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  1. Hello everybody, I live at the border of ocean and monmouth counties. I just got a Gen 2 kel tec sub 2000, and I don't know anyone that owns a gun. I'm also probably going to jump right into reloading. I hope to learn a lot about firearms and shooting them from the members of this forum. Please be patient with a newbie !

    Welcome Mr Heisenberg


    You ll find a lot of hun owners exactly here. Your sub2000 is in great demand.

  2. Deerslayer - if you bring the cases of clays I think we'll have enough.  Lol.  I don't think I have time to go to Dick's tonight.  I have 1 box... Does anyone else have clays to bring?


    I can bring extra ammo if need be - I have a couple cases...  Just let me know.

    I am bringing 3 cases. The local Walmart in Flemington stocks them now!!

  3. Here is an update on Mr and Mrs Smith


    RARITAN TWP. — The first shot will be fired at a new indoor gun range sometime this summer. That's the prediction of Joan and Dan Suk of Readington Township, owners of the Tactical Training Center.

    Right now it looks like you could park a jumbo jet or two inside the industrial building at 10 Minneakoning Road. But 45 tons of steel will be arriving soon to create 12 shooting lanes, each 40 yards long.

    The front of the building, which had co



  4. This is like asking "what gun should I get" or "what car should I purchase" without clarifying what your needs are.

    If this is money you are comfortable losing or taking some risk with I would say look at an ETF that shorts the market. In english that means you think market is going down. You/ETF sell shares you don't own at what you believe is a high price ($50). Once shares go low enough you buy shares back / cover your short position at lower price ($30) You keep the $20 difference between the higher price and lower price in above example. If market continues going up and you cover at higher price you lose the difference.

    Eventually government has to start raising interest rates. Many think it will be soon. Once that occurs stocks will take a hit for a number of reasons. How big of a hit depends on how big of a rate hike and how quickly they raise / continue raising it.

    I was just looking into new ones and i always like to find new ETF's to research and read about.

    That s all.

    I do undstand your analogy with the guns and cars though.

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