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  1. Uh - I drive through the Newburgh area all the time to go play Airsoft (Up in Plattekill). I've never seen anything there that could compare it to Camden...


    Unless I'm not actually driving through the bad part of Newburgh... Route 300 area... Anyone else been up there?


    Just got back from right there (Newburgh and Plattekill).....was there on a company seminar in Roxbury then dropped off the boss at Stewart airport.

    Since we were in a hurry i was speeding........... Ny state trooper nailed me with 20 over...........................


    Anyone with advice how to handle this in NY state !!!!!!

  2. It`s all a bunch of hooey,


    Also the fortune tellers have an algorithm to fulfill and they mooch your money.

    The thing is to keep feeding the sucker some information with a pre-determined set of reasons.

    Among the most popular ones (at least in the former-Yugo/East Europe) as you may be aware is to discover a spell/black magic by a person and then conduct an anti-spell to relieve the person from it. As long as the attention of the person/victim is kept on the alleged cause of the curse (new event , wedding plan , new person in the family) more and more distraction from the possibly to break contact with the fortune teller and visits that cost money.

    Since it is your bro only makes the thing more annoying....so chill out for a while at the shot show and in a week your bro will probably be looking at this very differently.


    Hope the snow does `t delay you on your way to Vegas.

  3. Has anybody used Herters in .223 ?


    Yes , both 55gr and 62gr , no problems with the Saiga.


    It`s Wolf/Tula/Ulyanovsk packaged for Cabela`s under the brand Herter`s. Usually they charge 2$ above the Tula prices and when they have a sale its the same price.

  4. Are the delays usually at the local PD level or is it because they have to wait on the State Police / Sagem Morpho for the results of the print/background check?



    Delays are usually at the Local PD level.


    Some members got their PP`s in a matter of days (less than a week) , i forgot what town that was in.


    I waited for an initial FID 35 days and a year later 35 days for 2 PP`s and a few people up to 50 days but never beyound that.



    but it taught me a valuable lesson.. in NJ.. the law.. it just doesn't care.. right and wrong doesn't matter.. the speed and cleanliness in which matters can be dealt with is king.. to the judge that day.. we looked like a couple of young guys who got in a fight.. luckily I was able to defend myself.. but the law didn't care who started it, who was the aggresor.. they didn't care that these individuals thought things out.. planned to attack me..


    I would shoot someone in NJ if they forced themselves in my house.. if I had no other option.. and was backed in a corner.. I would shoot if I were %100 sure that there was no other way around it...


    don't assume just because someone steps on your property you are in the right to confront and fight them.. with the way NJ is.. who knows..


    mind your business... ignore the idiot.. and move on with your life.. and ideally move.. PA is close enough.. and NJ is really not all that great.. people like the guy you live next to just make it worse..


    +10 000

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