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  1. Deerslayer - if you bring the cases of clays I think we'll have enough.  Lol.  I don't think I have time to go to Dick's tonight.  I have 1 box... Does anyone else have clays to bring?


    I can bring extra ammo if need be - I have a couple cases...  Just let me know.

    I am bringing 3 cases. The local Walmart in Flemington stocks them now!!

  2. Here is an update on Mr and Mrs Smith


    RARITAN TWP. — The first shot will be fired at a new indoor gun range sometime this summer. That's the prediction of Joan and Dan Suk of Readington Township, owners of the Tactical Training Center.

    Right now it looks like you could park a jumbo jet or two inside the industrial building at 10 Minneakoning Road. But 45 tons of steel will be arriving soon to create 12 shooting lanes, each 40 yards long.

    The front of the building, which had co



  3. This is like asking "what gun should I get" or "what car should I purchase" without clarifying what your needs are.

    If this is money you are comfortable losing or taking some risk with I would say look at an ETF that shorts the market. In english that means you think market is going down. You/ETF sell shares you don't own at what you believe is a high price ($50). Once shares go low enough you buy shares back / cover your short position at lower price ($30) You keep the $20 difference between the higher price and lower price in above example. If market continues going up and you cover at higher price you lose the difference.

    Eventually government has to start raising interest rates. Many think it will be soon. Once that occurs stocks will take a hit for a number of reasons. How big of a hit depends on how big of a rate hike and how quickly they raise / continue raising it.

    I was just looking into new ones and i always like to find new ETF's to research and read about.

    That s all.

    I do undstand your analogy with the guns and cars though.

  4. So...I've read the entire thread...someone point me in the right direction! I'm definitely trying to get into this and I know damn well its easier than setting up my hookah every other night. I dont want to waste money on a shit setup. Id rather just bite the bullet and get something of quality. It could also possibly help me quit smoking!

    Go for it. Even with a basic setup you can stop smoking. I stopped in 1 day. I do try cigarettes now and then and they taste icky.

  5. I just find it strange why he wouldn't call and find out the reason for denial.


    It's speculation, I'm not stating anything as fact.

    Hopefully he updates us when he makes the call.


    At the end of the day. He is a future gun owner in NJ and we re all trying to help him.


    OP if you re reading this update us when you can on how things progress.

  6. So why hasn't OP called NJSP? unless he is here illegally or flat out lied on the 4473 no need to worry about calling NJSP and asking.


    Of course, if OP isn't holding a green card and lied he is committing a crime (lie on the 4473).




    I didn't tell him to do it, I suggested it. Providing he is here legally it's fine, he should know his immigration status and the FFL should have confirmed this with him before completing the 4473 and submitting NICS.

    There can be many reasons why the OP hasn't called NJSP. You cant generalize and make an assumption that because he didnt call them he is here illegally. I hope that s not what you meant to say.


    By the way.......if he has a green card in process he is here legally as prior you get a notice of action from DHS with your rights spelled out.


    Many times the NICS operators have issues in knowing and determining immigration status eligibility thus the delay when a non citizen buys a gun.


    You're stating some things here as a fact and only he can fill us in into the rest of the story.


    As he tried NICS again with his correct status after he made a mistake on the first one there is a reason why NICS has denied him. FFL can only see your documents that you re a non citizen ( passport or a DL....on the NJ DL it says Temporary Immigration Status in red).

    Eventually he will learn what it is and hopefully keep posting information here as he progresses.

  7. I told you on the other forum that you are not considered a legal permanent resident (lpr) until immigration gives you your green card.

    I dont doubt what you say but if immigration has not processed your application and given you the green card you are not yet.

    I told you to call NJSP, who runs NICS, and explain your situation . I have a feeling by doing what you did NJSP has now put you on a denial list until you straighten this out with them.

    Before you start throwing money at lawyers contact NJSP and see what they tell you.

    Did he post this elsewhere? What forum? PM me if you don't want to write here.

  8. I have an Alien number and a valid work permit. I got my work permit renewed at least 5 times already. A non immigrant who is legally here can buy a gun?

    What kind of visa are you on now? F/H/L/I-94 Refugee? If you are between any of these and permanent resident thats where the problem might be. Remember....until they give you the GC you are non immigrant....when you get it you are a permanent resident.


    A non immigrant can buy a gun if he satisfies the requirements. Check if you fulfill everything in the extended instructions on the 4473.


    I would call NICS/BATFE/FBI and have a chat with them. They can tell you if you are eligible. The state police saying immigration didn't approve is a good lead.

  9. None of the aforementioned about your personal situation (here since 2004, tax payer, house owner) matter when dealing with NICS as a non citizen/ non permanent resident?

    Not all who get denied NICS are criminals so you don't have to prove anything here that you re an honest guy. I was in the same boat as you. I am also here since 2004.



    Do you have an Alien Nr for your permanent residence status from your Notice of Action?


    When you get the card your alien nr and SSN get linked to your status ( permanent resident ).

    Obviously that hasn't happened yet since the GC is not issued to you.


    What type of visa or status do you currently have?

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