can discuss adventure/video games/Latin America.

  5. LOL. But I have a question for you in return. What is it like to have never done anything adventurous, or valorous, or for your Nation, and what is it like to have lived in such extreme lameness that you can't even consider the concept?


    I'm betting it's your video games. Don't worry, everybody is like you ;)


    I am so ashamed after your response that i simply cant find the words to do a reply. I ll go back to playing my video game under my blanket of mediocrity. I simply forgot that you have a monopoly on defining the role of cops and shivalry/adventure/valour.



    Flat foots should go out and do it for real against our enemies instead of playing solider against our Citizens and ganging up on Grandma and her dog and killing both in the middle of the night like the people I had to deal with in South America.

    Was this during your special forces seal operator tour or you confused it with a video game or movie of some sort?

  7. The website now gives the street address, and the fact that it is across from the cemetery--that gives you a fighting chance to find it.  


    Not that long ago, the street address wasn't published on the website, and the 'directions' were so vague as to be useless.    It seemed like someone was going out of their way to make sure the place was never found--and of course you couldn't call for directions, because as a matter of policy, it seems, the phone goes unanswered.


    That said, once you find it, you'll probably be glad you did.


    Because TNT is not in Easton its on 11 Main Street Stockertown,PA

    Across the cemetery and the sign on the door says Computer Repair.

  8. I asked for a membership form, they are looking for folks to prepay for their membership, which I would never do.  I asked when they are planning to open, and they said retail was supposed to open in July. 


    Just looking at the pricing tiers, I do get the sense that if they ever open, they will be all about LE, not so much the public

    Prepayment for membership??? With no opening date nor solid marketing. You re right. Their niche may be LE. Thus the crappy website as well.

  9. Hello everybody, I live at the border of ocean and monmouth counties. I just got a Gen 2 kel tec sub 2000, and I don't know anyone that owns a gun. I'm also probably going to jump right into reloading. I hope to learn a lot about firearms and shooting them from the members of this forum. Please be patient with a newbie !

    Welcome Mr Heisenberg


    You ll find a lot of hun owners exactly here. Your sub2000 is in great demand.

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