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  1. I think the NJ sheriffs have very limited power by statute. The NJ central power wouldn’t want anyone but themselves in a position to defend the US Constitution.
  2. Well we have at least 5 years of freedom in PA. Back in the day PA had reciprocity with FL non-resident permits. Philadelphia gave its citizens a hard time getting permits so many simply went the FL or VA route. When the democrat AG Kathleen Kane came into office she voided many reciprocity agreements, probably at the suggestion of places like Philly.
  3. Send an email to Judge Ryan's law clerk asking to have your Gizinski court order rescinded. Ryan's order actually spells out that sensitive area restrictions are the job of the legislature and not the judiciary. Jessica M. Layton Law Clerk to the Honorable Guy P. Ryan, P.J.Cr. Superior Court of New Jersey, Ocean Vicinage 120 Hooper Avenue, Courtroom 12 Toms River, N.J. 08754 Tel: 732-504-0700, Ext. 64239 E-mail: [email protected]
  4. Wow, so you're #578 and in the queue, I'm 122 and had it submitted in July, got mine end of September. Not sure of the math there but the good news is there are two judges working this now instead of one.
  5. Awesome, congrats man. If I was cop I'd be confused by restrictions "none" and "see court order", seems contradictory.
  6. The smiling lady at the counter said it was good for 5 years and have a nice day. Other than that I'm not sure. If they reach out in 2024 I'll send a copy of my next NJPCF
  7. I applied online with Delaware County 10/6, got an approval email 10/27. Went to the courthouse today in Media and got photographed, signed and was out of there with a laminated permit in 5 minutes. That is a 5 year permit, very easy process.
  8. The vacate orders rightly point out that stipulating "sensitive place" restrictions are the job of the legislature and not judges.
  9. Simply email Judge Ryan’s law clerk, she’ll get the rescind order started. They must be doing many. Jessica M. Layton Law Clerk to the Honorable Guy P. Ryan, P.J.Cr. Superior Court of New Jersey, Ocean Vicinage 120 Hooper Avenue, Courtroom 12 Toms River, N.J. 08754 Tel: 732-504-0700, Ext. 64239 E-mail: [email protected]
  10. Scott Bach has alluded to suing some if these guys personally so there must be something he’s working on.
  11. https://dailycaller.com/2022/10/25/barr-sheriffs-leading-resistance-to-unconstitutional-gun-control-and-covid-mandates/ We know Scott Bach and others have lawsuits que'd up as well as temporary restraining order requests. In addition I like the idea of engaging sheriffs, ask them to uphold their constitutional duty.
  12. According to a family member NJSP trooper, there is no way to know if you have a carry permit, it is not in any data base they can access
  13. Ha, your mailbox is generally on the 8 foot setback so not on your property. Before Bruen, couldn’t even get the mail and carry.
  14. Also, let’s say these terrible bills become law, who’s to say they’ll be enforced? We all thought carry would never happen, yet here it is. What if some towns and counties say they will not enforce unconstitutional laws? It happens all the time across the US, sheriffs say they will uphold their oath to the constitution and not some silly law. Also, all the NJ 2A safe haven towns, now is their time to make it real.
  15. Things you can do with a NJ PTC even if this bill passes: get a PA non resident which we could not prior, take a walk in the neighborhood carrying. Not much but at least I have a permit when the bill gets signed into law. A federal judge could suspend it like the one in NY. Heck, because NJ & NY are blatantly pissing on SCOTUS, the justice assigned to our region could write a one pager ordering the states to follow their direction in Bruen. On its face, this bill is 100% un-constitutional, it may not even need long drawn out court cases.
  16. It's been a week since receiving my permit and I've been experimenting. For a long day, a 5.11 undershirt with the padded pockets under each arm is wonderful. May not be good in warm weather. I carried for about 6 hours this way, very comfortable. For running out on quick errands I've been using a DeSantis pocket holster and carrying cross draw inner pocket of a Levi's jean jacket. I also used a traditional OWB belt holster for a few hours and even stopped for lunch.
  17. According to a family member who is a NJSP, there is no duty to inform and even better they have no way to know if you have a carry permit. The laser printed permits we get are not entered into a system yet thankfully and who knows if and when that will ever happen. There is no data base they can access on the cruiser computer. Remove all your NRA and 2A stickers, you're just asking for trouble. Some cops say to inform but who wants to get out of the car on a busy road and assume the position while they secure the firearm.
  18. I had to wait a week from when the court said they mailed it. I imagine it has to go down to the mail room and whenever they get around to put the stamp on the package or wait for a bunch. Then when it got to my PD they have to check everything, and that’s what the person at the front desk said, the people in records makes sure everything is accurate before they release it. I heard that on gun for hire podcast, Gasinski is out and Ryan is it
  19. Yes, there is even a place in the online application process that references out of state applicants.
  20. I just received my NJ permit and just applied online using this link. That was the easy. Only have to make one trip to pickup, only cost and extra $5.00
  21. Mine is low 100's. Look at the picture, backside, the court checked "none"
  22. Just picked it up. Never thought this day would happen in NJ.
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